Sizzle and Morgan

Sizzle and Morgan are going to talk about themselves and their respective projects. Morgan’s Kickstarter project and Sizzle’s homemade Crowdfunding campaign project. Comics galore or is that ComX galore? Whichever it’s time for some fun.


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Morgan Quaid (00:10):

Sizzle (00:11):
Hey. Welcome to the Wednesday Night Oz Comic Show. I am Sizzle. And with me tonight is Morgan Quaid. And we will be interviewing or talking to, yes. So let’s,

Morgan Quaid (00:47):
All right, let’s set the internet a light. Hey, Carrie <laugh>. All right, so we’re going to talk about things, dude, this is the one we’re getting real deep. Super deep, real deep,

Sizzle (01:02):

Morgan Quaid (01:02):
Deep. Yeah. Yeah, we’re going to get right into it. It’s going to get dark, it’s going to get broody. Maybe a bit boring. We’ll see how we go. We’ll see how we go. All right. So I wanted to start. I’ll ask you a question because you don’t often get asked the question, so I’ll ask you a question and I’ve got to stop looking there because that’s where you are on my screen. But I’m going to change it here, so it looks like it’s where the people are. All right. So first question, I don’t know if you’ve answered this one before. Hey, Nick <laugh>, first question for you, sir. Your first comic book that you can remember purchasing yourself with your own money?

Sizzle (01:44):
Oh, purchasing myself?

Morgan Quaid (01:46):
Yeah. Not one that you found or that you got given or that you stumbled across. One that you bought with your own Tish Cash.

Sizzle (01:54):
I think, I dunno if I bought the show bag myself, cause I was a kid. I was a young kid, so if it was my own pocket money on my parents, so I’ve, I’m going to risk it and say that I bought the show bag,

Morgan Quaid (02:07):

Sizzle (02:08):
And it was a 2000 ad, no idea what issue it was.

Morgan Quaid (02:12):
Oh wow. Back in. No,

Sizzle (02:15):
I still remember vague. Well, I vaguely remember the stories inside it. There was one story in particular where Judge Shred is after vandals, and there’s two of them, and they are competing on who can do the riskiest vandalism as in spray painting, vandalism. Yeah. And the kid finds out that he’s competing with a robot

Morgan Quaid (02:44):

Sizzle (02:44):
Whole time that it’s a robot doing the other vandalism. So yeah. Yeah. I don’t remember how Judge gets them, but I do remember that part. So yeah,

Morgan Quaid (02:53):
There we go. So it was in a show bag.

Sizzle (02:55):
It was in a show bag for a kid. Well, I think it was a kid show bag. I don’t know, maybe I bought an adult show bag. I don’t know.

Morgan Quaid (03:03):
That’s pretty good for a, all right, so the question is, can you remember what it costs? The show bag?

Sizzle (03:09):
No, not a chance. In health,

Morgan Quaid (03:12):
I bet if it’s got a comic book in it, I bet it was one of the more expensive ones. Hey Dave. And I’m, I’m thinking the more expensive ones are about the more expensive ones back then. Were about a dollar.

Sizzle (03:26):
Yeah, I was going to say that young. They’re probably a whole dollar. And that was probably my week’s pocket money too. So I was like, wow, I just spent a whole week on this and it was so worth it. 2080, what is this? 2080, what’s this all about?

Morgan Quaid (03:38):
Dollar Back man, I

Sizzle (03:39):
Became obsessed with it after that. I started drawing armies and characters and everything, all based on Judge Drag. Nice. Some of them were almost downright copies, but we weren’t. I was a kid. I was, oh,

Morgan Quaid (03:51):
That’s how you learned that, how you got to do it. That’s how you learn. Wow. Yeah. I remember when the first, I think it was the first $5 show bag kicked in and it was at the Royal Melbourne Show. And I remember thinking five Australian dollars that, I mean, has it got gold plated hot rods in there or something? I dunno. It was insane. Now, you know, got to get a second mortgage just to pay for the damn things. But anyway, enough of that business. All right. So I’ll ask myself the same question and thank you, Morgan. It’s an excellent question. So my first one was Chu the first season. First season First issue.

Sizzle (04:37):
First issue

Morgan Quaid (04:38):
Or the first collected book from image drawn by Rob Gilroy that I got to interview last year, which was pretty amazing actually talking to the artist that did the thing and saying, dude, you are the reason, you are the thing that got me into indie comics. Because I saw that and I thought, wow, if they can do this, they can do anything. So this is amazing. And then awesome. And all my money was gone. Sadness. Yeah. What?

Sizzle (05:10):

Morgan Quaid (05:11):
No, that’s, come on now. Come on. Alright, so Dave, did you pay an admission and that was it, and then the show bags were just part of the thing, or I don’t know, did you have to grease the palm of a wizard on your way into the showground or something? Or help a cow give birth to a car for something? Yeah. Yeah. Yep.

Sizzle (05:36):
Before started too.

Morgan Quaid (05:38):
Yeah. All right. So have you got a question sizzle before we get on with the shameless side of things, or do you want me to just see

Sizzle (05:47):
My question’s more about the shameless side of things? So,

Morgan Quaid (05:50):
All right, if you’ve got one, let’s, let’s start. Why don’t you promote something and then I’ll promote something.

Sizzle (05:57):
Well, I was going to say, my question was to you

Morgan Quaid (05:59):
Tell us. That’s a question.

Sizzle (06:01):
Alright, tell us about the Crims and Folley.

