Lana Leuka Lovin Time

The team behind Lana Leuka #1 and #2 and hopefully many more join us this coming Wednesday evening at 7pm AEST (8pm to you cow haters) Tme to chat all things Lana and the gang and maybeeven a little about these lovely ladies themselves: The Perth Teamo Supremo!


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Shane ‘Sizzle’ Syddall (00:12):
Hello, welcome to the Oz Comic Show. I am sizzle as they call me the comics dude. I’ve just put that extra bit there for people to know. And I’m here with Morgan Qua and today we are going to be talking to the lovely gang who are behind Lana Luca. We’ve got Lauren Marshall, Tanya Beason, and Kayleen Harris. And so yeah, let’s get on with the show and have a chat. Hey. Hello everyone.

Morgan ‘The’ Quaid (01:09):
Hey everybody. Hi.

Shane ‘Sizzle’ Syddall (01:11):
Hi. Thanks

Morgan ‘The’ Quaid (01:12):
For having Welcome, welcome, welcome. Hi. So are we kicking right into it? No preface straight in.

Lauren Marshall (01:19):
Let’s go.

Morgan ‘The’ Quaid (01:20):
Let’s do it. All right. So we’re here to talk about the Lana Luca Kickstarter campaign number two is up and running right now. It’s close. It’s super close. So six days to get in and support. We’re going to talk more about the campaign as we go and about the wonderful people behind it who are now part of our chat. So why don’t we do a bit of a around the grounds and we’ll just go who you are, where you belong, and what part of the Lana Luca crew you are, what role you’ve got, all that sort of stuff. That was a really roundabout way of saying introduce yourself. Still got

Lauren Marshall (02:03):

Morgan ‘The’ Quaid (02:05):
Got there. We’ll start with you Lauren, because yeah, you’re up the top of my screen, so let’s start with you. Sweet.

Lauren Marshall (02:12):
Hi. Everybody probably knows me already. Drink and draw and all that shenanigans. Lauren Marshall. I was sort of created LADA many, many years ago and I’ve got these lovely ladies on board, but I’m a traditional comic book artist. Also dabble in digital as well. But yeah, I’m basically just a mad dog that just likes to draw. So that’s my life. I’ll throw it to Kaylene and she can introduce herself as well.

Kaylene Harris (02:42):
Hi, I’m Kaylene. I predominantly live in the web comics world in Webtoon doing that, but I am the colorist for Lana Luca. Lauren bought me on board when I was just getting into comics and drawing and so on.

Morgan ‘The’ Quaid (03:02):
Very good. Tanya.

Tanya Beeson (03:05):
Hi, I’m Tanya Beeson. I am a digital artist slash animator and I am the writer for Lana Luca and a myth weaver.

Morgan ‘The’ Quaid (03:21):
Fancy. I was going to say I have questions, but yeah, you keep going about myths and such, but

Tanya Beeson (03:29):
Keep going. Well, no, I have no train of thought. I just make sounds occasionally I get distracted.

Morgan ‘The’ Quaid (03:39):
Sounds in words. Very good. Well thank you all and welcome to this well-oiled machine. So I have a few questions, so we might start on colour, endlessly fascinated that by that and then we might move to the story behind. There’s some really cool stuff there that we wouldn’t mind digging into, but without giving too much away because we want people to back the campaign. So I find it interesting also that everyone seems to draw in this group and it seems to be an alarming amount of talent involved, which is really,

Tanya Beeson (04:17):
I keep them close Morgan for reason.

Morgan ‘The’ Quaid (04:20):
I was going to say it’s very clever, really very, very clever. So Kaylene, let’s talk about the cult now. Last time we had Lauren on, she spoke a fair bit about colour and colour theory and lots of stuff was super interesting. We know that there’s a specific palette purple anyone within the Lana Luca world, but there’s also quite a bit of differentiation between different aspects of the comic and so on. Tell us about how you went about putting together the colour palette and that stuff.

Kaylene Harris (04:55):
Yeah, well my starting point when I first started, when I was given page one of Lana Luca and just given the instruction to go for it, here’s a reference, she purple. I said everything around that and just the time of day. So just making sure that whatever colours I choose for the environment look natural, but blend well with Lana’s more unnatural colours so she fits into the world and also time of day as well. So when it moved into evening when they were under the street lamps and so on, that’s when I really got to play with the lighting, the purples, contrasting that against golds and bronzes and oranges and so on.

Tanya Beeson (05:40):
Rats more night sinks.

Morgan ‘The’ Quaid (05:48):
And there’s a difference between some of the characters being a little bit flatter I suppose with colours, is that correct?

Kaylene Harris (05:57):
Yeah, not quite monochrome, but certainly not as colourful as everything else. So my approach there was to begin with sort of just blocking in what the colour values would be, so the difference between lights and darks basically. And then giving it a little bit of cetin but not going overboard. So they do still match the world, but they look a little bit off as they’re supposed to.

Morgan ‘The’ Quaid (06:28):
Yeah, that was one of the things I remember when I first read the first issue that I noticed straight away and it’s just so subtle, but something is different and it’s sets it apart really, really cool, really cool colours are awesome kids go out and get some colours if you don’t have any, get some. Thank you very much. Okay, so Tanya, why don’t you, it’s an interesting proposition to be presented with an existing character and then write a story, the world that they’re part of and all that sort of stuff. So I suppose, how did you come up with that?

Tanya Beeson (07:07):
I wrote around basic framework that Lauren gave me. So she gave me Lana D and Chase and said come up with something that ties all this together. And she had a general idea of relationships and that’s been expanded and we’ve workshopped a little bit of how each character is connected with each other. But yeah, it was a fairly simple framework so I’ve had a lot of freedom to go for it as Kaylene said.

Morgan ‘The’ Quaid (07:47):
And was it fairly, once you got into it, was it fairly easy or were there a few things that you agonised over and had to really think through?

Tanya Beeson (07:59):
I generally threw ideas around back and forth and Lauren and I have both essentially talked through each of the two issues so far and the plots going into the future and workshopped them and I just threw ideas down and Lauren gives me her opinion of them and I will adjust if something more interesting comes out of the conversation.

Morgan ‘The’ Quaid (08:36):
Very good, thank you. I suppose while we’re still on that, and Lauren you can chime in on this one, if you explain for us, I know we’ve spoken about it before, but the world that Lana Luca takes place in, there’s a few layers there and for the uninitiated it can be a little bit, not daunting, but there’s more depth there than what you would think on the surface. It warrants more than one read, I’ll put it that way. You don’t get everything on the first read, you have to give a couple of passes. Yeah. So tell us about the world and how that was constructed.

Lauren Marshall (09:16):
Well I suppose the world, the premise behind it was to make it seem so relatable. As we’ve always said, the world that you see within the book is something that could particularly be own, whether you’re living in the city or not, but it’s very relatable and very familiar. But then you see the people who are muted, you see the different levels in terms of the characters and then that creates different, it’s an onion, you peel the onion, you keep seeing that Layers. Yeah, layers, yeah, layers.