Morgan Quaid (06:05):
I will tell you everything that you need to know about the Crims and Folley. Excellent plug, sir. Excellent plug. So the Crims and Folley on the Kickstarter at the moment. Wow. See that? It still blows my mind that they were ever free, that anything was ever free, let alone that show bags were free. That is amazing. Yeah. Times have changed. So Dave <laugh>. Oh wow. So you didn’t even pay the fee. You just got in for free and then swiped the free free that That’s fantastic. That’s something very Australian about that, Dave. Alright, so what we might do is, let’s see if I can use the technology. Let’s see if I can do this without breaking it. I will show you, I show first and then I will tell you second because the video will show pictures and such. Here we go. Bam.

Sizzle (07:18):
That’s a nice video.

Morgan Quaid (07:21):
I just realized that was a really quick one though. That’s the really super quick, it gives you two seconds to see what it is, but that’s all right. That gives you a bit of, a bit of you. So the Folley Crimson Folley is a d and d inspired. Look at that. Look at the timing on that. Seamless a d and d inspired comic book. It’s 56 pages. There are 15 artists involved from all over the place and they, they’re each doing a few pages of interior artwork. So it’s a weird kind of an anthology, but not really an anthology. All is different artwork and one big story. And then the second half of the book is all portrait pieces of the characters that are in the Folley. And the Crimson Folley itself is a fantasy style tavern in the middle of this weird fantasy world.

Thanks, Jack. I wish I could take credit for that one, but I didn’t build that one. But I will get one and I will. But pretty soon I’ll show you the one that I did and you’ll see that it’s very different. Yeah. But it’s a really, really cool story. And the artwork is amazing. So that have, aren’t artists that, but are writers and have built their own comics and stuff like that. It’s really hard to find good artists that stick with you and then you got to pay the money for the artwork and all that stuff because this was small pages of artwork. So it wasn’t a huge amount. I could go to some really top tier artists and say, Hey, can you just do three pages instead of saying, can you do 20 or 30 pages? So it was easier to get artists, but then you got to pay ’em, which is kind of a different thing, but it is what it is. So anyway, so that’s the Crims and Folley. It’s very exciting. It’s on the Kickstarter now, and I’ve got a promotion that I’m running because that’s what we do these days. And it’s basically any Aussie that backs this campaign will get a free copy, a free digital copy of late in the Dark Issue one, which is another comic of mine, which has been put out through Black Caravan. That is through Scout Comics. And I will show you the thing for that. Here we go. 1, 2, 3, bam bam,

Voice Over (09:39):
The village Burns set to the torch by wicked men in strange masks. He has no time for grief, for sorrow. The blood of his calls out and must be answered.

Morgan Quaid (10:21):
Mystery and intrigue and monsters and such. Wow. Yeah, so basically if you support the Crims and Foley, you get a free copy of that Little Beauty which has some amazing artwork by an artist named Willie Willie Roberts. Yeah. And so that’s, that’s pretty much the Crimson Foley. I’ve got another video that I’ll show you guys later because it explains a little bit more and shows some more of the artwork. But yeah, go to that address, support the Crimson Foley. If you’re Australian, you’ll automatically get that extra PDF copy of Blade in the Dark Issue one, thus Ends. Thank you, sir. That one I did actually do. That one was all me, except for the artwork, which is the main thing that people like and watch it for <laugh>. But everything else was me as well. Ooh. Yeah. Well yeah, that’s a good question. Yeah, that’s a pretty good idea. There’s a tip for anyone running a Kickstarter campaign. Free stuff. More freestyle, freestyle

Sizzle (11:24):
<laugh>. Good evening Facebook.

Morgan Quaid (11:27):
So that’s the k Crimson Valley. So let’s move to another question for you, sir. The,

Sizzle (11:34):
Go back to the show bags. They’re essentially promotional tools, apparently now they’re money making tools.

Morgan Quaid (11:41):
Hook the kids so that the adults, what would they, oh, okay. So they’re little what are they called? Little samples and stuff like that in there so that the adults are like, oh, well now we’ve got to buy you Kellogg’s Fruit Loops or whatever. Do they do? I don’t even know.

Sizzle (11:59):
I dunno.

Morgan Quaid (12:00):
All that sort of stuff. Alright, so I’ve got a question for you Sizzle before we move on to the next one. Okay. Your worst villain from any medium, the villain that you’ve just found to be just not, doesn’t cut. It just doesn’t do it for you.

Sizzle (12:20):
Oh wow.

Morgan Quaid (12:23):

Sizzle (12:25):
Gee, I can quickly think of my favorite villain, but okay.

Morgan Quaid (12:30):
That first up. What’s your favorite villain?

Sizzle (12:33):
<laugh>. My favorite villain also is a good guy. So it’s a bit of, he sometimes is a good guy, sometimes he’s a villain. It all depends. Magni frigging love Magni.

Morgan Quaid (12:43):
Right, right.

Sizzle (12:46):
I’m obsessed with him. I think so. Yeah, it’s a sickness. I’ve got him up there. I’ve got him there, got him there.

Morgan Quaid (12:52):
You’re keen on the magnetism. He’s got a magnetic personality.

Sizzle (12:57):
Yes. Yeah. So anyway, worse, worse, worse, worse, worse. I can’t look around the room because I wouldn’t buy the worst one.

Morgan Quaid (13:05):

Sizzle (13:07):
I’d probably, I don’t know maybe, I don’t know. Lex Luther, he always, when you’re smart and everything and to make a big business and all that sort of stuff, but I just never understood why his Supermans, you know, get some kryptonite now. I could get kryptonite, surely.

Morgan Quaid (13:26):

Sizzle (13:27):
Yeah. That means he’s got kryptonite for goodness’s sake.

Morgan Quaid (13:30):
He did. Yeah. That’s a fair choice. All right. That that’ll do. I can’t think who my worst villain is, but I’m really not a fan now. I love Star Wars and I love grew up with it as a kid, all that sort of stuff. Love that. Love it, loved it. We won’t talk about some of them not being so great, but yeah, love the whole thing. But yeah, I really, really, really struggle with the good and evil in that whole universe. And the fact that it’s d I mean, with the Mandalorian and everything else now, it’s very, very different. And I get that the books are different and all the rest of it, but just the movies on their own, just the whole you are, you’re super good, you’re super bad. And it’s down to LORs and the force and the whole, you’re a Jedi, so you’ve got to use the force and you can’t just kill people, but you’re going to end up killing a ton of people.

It doesn’t make sense. Just pick a lane, dude, pick a lane. Or just be gray and be like, ah, sometimes you got to kill a dude. Sometimes you don’t. It’s all the force, whatever. I always that I love Darth Vader just because I grew up with a dude never really had a thing for the emperor. The Emperor really was just like, why? It’s like a bond villain. I hate Bond villains because it’s like, dude, you already have all the money in the world. You live in this amazing sort of island resort thing with skimp clad women running around and you’ve got all the money in the world. You have everything. Why do you need world domination? That’s just problems. Why do you blow up? You’ve already won life. What do you just get a hobby? Dude? Just didn’t make any sense to me. Yeah, didn’t make any sense.

Great. I want to show you one thing as well. So for those that are joining us anyone that backs the Crimson Folley campaign, which is a Andy inspired comic story that takes place within a single tavern. The whole story takes place within a single tavern. Any Aussie that backs that campaign will also automatically get a copy of Blade in the Dark free copy of that. But I’m going to show you, I haven’t shown this to anyone before, I don’t think. Oh, so I just showed you the main trailer for Blade in the Dark. I did up another trailer, which has everything the same except the artwork in it is the original artwork that I set, the artist that I did. And it’s like little figures because originally I wanted to do just a funny little stick figure thing and it ended up going another way. So if I was doing the artwork, this is what the video would look like. Here we go.

Voice Over (16:15):
The village Burns set to the torch by wicked men in strange masks. He has no time for grief or sorrow. The blood of his called out and must be answered.

Sizzle (16:46):
That’s awesome. I love your monsters. They’re the best.

Morgan Quaid (16:50):
Yeah, yeah, it was good fun, but not so good. I sent the stick figures to the artist and then he sent back this amazing black and white illustration, and I just thought, well, I’m not doing the artwork on this one, that’s for sure. Because nope.

Sizzle (17:05):
Ooh, from the US

Morgan Quaid (17:08):
Look, you are watching this show. So I will say that you are in Australia for the moment, so if you back the campaign, just shoot me a message and yeah, that’s fine, buddy. You’ll get the first issue of Blaine in the Dark. No blade in the dark. Yes, it is called Blaine <laugh>. I forgot the name of my own book. So yes, you’ll get the first issue as well. So all good dude <laugh>, easy done.

Sizzle (17:37):
Am I getting private messages? I didn’t know that.

Morgan Quaid (17:42):
There are a lot of comments. All right, next question. You ready for the next question?

Sizzle (17:49):

Morgan Quaid (17:50):
All right, here we go. So no, I’m not going to ask that one. You are get given a special power, like a comic book style magical superhero sort of power that you can only use between the hours of, or basically during the dark. You can only use it during the dark. What power do you ask for if you’re given a choice?

Sizzle (18:22):
Well, I’m a greedy bastard, so I would go Dr. Manhattan, just go full out there.

Morgan Quaid (18:29):
All the powers. All the powers.

Sizzle (18:32):
Pretty much do whatever I want and hope no one kills me during the day.

Morgan Quaid (18:37):
And clothes optional you’re just going to go full blue when everything

Sizzle (18:41):
Optional, just going around blue.

Morgan Quaid (18:46):
All right. That is a bit of a, I want all the powers kind of answer, so it’s a bit of a cheating answer. But that would be interesting though, because I say you can do anything you want during the night. You can rule the universe during the night, but then during the day, so I’ll say there’s one caveat. All right, so you can have that power. The caveat is you have to look and appear exactly the same during the daylight hours as you do during the night.

Sizzle (19:12):
Oh, that’s just walking Manhattan,

Morgan Quaid (19:14):
Walking around. Well, what I mean is you can’t just completely change your appearance. So you can’t hide your identity. You have to be the same. So

Sizzle (19:24):
Blue during the day as well. I guess I’ll work from home.

Morgan Quaid (19:28):
Yeah, you work from home. Do the webinar sort stuff. And sorry, camera.

Sizzle (19:34):
Sorry, my camera doesn’t work.

Morgan Quaid (19:35):
My camera doesn’t work. Cause I’m not good with technology. And then at nighttime I am building a new universe in my lunchbox or whatever the case may be. Yeah, here we go. Good choice. Good choice. All right, I’m going to show one more video and then that’s me for the videos. Then we’re move onto the other stuff. So this is the proper Crimson Folley camp or the not the proper. This is the more explanatory one about the Crimson Folley and then I will shut up about it. Here

Morgan’s recorded Voice (20:02):
We go. Hey friends. Morgan Qu here to tell you about a little project called the Crimson Folley, a d and d inspired comic anthology, which takes place in a fantasy tavern called You Guested. It’s the Crimson Folley. I’m working with more than a dozen artists from all over the world to bring this story to life through sequential comic artwork, intricate portrait pieces, sketches, and of course words. My aim is to produce a combined comic story and art book. The first 40 pages will be a comic book telling the main story of the folley and using different artists to build out each section of the story. The art book will then contain sketches and short stories relating to characters from that story. So if you’re a fan of d and d, fantasy, artwork, comics, or just great storytelling, you’ll love the Crimson Folley. Yes, you will.

Morgan Quaid (20:48):
There we go. There we go. I’ve

Sizzle (20:50):
Got no videos to share.