But we wanted to make it complex but not something that was so like, oh God, that’s too much. We wanted to make it seem intriguing to seem interesting and you want to delve in more and figure out what’s going on. And in this part, I know that the first issue was quite slow, but I feel like if we did go any quicker in it, it just would’ve ruined the rest of the series. So it’s good that people do understand that there is obviously more to it and then there is little Easter eggs here and there about like, oh, what’s that? And how does that intertwine into the story? Yeah, it’s more we’re building up to something,

Morgan ‘The’ Quaid (10:41):
Right? Yeah, I the, so I’ve only seen a little bit of the artwork from issue two obviously on the Kickstarter campaign and there’s some really cool, really stuff in there and I’m excited to see what it’s, and how it all works and how it kind of fits in. It might be wrong, but it feels like issue two takes a real plunge or sort of digs into some of the things which I’m really excited by anyway, so that’s just me as a fan. So from that sizzle, did you want to show some of the art? Have you got some of the artwork? We can,

Shane ‘Sizzle’ Syddall (11:19):
Yeah, I do actually.

Morgan ‘The’ Quaid (11:21):
Campaign page or somethings

Lauren Marshall (11:22):
Tara, right?

Morgan ‘The’ Quaid (11:24):
Yeah, man.

Shane ‘Sizzle’ Syddall (11:25):
Oh my mouse isn’t working. Hang on.

Morgan ‘The’ Quaid (11:29):
And while we’re doing that, so I’ve

Shane ‘Sizzle’ Syddall (11:31):
Got this

Lauren Marshall (11:32):

Morgan ‘The’ Quaid (11:33):
Yes. Now is that still issue one or no, that’s issue two.

Lauren Marshall (11:38):
No, this is directly, think of it as page 23 from issue one. So it’s literally you finished the last page, you go onto this page and this is the issue two. So the idea behind doing these, while there are single issues at the end, the idea is to be able to combine it all into one arc and then being able to publish it as a graphic novel, but which is going to be interesting with the arc developing. Each of us are sort of levelling up through the months and years, so

Morgan ‘The’ Quaid (12:11):
That’s right.

Kaylene Harris (12:12):
All colouring is just rim lights.

Morgan ‘The’ Quaid (12:20):
So let’s do around the group, we’ll start with you. What is the thing you like most about the story, the artwork, the process? What’s the thing you like most about it?

Kaylene Harris (12:32):
Honestly, it’s just a real treat. Colouring Lauren’s line work in particular, it’s so much more. It gives you this real sense of volume of 3D of form and when I’m colouring my own stuff, my sense of that that comes through in my art is not as strong as Lauren’s. So being able to lay down colours and then decide, okay, so the light’s coming from here and just have it abundantly obvious where all the shadows go, where I can place rim lighting, where I can do all of that, just I love it, it’s beautiful.

Morgan ‘The’ Quaid (13:10):
Wow. And so let’s do a bit of edification as well. Rim lighting, explain that to people

Kaylene Harris (13:21):
In Sci-fi series where they have the light coming from behind the person and it shines the outline of their head. My approach to colouring as of late has been because I’m working on a sci-fi series in my own time has just been to add that to literally everything and it looks really, really, and I love it.

Morgan ‘The’ Quaid (13:40):
Right? So is it like a top light with video production that comes down and anyway, I don’t know what that is. Very awesome. Tanya, what’s the thing that you love most about the project or the comic or anything

Tanya Beeson (13:55):
Aside from the drawings, which really nice Lauren. Yeah, I really like being able to flex my weird and really throw the caution into the wind and come up with some strange ideas and like I was saying earlier, create a bit of a mythology around it, which because I want it to be ethic, I want it to be big and I’m hoping everyone can start seeing that happen with issue two.

Morgan ‘The’ Quaid (14:30):
Yeah, fantastic. Very good. Lauren, what do you like? Is it the hours and hours and hours of work? Is that the thing? Oh yeah,

Lauren Marshall (14:41):
I working five every day. I love it, to be honest. It is a passion project, obviously it’s sort of seeing a character being brought to life, but being working in a collaborative team, like the energy that you get bouncing back and forth from them, something else that’d be cool. It is just like, I know I say go for it to them, but it’s about giving creative freedom and I feel like being able to see that flourish within the two of them and myself is great because I feel like that that’s where the real gold comes from. And I don’t think, I know a lot of people do like to have a lot of creative control over their op stuff and sorry, original character stuff, but I feel like if you are willing to trust someone and they Oh thank you, and then you happy for them to give them feedback without being controlling, I find that the collaboration process and what becomes of it is phenomenal. So what I’ve seen come out so far, it’s just awesome.

Morgan ‘The’ Quaid (15:48):
Cool. Thank you. Cool. Okay, so oh, we’ve got a question. Cool. Okay.

Shane ‘Sizzle’ Syddall (15:59):
Tablet, it’s a bit of a question. Tablets, does everyone work on tablets for their art? They colouring and their story?

Kaylene Harris (16:05):
I’m on a tablet,

Lauren Marshall (16:06):
We’re holding up our pens. There we go. Actually, fun fact, I did all the inking for issue one by hand and found it quite Oh wow. Yeah, I’ve still got all the pages here, but the amount of editing I had to do, it was a lot easier just to do it on the Cintiq, so I don’t think I had a cinque back thing. Anyway, Kayleigh’s joined the Cinque Club

Kaylene Harris (16:29):
Stretch goals for original art.

Lauren Marshall (16:32):
Oh, collect the old scribbles from three years ago. Go for it. Yeah,

Morgan ‘The’ Quaid (16:39):
Absolutely. We might have a gift at the end of this show. You can add to it.

Kaylene Harris (16:45):
Yeah, I was also very, I love Lauren’s traditional line work. There’s so much energy to it, but you can’t use a fill bucket on it. She to digital up, just click. And

Morgan ‘The’ Quaid (17:06):
With any, I mean maybe some people aren’t like this, but I find with any form of art there is this kind of risk reward with how much extra time is it going to take me to do this thing and am I still going to be enthused by it if I do it this certain way? I can imagine that’s the same with pencils and traditional ink and sorry,

Lauren Marshall (17:24):
Finished product is completely different. It just all depends what you want the final product to look like. My inking style traditionally is completely different to my digital style inking. I think you’d be able to tell a lot, but in terms of getting it done, I feel like there’s a lot of pressure for artists to make sequential work, look like cover art or something. And I’ve shot in the foot and already started doing that. But just the level and the quality of work and just not worrying, setting the scene. Awesome. It’s super handy and obviously creates the atmosphere, but trying to get the work done. If you’ve got deadlines, you kind of have to make some sacrifices here and there. Covers and stuff go to town, make absolutely epic. But yeah, when it comes to sequential work, it’s about telling the story and making sure it’s readable and enjoyable.

Kaylene Harris (18:16):

Shane ‘Sizzle’ Syddall (18:17):
Well we’ve got another question come in, and this is by Alex who’s really big on meeting people in person. So he is asking, do you guys meet in person to collab or do you do it all online?