Morgan Quaid (20:52):
Yeah, but you have stuff to talk about though. So let’s talk about Let the and I’m going to mess up the name. Sid, Sid. Sid. Sid. Tell us about the first project Sizzle

Sizzle (21:08):
I. I’m trying to figure out if you’re doing that on purpose or not. He’s just asked what level does it matter?

Morgan Quaid (21:15):
Any level, bud? Any level.

Sizzle (21:17):
There we go. Cool. Okay, so the one you’re trying to say was, yeah, hang on, I got to get on the right page so I can put this up. Is si address, I’m down videos, I don’t have videos on it.

Morgan Quaid (21:32):
Oh, fancy man.

Sizzle (21:34):
I’m doing something different. Doing something a little different. I’m not using Kickstarter. I have set up a pre-order campaign on the shop. The easiest way to get to it is a little link I’ve made.

Morgan Quaid (21:53):

Sizzle (21:54):
So that’ll take you to the page on the shop. It’s also in the menu at the shop. So if you go to the shop, then it’s just their campaigns pretty much it is three stories, three creative teams, or in some cases those creative teams are one person. Cool. Yeah.

Morgan Quaid (22:13):
Yeah. I said cool. Sorry, I just

Sizzle (22:16):
Oh, cool. Sorry I didn’t hear what you said. That’s what it was. Cool. Yeah, I didn’t hear the word. Okay. And the comic is called Citrus Perceptions and each story is from the perception of a different person or different, well, from the artist pretty much with creative team. So the first one is RIS from Peter Wilson’s point of view. Then the second one is Cire from Ryan Bella’s point of view. And then the third one is Cire from Hayden’s Bur and Ben Sullivan’s point of view.

Morgan Quaid (22:55):
Cool. And so is this the one, sorry, e emphasizing the importance of this project with a cough? Is this the one, I think we saw some artwork on it ages ago with the room, like the sizzle character in the room, like Ryan, Ryan Vela did really detailed. Oh yes.

Sizzle (23:18):
I didn’t share it around too much. Right. But yeah,

Morgan Quaid (23:23):

Sizzle (23:24):
That’s the last page of that story. But yeah, it’s full of Easter eggs big time.

Morgan Quaid (23:30):

Sizzle (23:30):
Yeah, so that’s story. So this is the first page from his story.

Morgan Quaid (23:34):
There he is.

Sizzle (23:35):
There’s his art. There’s CREs flying around, getting into some trouble. He’s a bit lost. He’s a bit confused.

Morgan Quaid (23:43):

Sizzle (23:43):
There’s a weird villain.

Morgan Quaid (23:47):

Sizzle (23:48):
I’m just going to show the first two pages of Ryan’s.

Morgan Quaid (23:50):
If you want the recipe, you got to buy it, get in there and buy. I heard a rumor as well, correct me if I’m true, but I heard a rumor that if you’re in Australia it’s just a flat postage cost

Sizzle (24:02):
Forage rate. That’s the shop. You can buy other items in the shop while you’re there, but they won’t be posted out until the whole order is ready. So I just warn people about that. So Sidra will be Sidra perceptions. I’ve got to keep calling it, the proper name won’t be fulfilled until early April, just so the campaign can finish. Cause the campaign finishes in the last week of March.

Morgan Quaid (24:29):
But also you mentioned Easter eggs, so it makes sense Easter. That’s what we’re going for, isn’t it? Oh

Sizzle (24:35):
Wow. It’s too, yeah, things around then

Morgan Quaid (24:37):

Sizzle (24:37):
So sorry if the poster just takes a bit long, cause the public holidays but

Morgan Quaid (24:44):
Black and white color, the

Sizzle (24:45):
Pre-launch campaign is cheaper than what it’ll be once it releases. So it’s a 20% discount if you buy it during the pre-launch.

Morgan Quaid (24:53):

Sizzle (24:54):
That price will go back up to normal when it goes into the shop officially. So yeah, that discount is on the PDF and the physical comic.

Morgan Quaid (25:06):
And how many pages and are they all black and white interiors or No, no,

Sizzle (25:12):
There’s only eight pages of black and white. That one story, that’s the middle story. So we’re doing something a bit different. It’ll be all color at the front and the back and the middle eight pages will be black and white pages.

Morgan Quaid (25:24):
Nice. Just

Sizzle (25:25):
For a little bit of difference there. It’ll even be on different stock paper so that it matches the black and white a bit better.

Morgan Quaid (25:31):
Wow, that’s cool.

Sizzle (25:33):
But yeah, the first story, for example, is meeting C and that’s Peter Wilson’s story.

Morgan Quaid (25:40):
Nice. Oh, that’s so cool. That’s so cool. Very,

Sizzle (25:49):
Very. And a writer and an artist talking to a guy called William Steele and they’re trying to find out who and what Citrus is all about because they want to write a comic about him

Morgan Quaid (26:03):
There. As it

Sizzle (26:04):
So happens, the comic they write is story three. So this is the story they wrote about citrus.

Morgan Quaid (26:18):
That’s such a cool idea. Dude, that’s really cool. That’s really cool. So there’s the first,

Sizzle (26:25):
There’s two pages from that story and that third story will be ongoing. So Lindsay and Wyatt, I think their names are from the first story, who are talking and trying to find out about Cirus write an ongoing story in the rest of the series because this an ongoing book. This is not a one-off story. Issue Two has already started being made. So yeah,

Morgan Quaid (26:54):
It’s very meta, it’s very worlds within worlds and all that sort of stuff. Yeah,

Sizzle (27:00):
Yeah, yeah. So that is citrus perceptions. So sort of anthology sort of isn’t, yeah. I don’t know how you’d describe it. And then wonderful. The tagline is different stories, different styles. One hero,

Morgan Quaid (27:18):
There you go. Like it it. So how does that make you feel seeing that basically yourself in comic book form in all of these different versions? Is that, I mean, it’s got to feel pretty cool, right?

Sizzle (27:32):
Oh, very cool. Me and Carrie developed this character. Nice. Yeah, well we designed it together. There is debate over who designed which parts, but it was definitely

Morgan Quaid (27:48):
Yes, I hear that. Yeah, maybe one party did more than the other. Perhaps they’re thinking

Sizzle (27:54):
Yes, yes, yes, yes. Carrie apparently did more. I don’t know, my memory shock. And I’m just going to have to agree.

Morgan Quaid (28:02):
You were there though. You were in the room when it happened. I was in the room.

Sizzle (28:05):
I’m sure I came up with a beard. <laugh>. Sorry, Carrie still? Yeah. So we de designed him as a logo originally for the CDs comics comic shop that we were looking into starting. And when we did the math for that, it was like, I don’t know how people run comic shops. This is crazy. So we put that aside and a few years later I came up with the idea for comics and Cirus became a logo for comics

Morgan Quaid (28:43):
And thus it was <laugh>. Sorry, I just have to show that <laugh>

How rude Indeed. How rude. So many women of history just pushed aside by the man taking credit for their work. Tell you what cool. Well if you’ll permit me a little side thinking, Bob, I had an interesting discussion with a really interesting guy today that I thought I would share with you and the viewers if you’re interested. So I was talking to really nice guy named Cuan Bun. He’s a US writer and he’s written for Marvel, DC Darkhorse e everyone, basically every major and minor publisher he’s written for. He is been doing it for quite a while. It was really interesting cause one of the questions I had for him is, okay, how is it different writing for a Marvel in a DC versus writing for yourself or a small indie publisher? So he’s written Deadpool he’s written Aquaman, I think Spawn the Magni, what’s he from?

X-Men, that little one. So he’s written a lot of the top shelf sort of stuff. Anyway, so I’ve spoken to him about it and it was really interesting because he was saying that the restrictions that you have to work under in that environment first of all mean everything is incredibly slow. Nothing from the very first moment. Everything moves incredibly slowly because there are all these gates that have to be passed and an editorial team that has to sign off on everything. And he said, one of the problems is for starters, you are not just writing your story because they will come to you and they will say, we want you to write a story that starts here, ends here and has these things happening in the middle. And it has to happen that way. And then while you’re writing the story, you have to think at the moment, there are currently five other writers writing five other stories for this same character, let’s say spawn.

And in those universes, these things are happening. So you can’t write anything that interacts with any of that stuff in a negative way because it’ll screw the story line up for fans. So he, he’s describing it and I’m just thinking that just sounds like such a restrictive place to be trying to write him. And then the other thing was, which doesn’t surprise me at all, he was saying that he will come up with a scene. So he is used as an example, he comes up for a senior and he knows this is the best scene ever in the history of X-Men. This thing is going to rock. People are going to love it. It’s going to be shocking and amazing and wonderful. And then straight away he says, yeah, absolutely. It sounds horrible Straight away he says, there’s this amazing scene in my head and I cannot write it.

It’s just yes. But on the continuity would be so he’s already filtering himself as he is writing because he knows I’m not going to be able to do this amazing thing. So I have to water it down even before I send it to the first editor because you’ve got to fit it in this thing. So I don’t know, as comic as writers and artists and everything, we have this idea of, oh, I’d love to write for Marvel or DC or I’d love to do work with one of these big ones. But you just don’t realize the reality of what that would actually be like and how frustrating that would be. So from Colin’s perspective, he was saying, there’s something so freeing about writing as an indie or publishing his own stuff or something. That’s his property because he can do whatever he wants with them.

The other thing which was really interesting is he says, you start writing for someone like Mag Nito, and then as you are writing a run of books, you sort of fall in love with that character and then you have to say goodbye to them and you’ve got no creative control. So they could undo everything that you’ve done in the next run of issues and you might never be asked to do that again. So it’s this heartbreaking thing where you’re kind of getting involved with it and then you’re falling in love and then you’re like, so yeah, really, really interesting talking with him. And it just made me think how much I would hate to be in that environment and to be writing for. And the amazing thing about being an indie creator that, I mean, the struggles are, there’s money. There’s trying to get publicity that you just never take your foot off the accelerator. Well, the gas for our American friends, you never take your foot off the gas because as you would know, you just, you’re running every day and working hard just to try and get an inch ahead, but you have complete creative control and that is pretty amazing. I would hate to have that taken away. Anyway, that was lessons from Colin sorry, Colin Bunn, who I spoke to today. Just a great guy. Really cool discussion, really interesting stuff.

That was it.

So anyone joining us that might not have heard the Crimson Foley campaign on Kickstarters campaign I’m running at the moment. Speaking of self promotion, any Ozzie or anyone watching this that backs that campaign will not only get a copy of the Crimson Folley, a 56 page epic full color comic with d and d inspired story that takes place inside a single tavern fantasy tavern. They will also get a free copy of Blade in the Dark issue one from Scout Comics, which is another one of my book things. And you will get that for free. So just fyi. Cool. All right. Another question for you, and then maybe we’ll move on to your next property. Yeah, sure thing. All right. So I’m going to throw you some of the questions I’d normally ask other people on the podcast. Okay, here we go. So All Ink is removed from human bodies in the near future and it’s mandated that every single person has to get one tattoo that’s unique to them. What is that tattoo that you get and where do you get it on your person? Why are you looking?

Sizzle (35:09):
I’m looking down cause I’m like, I think I’ve already got it, but now I’ve got to pick one because there’s a few down here on the arm.