Lauren Marshall (18:29):
Half and half, I guess. Half and half. Let me and Tanya like to get together because we like to do the post-it note trick, which tends to work quite well.

Tanya Beeson (18:37):
I’m not an online chat person because I always come across as angry and aggressive when I’m typing times.

Shane ‘Sizzle’ Syddall (18:45):
Oh yeah, definitely. I’m getting that vibe right now.

Tanya Beeson (18:50):
Face-to-face is always better for me.

Lauren Marshall (18:54):
Yeah, if it’s not face-to-face, its for video call or whatever, but Kaylene, I just usually throw the inks at her and then we catch up for a drink because both our partners know each other. So from years ago we more hang out to eat food and get jolly.

Morgan ‘The’ Quaid (19:12):
Did you, nice. Did you say get jelly? Yeah.

Lauren Marshall (19:15):
Yeah, that’s what alcohol does.

Morgan ‘The’ Quaid (19:17):
Cool. It’s just, it’s a bit of a nice phrase. I haven’t heard in, I don’t know, since the 18th century whip jelly are very good. So we know that you’re all very talented and that you have a certain breadth of skill in terms of creative stuff. So let’s talk a little bit about some of the other extracurricular stuff that you guys are into. So Kaylene, you were talking about web tunes, so you’ve got web comics that we can Yeah,

Kaylene Harris (19:48):
I make one myself called Blue Star Rebellion. I can pull up a little bit of it that nobody else has seen.

Morgan ‘The’ Quaid (19:58):

Shane ‘Sizzle’ Syddall (20:00):

Kaylene Harris (20:01):
But I’m currently working, used to be once every two weeks. It’s probably going to be once every three for a bit while I work through the start of the teaching term and all the other things that I have. But yeah, so I do that and I’m one of the volunteer moderators for the Webtoon forum as well. Oh, okay. Discord thing.

Morgan ‘The’ Quaid (20:26):
Alright. And these are vertical comics. How many kind of panels would you do on an episode I think is the

Kaylene Harris (20:37):
Right term. I try to limit myself to between 18 to 22 if I can. That’s a lot for two weeks and my style’s pretty time intensive, but the one I’m currently working on is 30 panels long. The longest one I’ve ever done that I did manage to get done in two weeks was something like 36. And if you are a professional webtoon creator, if you’re being paid by the company to create their originals, then it’s something like between 40 to 70 panels per week that you’re supposed to be doing. So I need to speed. Wow. A lot. Keep in mind they don’t have full time jobs.

Morgan ‘The’ Quaid (21:21):
Yeah. Wow. That sounds amazing, but also exhausting. That’s a lot of work. Yeah,

Kaylene Harris (21:26):
It’s full on. It’s definitely full on. Especially if you’re working.

Morgan ‘The’ Quaid (21:31):
So blue, I wrote it down, what was it called again?

Kaylene Harris (21:36):
Blue Star Rebellion.

Morgan ‘The’ Quaid (21:38):
Blue Star Rebellion, okay. So people can get on and they can just search Blue Star Rebellion or they can get onto web turn and find it there.

Kaylene Harris (21:46):
Yep. If you type Blue Star Rebellion into Google, it’s the first thing that shows up.

Morgan ‘The’ Quaid (21:50):
Cool. Sweet. All right,

Kaylene Harris (21:53):

Morgan ‘The’ Quaid (21:53):
Question Tanya. So animation you say, I hear you say tell us a bit about your history with animation and Yeah.

Tanya Beeson (22:04):
Okay. A little bit of history with animation. I always aspired to be an animator as I was growing up, so I’m going back that far apparently. And it was kind of known that there was no Jamba opportunities in that area. So I went out and got various jobs and I came across a news report while my auntie came across a news report and knowing that I draw a lot and sent it to me saying that the Film and Television institute in Fremantle, which isn’t there anymore, it’s all been taken down. So they had an animation programme. So I got into that, got involved and I’ve been working on animation projects and teaching animation ever since, which has been really good. Yeah.

Morgan ‘The’ Quaid (23:13):
Cool. And what style of animation do you like most or artwork do you like most?

Tanya Beeson (23:21):
Okay, well in terms of style of animation, I’m a big fan of the Euro Classic 1950s, Warner Brothers, Chuck Jones stuff. That’s my, I love that. Really punchy and nice, but I’ll watch most animations. I tend to go more for quirky and rather than long-winded, I like my tunes to be tunes really. If there’s a coyote being flattened by a boulder, that’s the kind of jam I’m really behind. But in terms of my own work, mostly it’s just client stuff and advertising and small amounts of commercial work, designs of characters for various things and little web animations, nothing stand out. My style of sketches you can find on one woman’s ego on Instagram now. So yes, and you can follow me that, but now that I can put stuff on it,

Morgan ‘The’ Quaid (24:35):
Sorry, I’m just writing that down because you might not know this, but I’m big on the Instagram game. I’m not really that big, but I’m on Instagram, so yeah. Very cool. Alright, go on Instagram. Very cool. Very cool. Young Lauren. So aside from Lana Luca, we know that you do a lot of other artwork and other projects. What’s something, it’s up to you. You can either just tell us anything that you would like or maybe something you haven’t shared before A project.

Lauren Marshall (25:10):

Morgan ‘The’ Quaid (25:11):
Sorry. Sorry. I got excited.

Lauren Marshall (25:16):
Actually, my full-time job is actually as an illustrator and sales as well. So I work for a company called Short Batch Printing in Rockingham wa, and we do hand screen printing on shirts for a lot of breweries, gyms, stuff like that. So if a client comes to us and they want some kind of cool design on a shirt or I do a lot of beer labels, stuff like that, like custom illustration of beer cans and stuff. But I think I’ve got, I do can label stuff like that, full illustrations on those.

I’ve done a few of them here and there. Cool. But I think a lot of people think that if you’re going to stick with comics, you’ve got to do comics, but no, use your talents to make the money somewhere. So expand out. Other than that, yeah, other than that, I’m just trying to get LADA done and chilling out for a little bit. I’ve always been so full on, I do have an issue for coming out in April, so what’s due in April, but it’s coming out later, so I’ll be doing four pages for that for Comex. And then I’ve also got another issue of Bolt to do later on. So that’s pretty much me for the year. I’m trying to keep it lowkey and hopefully if we’re lucky, another issue of Lana by the end of the year.

Morgan ‘The’ Quaid (26:42):

Shane ‘Sizzle’ Syddall (26:43):

Morgan ‘The’ Quaid (26:45):
Just low key, just four projects.

Lauren Marshall (26:46):
Yeah, I’m not going to put it in writing, I’m just saying maybe it might happen.

Shane ‘Sizzle’ Syddall (26:52):
Maybe big, maybe. Fair enough. It would be

Tanya Beeson (26:55):
Great to be able to do Lana once every month or once every couple of months.

Shane ‘Sizzle’ Syddall (27:01):
That’d be very,

Morgan ‘The’ Quaid (27:04):
Yeah, it always comes down to the, that pesky artwork takes so long to do.

Shane ‘Sizzle’ Syddall (27:12):
But there is one more project that we must mention. I love this project, I love this project.