Morgan Quaid (35:16):
You can only do one. I only

Sizzle (35:17):
One. I only allow one mate.

Morgan Quaid (35:19):
Yeah. Yeah. One to rule them all,

Sizzle (35:26):
I’d probably go with the insane one, to be honest.

Morgan Quaid (35:28):

Sizzle (35:29):
Because it sums me up perfectly.

Morgan Quaid (35:32):
And same spot.

Sizzle (35:33):
See if I can show it. Is it showing up?

Morgan Quaid (35:37):
Yep. Just twist that way a bit. Yeah, there you go. Same

Sizzle (35:42):
Spot stamp. I don’t know, I might go a little risky and put it on the hand.

Morgan Quaid (35:48):
I thought you were say the forehead or so. All right. Good choice, sir. Good choice.

Sizzle (36:00):

Morgan Quaid (36:01):
Yeah, it’s pretty cool. Pretty cool. All right. So what’s the next one that you got, bud? What’s the next

Sizzle (36:08):

Morgan Quaid (36:11):
Nice. I believe it. I totally believe it.

Sizzle (36:16):
Okay, next thing I’m going to promote tonight, if I can go to the right button, is Stellar LANs.

Morgan Quaid (36:26):
Oh, max

Sizzle (36:27):
Perra. And Ben Wark, I think is pronounced is the artist. Max is from Sydney. He works in film. I forget exactly where he works in film but he has decided to write a comic. It’s part one. This one is part one that we are releasing on Kickstarter. It’s still in the pre-launch stage. I should probably go and put a link up so people can go to it. So in there, get notified, hit the notify button and this will be out hopefully in next few weeks. And then a month from then we’ll be sending it out to everyone. So it’s pretty much about operative that’s her there sort of a black ops type of thing. She sent to a distant moon to gather some intel that has something to do with the war that ended 50 years ago. So

Morgan Quaid (37:38):
Yeah, the artwork on that one is

Sizzle (37:40):

Morgan Quaid (37:41):
Really nice.

Sizzle (37:42):
Yeah, really nice,

Morgan Quaid (37:44):
Really nice. Go

Sizzle (37:45):
Down here and take this down.

Morgan Quaid (37:47):
Good story. Super. Yeah, super nice artwork. That one really good and good for really suits the genre good for action, that sort of stuff. Yeah, really, really nice. That is very cool. Sorry,

Sizzle (38:05):
Just on another screen. So yeah, awesome. A lot of people have read it and we’ve got nothing but great reviews for it. The one in that banner was just one of many. I do have videos for it, but I couldn’t find them before this, so

Morgan Quaid (38:24):
All good. Well, I just shot through another video for you, bud just for funsies, just to fun, give the people some color and sound and light and movement and stuff. I could pick up a guitar, but they’re all the way over there. And honestly, I’m too tired and <laugh> too far away. That comic was really good and I’m really excited about the CIDs thing. That’s really cool. Sidra and Sizzle and Doug in the multiverse. Very cool.

Sizzle (38:56):
Oh, sizzle and Doug into the Multiverse. That’s the other one that’s at the shop.

Morgan Quaid (39:00):

Sizzle (39:01):
That’s also still at the shop. There’s about 50 copies I think left. They’re all numbered. So numbered one to a hundred and yeah, so the earlier you buy, the slower the number you get.

Morgan Quaid (39:21):
Very cool

Sizzle (39:22):
Video, dude.

Morgan Quaid (39:24):
All right, so this is another one just because I like this video a lot. That makes me laugh a lot. So this is a series called The Blood Below which is only available in digital at the moment, but I’m going to potentially do a Kickstarter on it at some point because the artwork is amazing. It’s really cool. It’s kind of a crime slash weird fiction. It goes very weird, very quickly, horror kind of thing. And it’s part of a whole universe because everything’s part of a universe. Anyway, I will let it speak for itself because I like it. Here we go. Bam.

Voice Over (40:00):
Nothing unusual about a 4:00 AM call to a back alley in downtown Kenton. A young woman lying, pristine and unmarked on the cold hard ground. I get to work quickly, but there’s not much to go on here. No marks of any kind, no signs of struggle. Just a dead vic in the middle of an alley. And then there’s that dead body and a dumpster that looks like a grizzly bear has crawled its way out of his stomach.

Morgan Quaid (40:57):
It is my favorite one. I love it so much. It’s so cool. Yeah. So there’s five issues available now. Thanks, Jack. Yeah, yeah. Willie Roberts is the artist. I work with him on a lot of stuff. His stuff is amazing and it gets better as the series continues because things get crazy. So there’s five issues available. You can get the digital issues from the Crimson Folley Kickstarter campaign. It’s in there as an add-on that you can get. So you can get all of those now, or you can get them from Amazon, but it’s cheaper with if you get it in the campaign. So if you want it, get it from the campaign cause it’s a lot cheaper. And eventually, yeah, I’m going to do them as proper books because they’re too good not to. And that’s all credit to the artists just and the colors and everything is amazing.

There’s some stuff from books book four, I think there’s some stuff that comes out and it’s just tell you one thing because it’s the funnest thing. Sometimes you write a lot of stuff and you forget things that you’ve written, and then you go back and you reread it and you just think, oh, that’s so cool because you forget and you think, well, of course I like it because I wrote it so I would like it something. So there’s one scene where this detective guy and he’s offsider, they go down into a subway, into an old new subway to talk to this homeless guy that’s there, or who appears to be a homeless guy. He’s called a watcher, but there’s something sort of weird and supernatural about him. And so they go down to this guy to talk to him to get information essentially. And then the police detective pulls out a little plastic bag, a Ziploc bag with a toe in it, just a severed toe because that’s the currency that these watchers kind of deal with. So he gives the guy the toe and the guy gives him information. It’s a whole weird thing. Anyway, that was really weird and I just thought that’s so cool. That’s something I would like to read and it makes sense because that’s in my book. That makes sense. Anyway, made me very happy. That one. Yeah, so that’s that one. All right. What have you got for a sizzle? What’s

Sizzle (43:04):
Found the video? We’re uploading your video.

Morgan Quaid (43:07):
Sweet video still.

Sizzle (43:09):
Hopefully this is the right one.

Morgan Quaid (44:14):

Sizzle (44:16):

Morgan Quaid (44:17):
Yeah. So

Sizzle (44:17):
Much fun. And I’ve already read it, so now I’m just looking forward to issue two, which is really bad.

Morgan Quaid (44:24):
Yeah, you got to wait. Initial

Sizzle (44:25):

Morgan Quaid (44:28):
Yeah, that’s it. Sweet. All right. So

Sizzle (44:33):
The other thing that was the video for the first thing I was talking about. The other thing I wanted to talk about was a friend of the show, if I’m remembering the order correctly. Yes, I am a good friend of the show. Duchenne Silva is running a pre-launch campaign as well at the moment. And this is a little teaser for it, and I’ll put up the right banner for

Morgan Quaid (44:54):
It. Lizza ray.

Sizzle (44:56):
Lizza Ray, who I keep calling Liz Raye, and I’ve got to stop doing that. Ray Shane, Liza, Liza,

Morgan Quaid (45:02):

Sizzle (45:04):
So yeah, she’s a badass chick and she’s a mutant and there’s some sort of conspiracy thing going on,

Morgan Quaid (45:15):
And I remember it. Hang on.

Sizzle (45:17):
Yep. Yeah, there’s some sort of conspiracy thing going on. She’s tracking her down. She doesn’t know why. And this is issue two. So if you read issue one, you definitely want to get onto this. If you didn’t, I believe issue one is available in this Kickstarter, so you can get both at the same time.

Morgan Quaid (45:35):
So that’s sword standing. Yeah. Yeah. Lot of action. Lot of nasty sword business.

Sizzle (45:45):
Yeah. Saw business, you can’t see it without the top there. That lady’s missing an arm and it’s still holding onto the sword over on a little bit higher up the picture. So there’s a lot of violence. It’s definitely not for kids. This one,

Morgan Quaid (46:00):
No <laugh>. No, not unless you want to mess them up.

Sizzle (46:04):
No. Yeah, exactly. So yes, that’s that one.

Morgan Quaid (46:10):

Sizzle (46:13):
And I’m just navigating the different tabs.

Morgan Quaid (46:16):
The many Clickings,

Sizzle (46:18):
Many clickings.

Morgan Quaid (46:20):
All right. So my final question for you the question is, which one do I ask? Okay. So yeah, why not? You have to pass on one toy from your childhood to future generations of children and only one. What is that toy that you pass on?

Sizzle (46:46):
Too easy. Too easy. Optimist, prime. That’s my most prized toy.

Morgan Quaid (46:53):
I think you’ve said that before. I think I already knew that. Yeah, that was too easy. All right. I’m going to have to give you another one then, because that one. Oh, ready to go. <laugh>, right? <laugh>. Okay. This one’s a bit harder. All right. What’s a fictional death that has really impacted you, either from when you’re a child or sorry, I

Sizzle (47:19):
Know the one that affected me the most was the horse and that dude

Morgan Quaid (47:25):
In Aslan.

Sizzle (47:26):
Yeah. On a neverending story that stuffed me up that was like, no, get out, get out. And then he doesn’t get out. It’s like, what the hell?

Morgan Quaid (47:36):
Yep. The swamp of a eternal sorrow, or whatever the heck it was. Yeah,

Sizzle (47:40):
Yeah. Whatever it was. Yeah, it was horrible. Horrible.

Morgan Quaid (47:44):
That was pretty bad. Yeah, I think that got me as well. That was a good choice, man. See, you are these things normally stump people, but you are right on it. I, alright, this one, I’ll get you out. You have to invent a new color. What is it and why?

Sizzle (48:01):

Morgan Quaid (48:03):
There you go. We we’re done with the easy one. Let’s just go straight to

Sizzle (48:06):
The hard one at me. Yeah. Invent a new color.

Morgan Quaid (48:10):

Sizzle (48:11):
See, I just want to invent purple. Can I invent purple?

Morgan Quaid (48:14):
Can you invent a thing that already exists?

Sizzle (48:17):
No. Yeah. Can I invent purple? Okay. Well,

Morgan Quaid (48:19):
And you can’t just call it or something and that be a thing. Something

Sizzle (48:24):
Purple. Purple.

Morgan Quaid (48:27):

Sizzle (48:30):
Maybe a purple that’s outside the human spectrum that can only be seen by certain devices. How’s that?

Morgan Quaid (48:36):
Ultraviolet maybe. Or <laugh>. Yeah. All right. So you clearly too, you like things that exist too much to try and invent something different. Yeah.

Sizzle (48:50):
Yeah. Go with that. We’ll

Morgan Quaid (48:51):
Go with that. We’ll go with that one. Alright. Okay. Well, that’s pretty much me done but I, I’ll show the main video one more time when we’re ready, but that’s all my talking’s done for tonight. Do you have any more?

Sizzle (49:05):
I’ve still got a talking point.

Morgan Quaid (49:06):
You go for it.

Sizzle (49:08):
I’ll bring up the, that is the address of the shop. Yeah. And this is the picture you’ll see when you go to the Comac shop online, Australian indie. Goodness. It used to only post to Australia. So anyone international watching this, you it now posts to the rest of the world. It links up to Australia Post and works out the postage according to the weights of the items that you buy.