Lauren Marshall (27:22):
So this is actually one

Shane ‘Sizzle’ Syddall (27:23):
Of the

Lauren Marshall (27:25):
Back at one of the reward tiers that you can get. So my husband and I invested in a resin 3D printer and I got this commissioned to be done, got 3D bottled. So this is actually one of the rewards that you can get little p, sorry, resin statue. Yeah, I’ve got here little one. These ones are unpr, so they’ll come primed black and you can paint them if you want to paint them, but they’re pretty much just more of a collector’s item and we hand print them here and so they’re made with love and a lot of time.

Shane ‘Sizzle’ Syddall (28:01):
And I’ll proudly say I backed that one because I got it as a gift for my partner.

Lauren Marshall (28:05):
Oh, awesome.

Morgan ‘The’ Quaid (28:08):
Are you going to paint it? Sizzle going to get

Shane ‘Sizzle’ Syddall (28:11):
In with I’m not going to risk ruining it. No, no, that’s not going to happen.

Lauren Marshall (28:15):
Just prime it again. You’ll be right.

Morgan ‘The’ Quaid (28:19):
I had the same thought. Anytime I try and do eyeballs on miniatures or something, just no. Oh no, he’s dead. He looks like a zombie. Just can’t do it. All right, so couple of extra questions. What is your favourite type of protagonist or villain? What do you like in a hero or a villain? Exactly. And we’ll go around to everyone, so I’ll give you a bit of time to think about it. So as a surprise, I’m going to throw it a sizzle. Sizzle. What are you like in a villain or a hero?

Shane ‘Sizzle’ Syddall (28:58):
Villain or a hero? We go on the full spectrum there are we? Well,

Morgan ‘The’ Quaid (29:02):
You can pick one. Just pick one just to give the ladies some time to think and to make you uncomfortable because thrown you a question you weren’t expecting.

Shane ‘Sizzle’ Syddall (29:09):
Yeah, you throw me a question when I was reading, so I wasn’t expecting it at all.

Morgan ‘The’ Quaid (29:15):
Let’s go villain. What’s your favourite villain? What do you like in a villain?

Shane ‘Sizzle’ Syddall (29:20):
Well, what I like is where, well, I’ll say who my favourite villain is. It’s Magneto out of the X-Men. And what I like about him is he’s a villain, but there’s a part of you that sort of goes, is he right? What makes him bad? Is he really that bad? Is he just stepping over a line just slightly and that’s what makes him a bad guy or is he actually fully bad? I like that it’s not clear. Cut

Morgan ‘The’ Quaid (29:52):
You like a bit of grey.

Shane ‘Sizzle’ Syddall (29:54):
Yeah, I like a lot of grey.

Morgan ‘The’ Quaid (29:56):
Cool. Thank you sir. What do you like? Either a hero or a villain? You can pick which one you want.

Kaylene Harris (30:04):
I’ll go with villain and I’m similar to SI like a good villain redemption story, and so my favourite villain of all time is Prince Zuko from Avatar, the Last Airbender. So I love seeing someone who’s misguided, who is selfish, who just doesn’t quite understand why what they’re doing is wrong or hasn’t really thought about it or what have you. Coming to terms with the fact that they were very mistaken and then figuring out how to right some of the wrongs that they’ve done. I really, really enjoy that in a villain. But obviously if you’re going to do that with one of your villains, you’re going to need a bigger villain to back that up. So the story has somewhere to go. So the thing that I like about a big villain when it doesn’t get redeemed is just having a really good motive, having a believable motive and a believable personality to back that up. So be it, they’re narcissistic or be it they’re just very puritanical and misguided, but they don’t come around that, that kind of thing. Make them people then make them evil.

Morgan ‘The’ Quaid (31:19):
Nice, nice. Okay. Tanya? Either a villain or a hero, your

Tanya Beeson (31:24):
Choice. Okay. I’m just going to go with villain as well, but I like my villains to be iconic and Machiavellian giants and very big. So Darth Vader is that kind of mythic villain and if they had any complexity to them, I kind of like my villains to be a little bit goofy as well. So characters like Hades from Disney, Hercules. Oh,

Lauren Marshall (31:57):
That’s a

Shane ‘Sizzle’ Syddall (31:58):
Good one. Oh yeah,

Morgan ‘The’ Quaid (32:01):
Right, very good. Okay, we’re four for five on villains, so

Lauren Marshall (32:07):
Mine’s a bit of a mixed bag though. I’m going to say hero, but where it’s a bit grey as well. So think like the mask that kind of snap stick and he’s just doing whatever he wants to do, but is he really doing the right thing? You don’t actually know that sort of stuff. I like the bit of complexity there.

Morgan ‘The’ Quaid (32:32):
Right. Very cool. Okay, so you all have a villain or a hero in mind, so we might as well, I normally ask this question about the story, but I think we’re going to either run out of characters or it’ll just be too difficult. So with the villain that you have in mind, standard question that for some reason we always ask if you are in a car going through the McDonald’s drive through, they’re in the back backseat, what are they going to order? Yes, it’s a stellar question with lots

Shane ‘Sizzle’ Syddall (33:03):
Of, it’s a stellar question.

Morgan ‘The’ Quaid (33:05):
It’s what the fans want.

Tanya Beeson (33:08):
It doesn’t matter because what Hades will have is he’ll be annoyed with everyone else’s order.

Morgan ‘The’ Quaid (33:17):
So he’s just going to wait until everyone else gets their food and then start in on them. Yeah. Okay. Very good. Kaleen, I can’t remember which. Oh, the Airbender dude.

Kaylene Harris (33:29):
Yeah, prince Zuko. Yeah, crown Prince to the fire nation. He would, I don’t know, does McDonald’s do spicy nuggets? I feel like he would like spicy food.

Shane ‘Sizzle’ Syddall (33:41):
They do now. Damn it

Lauren Marshall (33:44):
I have before. It’s like a limited thing, so got to keep it.

Kaylene Harris (33:49):
Yeah. Yeah.

Tanya Beeson (33:51):
Luca Happy Meals.

Lauren Marshall (33:52):
Oh yeah.

Morgan ‘The’ Quaid (33:55):
Get that cross selling stuff going on. Lauren. I don’t know how the hell are you going to answer for the mask. But

Lauren Marshall (34:04):
You know that scene where she comes out the door, he’s like awful house landlord comes out and his eyeballs spit out at her and his tongue goes everywhere. He’d probably just do that into the voice box I would imagine.

Shane ‘Sizzle’ Syddall (34:21):

Lauren Marshall (34:21):
And smash it with a dry hammer. That’s just how steal all the chicken nuggets.

Shane ‘Sizzle’ Syddall (34:27):
Hammer. Excellent answer.

Morgan ‘The’ Quaid (34:30):
Sil, what did you, I can’t remember what you said. Mag Magneto? Yeah.

Shane ‘Sizzle’ Syddall (34:37):
Anything with metal in it, I guess. So what’s high and iron? Iron. That’d be a Quarter Pounder

Lauren Marshall (34:48):
Flying out door.

Morgan ‘The’ Quaid (34:51):
Anything with metal in it would be good. Goodness me. Okay. Thank you for indulging me in that one. So what, either dream job or if there’s someone in the industry or any industry related to creative arts, who would be your dream to work with on a project or work for on a project you may go in any order that you wish.

Tanya Beeson (35:21):
Oh, can I just start with this? Because two of the people that I idolise as artists, drew Stren and Larry Elmore have both recently retired and I’d to be able to work with them. No. Yeah, so those two would be great. The two of my favourite artists. So everyone’s looking up who they are.

Morgan ‘The’ Quaid (36:00):
They might come out of retirement for a special one-off something, you never know.

Tanya Beeson (36:04):
Yes. But in terms of comics? In terms of comics, I really liked Tom Grommet’s run on 90 Superboy Boy.

Morgan ‘The’ Quaid (36:15):
Oh, okay. I’m unfamiliar, but comics is still relatively new to me, so I have an excuse. Very good. Okay, who else would like to,

Lauren Marshall (36:30):
Okay, Kaylee,

Kaylene Harris (36:31):
You got this. Yeah. The one thing that I want to dedicate my time to more than anything in my life is just telling my stories. I’ve got so many stories of all based in the same massive extended universe in my head. So if there was one thing that I would absolutely love, it would be to for any one of those. But I’ll go with Blue Star Rebellion because it’s the only one I’m making at the moment to become a web tune original so I could get paid to make it and make it full time and not have to do anything else. No more teaching.

Morgan ‘The’ Quaid (37:11):
Wow. Well that’s not beyond the realm of possibility, that’s a thing.

Kaylene Harris (37:18):
It happens to a lot of people. I’m not holding my breath. I want to try to monetize it on my own, but it would be amazing.

Morgan ‘The’ Quaid (37:27):
Wow. Yeah. Fantastic. All right, Lauren, what do you reckon?

Lauren Marshall (37:34):
Well, the animator inside of me, I would, even if I had just a day with would be Glen Keane, Disney Animator, very stuff is very recognisable. You’ll see it. Yeah. In terms of a comic thing, I’ve always wanted to do a turtle cover or a Sonic, the hedgehog cover I would actually really like to do just because Sonic was probably one of the first characters I learned how to draw off my heart and these simple shapes, and you can play with him quite a lot, which is awesome. And I think just having the freedom to be able to create, I guess I just feel like if you’re stuck in a box, that would suck and just still have that freedom.

Morgan ‘The’ Quaid (38:24):
Yeah. What was that? Something just made a noise.

Lauren Marshall (38:28):
Just the body in my cupboard.

Morgan ‘The’ Quaid (38:30):
Well keep them under wraps. It’s fine. It’s hear sirens we’ll be, right. So I was going to ask the next question and then that thing happened and the question went out of my head, which is, ah, how is that? All right, we are going to have to, there you go. Another fan of Sonic. So cil, did you want to ask your patented one question for the whole show?

Shane ‘Sizzle’ Syddall (39:07):
I patented one question.

Morgan ‘The’ Quaid (39:08):
Well, yeah, the deal where I asked 95 questions and you ask one, but in fairness you run the technology and all that sort of stuff, so it’s a fair deal. But did you want to ask a question or you can take a pass if you want while I think of the question I was going to ask.

Shane ‘Sizzle’ Syddall (39:26):
Oh wow. Okay. I love it when you put me on the spotlight. This is awesome. I have nothing prepared.

Morgan ‘The’ Quaid (39:31):
It’s every week, dude. It’s every

Shane ‘Sizzle’ Syddall (39:33):
Week. I know it’s every week and I still forget. I have to have one question and I forget every week

Morgan ‘The’ Quaid (39:40):
Really late in the piece. So you’ve got heaps

Shane ‘Sizzle’ Syddall (39:42):
Time. I think my question is why do you get me to ask questions, Morgan? Seriously? No,

Lauren Marshall (39:55):
To entertain Sizzle.

Shane ‘Sizzle’ Syddall (39:57):
To entertain. Yes. Well, what would you say is, what’s the word I’m looking for? Any snippets of information about the second one that you haven’t told or you have told or we should know to really draw people into

Lauren Marshall (40:17):

Shane ‘Sizzle’ Syddall (40:18):
A second issue. Alana? Yes.

Lauren Marshall (40:22):
I think we mentioned in the drink and draw, but somebody didn’t catch that. There is a page that’s on the Kickstarter that kind of is a little sneak peek into the expanding story kind of creates, it’s a whole different vibe as well because the colour palette is completely different to what you would see. I mean it looks, the palette’s the same, but it’s not the same. It’s creating a different vibe. So that particular page is a good peek into where the story will go.

Shane ‘Sizzle’ Syddall (40:55):
And so go to the link below people, because that page is on the

Lauren Marshall (40:58):
Show You back as well or share just if you don’t have the

Shane ‘Sizzle’ Syddall (41:03):
Share, share away. Come on, get in there, throw it in there.

Morgan ‘The’ Quaid (41:07):
Even a cool, a cool, if you support us, you’ll get a comment book out it.

Shane ‘Sizzle’ Syddall (41:13):
Hey, there you go. Awesome.

Lauren Marshall (41:17):
But yeah, that’s pretty much like we don’t want to give away too much because obviously they’re only 22 page issues, so there’s content in there that might slip up. But I think, yeah, that particular page is sort of like what’s going on because there was nothing that related to it in the first issue.

Morgan ‘The’ Quaid (41:34):
This is, yeah, I

Shane ‘Sizzle’ Syddall (41:35):
Know the one you’re talking about because of it, because it’s so different than everything. I was like, is this the same comic? Wow,

Morgan ‘The’ Quaid (41:41):
It’s such a cool page. I wanted to draw one of the figures in there, but I got a bit scared so I ended up not going to give it a try. And I just thought, oh no,

Lauren Marshall (41:51):
I think someone mentioned it. It had Monkey Island vibes and I was like, I That’s kind of, I love that.

Shane ‘Sizzle’ Syddall (41:58):
I can’t even think of that.

Morgan ‘The’ Quaid (42:00):
Wow. Oh, we got a question.

Shane ‘Sizzle’ Syddall (42:03):
We do.

Kaylene Harris (42:06):
Oh, if we can get out of state,

Lauren Marshall (42:12):

Tanya Beeson (42:13):
For everyone who runs a con, you pull out WA

Shane ‘Sizzle’ Syddall (42:24):
That angry. There’s been

Lauren Marshall (42:28):
A couple of little cons here and there was that Pop-up one when Supernova got cancelled last year was

Shane ‘Sizzle’ Syddall (42:35):
A, I remember hearing about that one.

Lauren Marshall (42:37):
The comic art festival was really good, but Ala ComicCon has already cancelled March before even opening it up two applications. So that’s not happening in March anymore

Kaylene Harris (42:51):
Just now.