Morgan Quaid (49:33):

Sizzle (49:35):
So unlike a Kickstarter where you’ve got to kind of guess the postage, this will actually work out the postage according to Australian Post. So the only other thing I wanted to talk about tonight was about another show that we run on Friday nights.

And I’ll take down that banner for the shop and then we’ll put up this picture this week, Friday night, we have Sherlock Holmes as our theme. So start drawing now. Send it in. Actually put the email up as the thing here if I’ve got it. Yes, I do. That’s where you send your pictures. Art coms studio. So whether you draw it tonight, you draw it tomorrow, just send it in straight away. You don’t have to send it in on the night, we’ll show it on the night, but you can send it in anytime you want before then you’ve got until nine o’clock Friday night to send it in. After that, it’ll probably be a bit late for us to show it. So yes, she

Morgan Quaid (50:43):
Holmes. That’s interesting.

Sizzle (50:45):
Sherlock Holmes. And our special guest, of course is Chris, so yeah.

Morgan Quaid (50:49):
Yeah, there we go.

Sizzle (50:51):
Last name. But I’ll probably stuff it up, so won’t talking to him tomorrow to find out exactly how to say it.

Morgan Quaid (50:58):
<laugh> sweet. Yeah, I won’t give it a guess either.

Sizzle (51:03):

Morgan Quaid (51:05):
That’s going to be an interesting one. Yeah, Sherlock is yeah. Not usual comic fodder. So that that’s pretty.

Sizzle (51:12):
No, well, the rules are pop culture, so it can go all over the shop, what people pick, except they just seem to pick comic stuff.

Morgan Quaid (51:19):
Well, I’m looking forward to when we pick a really a standout figure like the Ronald McDonald or the hamburger, something we can all get behind <laugh>.

Sizzle (51:30):
I don’t think they’ve got a lot of history to talk about <laugh>.

Morgan Quaid (51:33):
No, no, they’re not. Great. Noise.

Sizzle (51:38):

Morgan Quaid (51:39):
All right, well oh, your video. I’ll play one more time. So this is the rapid fire one. You have to pay attention because it’ll go quick, but it’s very exciting and there are many things happening. Graham

Sizzle (52:11):
Foley looks like a gun when you

Morgan Quaid (52:14):
Shadow it out. Do you know? You know why? Because that was totally intentional. Nope, not at all. Well, there are a few guns in the book. A couple of Waren characters have Flint lock style pistols. So yeah, you do get about that. I don’t know why that’s a cool thing, but that’s a cool thing. So it’s in there. Yeah, everything’s in there. There’s also, so I haven’t revealed much about this, but there’s also, if I get enough backers, which is a big, but if we get enough backers, there’s another story and it’s basically a story between a cobalt and a mouse, kind of like two little creatures. And it’s an adventure story that takes place underneath the floorboards of the crims and folley. So you’ve got this story happening at the top with all this adventure and stuff and drama and everything. And then below, it’s like a whole different story in black and white with these two little critters kind of going on an adventure of their own. So if we get to a certain point, everyone that backs the Crimson Fol gets the digital version of that. If I get really high up, then anyone that has a print reward gets a print version of that in addition to the 56 page nice comic for the Crimson Foley. And that’s the last word I will say on it for tonight. But I’ll be talking to everyone about it for the next month, and that’s been done.

Sizzle (53:41):
Cool. Well, all I’ve got to say is citrus. Also, each issue of CID perceptions will have a pinup and I can show you the pinup for the first one.

Morgan Quaid (53:51):

Sizzle (53:52):
Neil, how cool is that?

Morgan Quaid (53:58):
That is really cool. That is so cool. That is r And I love the curly mustache.

Sizzle (54:07):
Yes. So that was a bit of fun. So yeah, throwing that in for a bit of fun, but each one will have one, and I’m getting different people to do each issue, so

Morgan Quaid (54:21):
Sweet. All right. This was an interesting, cool show. Couple of questions, lots of videos, bit of action. Support the Crimson Foley now, and join all your friends <laugh> jokes. Go and buy yourself and just buy everything in the comics shop while you’re at it.

Sizzle (54:42):
Yeah, yeah. While you’re there. Just buy everything flat

Morgan Quaid (54:44):
Postage. That’s a winner. There we go. Yep. Yeah, it’s been a pleasure, sir. It’s been good just chatting with you, nice and cruisy. Yep. No stress.

Sizzle (54:57):
And I’m trying to get to the right page for this. Thank you very much, Morgan. And I guess that’s our show, so thank you. Everyone did join us. We did it.

Morgan Quaid (55:08):

Sizzle (55:09):
Did it. We did a show interviewing ourselves. Woo.

Morgan Quaid (55:12):
Yay. Thanks everyone

Sizzle (55:14):
Interviewing me, but whatever.

Morgan Quaid (55:16):
Also, I learned a lot about show bags from the olden times, so that was pretty cool.

Sizzle (55:24):
I agree, Peter, by everything.

Morgan Quaid (55:27):
Yeah, yeah, yeah.

Sizzle (55:32):
I went to the wrong page again. Okay. Try it again. See us everyone. Have a good night. Remember to and subscribe to the channel. Yes. And the video. That would be awesome. And see you next week with Shaden. And I believe she’s interviewing Yana, whose last name I forgot. So

Morgan Quaid (55:54):
Excellent. Yeah.

Sizzle (55:55):
Yeah. Good detail. Shane. You should write this shit down. Good night all.

Morgan Quaid (56:04):
See you guys

Sizzle (56:06):

Morgan Quaid (56:06):

Voice Over (56:07):
Check out com for all things coms and find out what X is all about. We hope you enjoyed the show.

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