Lauren Marshall (42:52):
Yeah. And super. No, our doubt will come either. So we’ll probably wait until next year if

Shane ‘Sizzle’ Syddall (42:59):
It happens

Morgan ‘The’ Quaid (43:01):
2023, the year,

Tanya Beeson (43:09):
As soon as it happens, we’ll be there and we’ll be as a group. So we’re already planning

Shane ‘Sizzle’ Syddall (43:14):
It. Oh, awesome.

Morgan ‘The’ Quaid (43:16):
Oh cool. Okay. Final question. The most anticipated question of the night. We all know it’s coming. Oh

Shane ‘Sizzle’ Syddall (43:22):

Morgan ‘The’ Quaid (43:23):
Favourite food watching? Favourite movie? What is it? Go Kaylene.

Kaylene Harris (43:35):
I don’t have a favourite food. I love too many different ones. I don’t know. Are we going? Sweet? Are we’re going savoury?

Lauren Marshall (43:44):
Yeah, let’s go savoury. Well,

Shane ‘Sizzle’ Syddall (43:46):
I guess we can rephrase it. What’s your favourite food to eat when watching your favourite movie?

Kaylene Harris (43:52):
Copious amounts of chocolate.

Shane ‘Sizzle’ Syddall (43:54):
Nice. Do

Kaylene Harris (43:58):
Love are really, really nice. They’re those Indian sweets that are covered in basically sugar syrup with rose water and cardamom. Oh wow. So that and just, yeah, sitting and watching. I don’t really have a favourite movie either. I’m bad at picking favourites anything, but let’s go Gulab German while watching Kiki’s Delivery service.

Lauren Marshall (44:28):
Nice. That’s a good mix.

Tanya Beeson (44:31):
Remind me to show you my hat and my bag at some point.

Morgan ‘The’ Quaid (44:39):
Okay, so Tanya, favourite food watching? Favourite film, tv, whatever. Well,

Tanya Beeson (44:46):
Okay, the favourite film TV is different, but favourite film, big Trouble in Little China Classic. And the food would be an awesomely hot chilli on nachos.

Shane ‘Sizzle’ Syddall (45:09):
Hell yeah, an

Morgan ‘The’ Quaid (45:10):
Explosive combination.

Shane ‘Sizzle’ Syddall (45:13):
That was awesome answer. You knew about this question. You knew

Morgan ‘The’ Quaid (45:17):
I had one. You were prepared. A little bit of an aside, I have spoken with the Lightning Badie guy from that movie. I had a meeting with him about something previously, so I’ve met that guy and yeah,

Tanya Beeson (45:38):
His character seems like,

Morgan ‘The’ Quaid (45:40):
Yes, it was a simpler time. Very

Tanya Beeson (45:43):

Shane ‘Sizzle’ Syddall (45:44):

Tanya Beeson (45:46):
Don’t even give you characters names, your villain’s names. Just give them the characteristics. Yeah.

Morgan ‘The’ Quaid (45:51):
Batty face person. Lauren, we’ve already asked this with you last time, but any answer is fine.

Lauren Marshall (45:59):
It’s changed. I’m going to go with hot, hot chips fresh out of the oven or watered obviously. And Wayne’s World one and two.

Shane ‘Sizzle’ Syddall (46:09):

Morgan ‘The’ Quaid (46:10):

Shane ‘Sizzle’ Syddall (46:11):
Very cool.

Morgan ‘The’ Quaid (46:13):
That’s a good combination. Now I’m hungry again.

Shane ‘Sizzle’ Syddall (46:18):
Thank you very

Morgan ‘The’ Quaid (46:19):
Much. Alright, so we’re now at the gift section of the night. I

Shane ‘Sizzle’ Syddall (46:25):
Hang my head in shame.

Morgan ‘The’ Quaid (46:28):
We have a slightly smaller gift this time, but no less important until you see it. So it was always a bit flat out this week, so he didn’t get a chance to do it because he’s slack. Yeah,

Shane ‘Sizzle’ Syddall (46:42):
Because he’s slack.

Morgan ‘The’ Quaid (46:43):

Shane ‘Sizzle’ Syddall (46:44):
Very slack.

Morgan ‘The’ Quaid (46:45):
So we only have one for you. And this is my effort. I’ll remind you. 10 minutes, no sketching, just draw it from what you see.

Shane ‘Sizzle’ Syddall (46:57):
And I break that rule every time I do it, but here we go,

Morgan ‘The’ Quaid (47:06):

Tanya Beeson (47:08):
I love that. Very cold,

Lauren Marshall (47:11):
Big cigar.

Morgan ‘The’ Quaid (47:12):
Cigar. That’s not his finger. Cigar just,

Shane ‘Sizzle’ Syddall (47:15):
Oh, it’s a cigar. Okay. I got

Lauren Marshall (47:17):
Cigar. I pulling the finger trying to,

Shane ‘Sizzle’ Syddall (47:22):
I thought I did well.

Tanya Beeson (47:23):
The wrong finger. I like his jawline. Yeah, you

Lauren Marshall (47:27):
Got the jawline like,

Morgan ‘The’ Quaid (47:29):
Can I tell you where I started? I started with the dual line and then it just went wrong from there and everything kept getting worse. And then I went to the top of his head and I thought that head’s wrong. And then I ran out of paper anyway

Shane ‘Sizzle’ Syddall (47:43):
To distract everyone that I was slack. I brought this in, this wasn’t me. I did everything I meant to. Thanks Alex.

Morgan ‘The’ Quaid (47:55):
Animations. Alright, cool. Well thank you all very much. Is there anything final that you would like to say other than get out there? People back the campaign. Let’s get it over the line. Anything else you’d like to say before we go?

Lauren Marshall (48:09):
Just probably a huge appreciation not only to these fantastic women that I’ve been working with, but just everybody that’s been supporting it this time round has just been phenomenal. So super big appreciation and really grateful for everybody who’s jumping on board. And I can’t wait until we get this issue

Lauren Marshall (48:26):
Out in your hands because we can get story going, which is all we waiting for.

Shane ‘Sizzle’ Syddall (48:31):

Morgan ‘The’ Quaid (48:32):

Shane ‘Sizzle’ Syddall (48:33):
Let’s get together and celebrate in six days time. Yes.

Morgan ‘The’ Quaid (48:37):
Yeah, six days get in support.

Shane ‘Sizzle’ Syddall (48:41):

Morgan ‘The’ Quaid (48:43):
All right. Well thank you all very much. It’s been a pleasure talking with you all. Thank very much. And now we’re onto the review section and I shudder to think, did we? I reviewed something.

Shane ‘Sizzle’ Syddall (49:00):
Oh, you did? I did out yet. We got to do the video first. Hang on. I got to find it. Alright, thank you very much for coming on guys.

Lauren Marshall (49:07):
Thank you guys.

Shane ‘Sizzle’ Syddall (49:09):
I’m really looking forward to Al Luca too, and I’m really looking forward to the little statue that’s fricking awesome. And yeah, thanks for coming on and have a great night guys.

Lauren Marshall (49:21):
Thanks guys.

Shane ‘Sizzle’ Syddall (49:23):
Bye. Sees and I am being slow again,

Morgan ‘The’ Quaid (49:37):

Shane ‘Sizzle’ Syddall (49:38):
That was awesome.

Morgan ‘The’ Quaid (49:40):
That was pretty cool. Hey, hang on. I’m just going to refocus.

Shane ‘Sizzle’ Syddall (49:43):
I thought you were trying to high five me. I’m like, yeah,

Morgan ‘The’ Quaid (49:46):
Five. You want to focus on my face because it doesn’t want to, that’s to you camera. So one thing that I wanted to raise, I’ve only just noticed it. We’ve been doing this show now, this is like our eighth show or something since it came back.

Shane ‘Sizzle’ Syddall (50:02):
I’m not sure, but yes,

Morgan ‘The’ Quaid (50:03):
I spelled my own name wrong on the intro credit.

Shane ‘Sizzle’ Syddall (50:08):
Are you serious? Yeah.

Morgan ‘The’ Quaid (50:11):
So I’ve got to go back and fix that because I’ve put an I where there is no I and I think it’s more gain. It’s not even the surname, it’s the, anyway,

Shane ‘Sizzle’ Syddall (50:24):
Is it Morgan? I didn’t even notice

Morgan ‘The’ Quaid (50:26):
That. I think it’s more gain. Yeah. Instead of

Shane ‘Sizzle’ Syddall (50:29):
More gain. Okay. Well yeah, more gain. What

Morgan ‘The’ Quaid (50:34):

Shane ‘Sizzle’ Syddall (50:34):
You review this week? More gain.

Morgan ‘The’ Quaid (50:36):
Well, I reviewed something that I didn’t even realise who wrote this particular piece. Oh,

Shane ‘Sizzle’ Syddall (50:47):

Morgan ‘The’ Quaid (50:50):
Dead or alive. So let me, oh, here we go.

Shane ‘Sizzle’ Syddall (50:57):

Morgan ‘The’ Quaid (50:58):
Artworks and such. Look at that. So, oh yeah,

Shane ‘Sizzle’ Syddall (51:04):

Morgan ‘The’ Quaid (51:05):
Fantastic. So Hayden, Hayden Spar, and Ben Sullivan. So Ben did the artwork. Hayden did the writing. I didn’t realise Hayden wrote this one.

Shane ‘Sizzle’ Syddall (51:15):
Yeah, neither I That’s cool. Yeah,

Morgan ‘The’ Quaid (51:18):
Yeah, it’s really, really cool. It’s a really cool story. The artwork’s fantastic. It’s your kind of classic western sort of story, but with some dark, I dunno, pseudo lovecraftian sort of themes underneath it. So there’s some dark stuff going on that you don’t really get it, you just get hints of them in issue one. But I’m thinking that in further issues there’ll probably be more that comes out. What I like most about this is I like the writing and that it’s not predictable. So it goes down certain paths that you think, oh yeah, it’s a Western, it’s going to have this sort of thing. And I like the way that the main character and the kind of heroin that’s part of the story. They don’t act in the way that you’re expecting them necessarily to act, which is really, really cool.

Yeah. So it’s just really, really, I like it. Just a nice take. And the way that it’s sort of put together, the story put together, it’s nice to read something that you’re familiar with but you don’t know how it’s going to end. That’s really, really nice. And I am a sucker for anything with underlying supernatural or dark kind of themes. And that is definitely here hinted at, but it just doesn’t quite get to it through this part of the story. So I can’t wait for the next sort of instalments to see what happens. So yeah, that was my read of the week. Read of the week. We don’t have a thing for that. That’s not even a thing. I thought

Shane ‘Sizzle’ Syddall (52:55):
You were saying read it and weep.

Morgan ‘The’ Quaid (52:58):
No, sorry. Read of the week.

Shane ‘Sizzle’ Syddall (53:02):
Read of the week. Don’t worry about me, I’m half deaf. It’s all good.

Morgan ‘The’ Quaid (53:05):
Comic review fun times. There you go. So that’s me. Very good. The artwork. I can see

Shane ‘Sizzle’ Syddall (53:12):
My, now you can see my portal. I didn’t realise that. I’m just looking in the camera. You can see my portal as we like to call it in the drink and draw the magic portal that the comics come out of for the show. Let’s see if I grabbed the right one. I did.

Morgan ‘The’ Quaid (53:25):
Oh, it’s out.

Shane ‘Sizzle’ Syddall (53:27):
This is me being cheeky. Very, very cheeky because this is a proof.

Morgan ‘The’ Quaid (53:33):
I was going to say it’s not out yet.

Shane ‘Sizzle’ Syddall (53:35):
It’s not out yet. It’s not out yet. I’m being very cheeky and promoting a book that we’ll be out in the next week or so. Probably maybe a bit longer. It’s hard to tell. It’s whenever the printer scheduled, whenever the post can get it to people and all that sort of jazz. So I probably shouldn’t say a week or so. It’s probably more than that. But yes, this is Comex Studios first issue of Battle for Bustle.

Morgan ‘The’ Quaid (54:05):
I love that cover so much.

Shane ‘Sizzle’ Syddall (54:07):
There it is there. But yeah, so that’s why I’ve got a proof. That’s the only reason I’ve got a proof. I’m not special in some way that I’m getting proofs from other people’s comics. And

Morgan ‘The’ Quaid (54:18):
I think you are. So

Shane ‘Sizzle’ Syddall (54:19):
I got to read this, I got to read this and I loved it. Let’s full screen it so I can show off some of the arts. Let’s get the camera. We,

Morgan ‘The’ Quaid (54:29):
Here we go. Wow. Oh nice. So cool.

Shane ‘Sizzle’ Syddall (54:41):
Lovely. But yeah, so this one’s continuing the story for anyone else who’s read one, two, and three. There is the cover character. Hang on, I’ll bring it back down. So my ugly mug isn’t filling the screen. Whose name I keep forgetting how to pronounce. There’s Hanson who’s a big favourite. He’s one with lots of guns. That’s it. I always have to look it up to remember what her name is. I dunno if I’m spoiling it by saying that she’s a she. I dunno if you’re meant to know that. Sorry. If I spoiled the thing,

Morgan ‘The’ Quaid (55:21):
We’ll just forget you said that and

Shane ‘Sizzle’ Syddall (55:23):
Just forget I said that. But Iki is this cool person.

Morgan ‘The’ Quaid (55:30):
Good cover. Yeah, everyone, you’re sweet. You’re going.

Shane ‘Sizzle’ Syddall (55:34):
Everyone miss what I said before. Wipe it from your minds. People wipe it from your minds and with really cool swords. I’ll see if I can find a page with the swords because you can’t quite see it in the cover. And I’m taking way too long to find swords. No, I’m not doing it. And they’re like jagged. They look like they do some serious damage. If you got hit by one, that’s for sure. You can sort of see in here in the corner is the swords. See how it’s got the serrated edge type thing? Oh,

Morgan ‘The’ Quaid (56:08):
That’s a sword. Okay. Yeah, that’s

Shane ‘Sizzle’ Syddall (56:10):
A sword. I

Morgan ‘The’ Quaid (56:11):
Thought it was part of Hand is

Shane ‘Sizzle’ Syddall (56:13):
Covered. It’s two swords. One either side covered in blood.

Morgan ‘The’ Quaid (56:17):
And that’s corn syrup is it? Or jam.

Shane ‘Sizzle’ Syddall (56:21):
Oh yeah, corn syrup, jam. What’s a jam? She’s

Morgan ‘The’ Quaid (56:24):

Shane ‘Sizzle’ Syddall (56:25):
Person. The person it attacked a,

Morgan ‘The’ Quaid (56:31):
It’s a robot. I think I heard it was a robot there. Lots of robots in this issue. Lots of

Shane ‘Sizzle’ Syddall (56:36):
Robots in this one.

Morgan ‘The’ Quaid (56:38):

Shane ‘Sizzle’ Syddall (56:40):
But it’s a great issue. It’s a great continuation of story. If you like Lee’s art or love it like I do, it’s more and more and you can actually see, I believe Lee took a long time to draw these. Some of the art in the other books were from many, many, many moons ago. They’re not recently drawn. So you can actually see his art improving with each issue. So that’s pretty cool. And just the way he draws stuff is just so cool.

But it’s not just that the story, I love the story. It’s that whole, if you’ve read one, two, and three, you know about the pedestrians and that Christopher has started some sort of movement when he attacks that person who, I forget what he’s called, but he’s higher up in the ranks on a pedestrian in society and his attack is filmed and, sorry, his, what do you call it? His arrest is filmed and he just becomes a bit of a hero. And this is all about a secret movement that’s been hiding outside the pedestrian’s town, outside of Bussell rescuing him and the process of getting him where he needs to go so that he can hopefully, I’m guessing this is where it’s going so he can get this movement really happening and get the pedestrians, the lower people in society back. I don’t know. I don’t know if that’s where it’s going, but that’s where I’m guessing it’s going. I dunno how else these people are helping him, but Hanson’s helping him and this is the guy with a million guns and a million hands and he’s awesome character. It’s just, well a million might be a little too much, but he’s got a lot of hands. They all have a gun in them.

Morgan ‘The’ Quaid (58:31):
People don’t need to read it now. They can just listen to your explanation of the series

Shane ‘Sizzle’ Syddall (58:36):
And then, well I didn’t

Morgan ‘The’ Quaid (58:38):

Shane ‘Sizzle’ Syddall (58:40):
Well you dunno what happens in this series at all. I didn’t say anything that happened in this issue except that people had rescued him and that was in the previous issue that they actually did that.

Morgan ‘The’ Quaid (58:49):
And there is,

Shane ‘Sizzle’ Syddall (58:50):
I didn’t give away

Morgan ‘The’ Quaid (58:51):
Swords. That could

Shane ‘Sizzle’ Syddall (58:53):
Be the only thing I gave away is there’s a person with swords in this. That’s the only thing I gave away. The cover gives that away. So I’m just talking about the cover. I totally went off on an angle there.

Morgan ‘The’ Quaid (59:05):
You got to give him a tease. I

Shane ‘Sizzle’ Syddall (59:05):
Gave no taste. I gave no taste just to hook them. No teases. I talked about the old issues because I’ve read them more thoroughly.

Morgan ‘The’ Quaid (59:15):
Very good.

Shane ‘Sizzle’ Syddall (59:17):
No, but that’s really cool. It’s coming out soon. But yeah, I’m pretty happy that I’ve got a proof already, so I’m just going to show that off. Ha ha ha ha ha. In your face, everyone else. So yeah, very mature of me.

Morgan ‘The’ Quaid (59:31):
Very good. And I will save my shameless self-promotion to next week.

Shane ‘Sizzle’ Syddall (59:38):
Oh nice. Well actually no, let’s not. Let’s, let’s do a shameless ocion right now with What about script rebellion, whiplash? Which one would you like?

Morgan ‘The’ Quaid (59:50):
Whatever you want. Picky poison

Shane ‘Sizzle’ Syddall (59:51):
Whiplash sounds interesting.

Voice Over (59:56):
It starts with a knock on my door at 3:00 AM Ginger and Man Mountain are standing there giving me the stink eye, like I’m supposed to know who the hell they are. The little guy says something about Giant wanting to bring me in and then it all gets a little too real,

Morgan ‘The’ Quaid (01:00:57):
Joan. Yeah,

Shane ‘Sizzle’ Syddall (01:00:58):
That’s an actual book, isn’t it?

Morgan ‘The’ Quaid (01:01:00):
That’s a book. The reason I had to put the book with the text there at the end is so people don’t think it’s a comic because there is a comic coming, but I don’t want to release it until issue two is ready. So it’s still in the pipeline, so I don’t want people buying it and then thinking what’s with all words? It’s a novel.

Shane ‘Sizzle’ Syddall (01:01:16):
I just want to point that out.

Morgan ‘The’ Quaid (01:01:18):
It’s a novel for anyone

Shane ‘Sizzle’ Syddall (01:01:19):
Who might have been because there’s a lot of pictures there, so it makes you think,

Morgan ‘The’ Quaid (01:01:24):
Yes, I had all of those pictures commissioned just for a novel because why not? It’s a three in the series. That will be out this year. One’s out, there’s another two coming and there’s another one probably next year. I don’t know how many there’s going to be in there. But anyway, they’re books. They’re different to comics, but there’s also a Kickstarter coming out next month. But we can talk about that next week.

Shane ‘Sizzle’ Syddall (01:01:50):
And I’m just going to go back to this one.

Morgan ‘The’ Quaid (01:01:52):
Where would they go to buy that, do you think? Where

Shane ‘Sizzle’ Syddall (01:01:54):
Would they go to buy that? Well, at the moment you can get a PDF.

Morgan ‘The’ Quaid (01:02:14):
Yeah, man, there’s

Shane ‘Sizzle’ Syddall (01:02:15):
An echo there.

Morgan ‘The’ Quaid (01:02:17):
Was there?

Shane ‘Sizzle’ Syddall (01:02:18):
Yeah, it might be my end. Oh, it’s gone now.

Morgan ‘The’ Quaid (01:02:24):
Or it was me just saying the same thing as you.

Shane ‘Sizzle’ Syddall (01:02:27):
Oh, maybe that’s what it was. No, I could hear my voice, but I can’t now. It’s weird

Morgan ‘The’ Quaid (01:02:32):
Ghost. It could

Shane ‘Sizzle’ Syddall (01:02:33):
Just be a thing in my ear, a bug repeating a demon. Maybe it’s a little guy who sits on my shoulder. Yeah, demon on the shoulder. And then there’s a worst demon on the shoulder and they give me advice.

Morgan ‘The’ Quaid (01:02:49):

Shane ‘Sizzle’ Syddall (01:02:49):
Sometimes I listen to the demon, sometimes I listen to the worst demon.

Morgan ‘The’ Quaid (01:02:53):
So yes. Well, that’s what conscience is all about.

Shane ‘Sizzle’ Syddall (01:02:57):
Yes, definitely. Cool. Well thanks Morgan for an awesome show. Thank you for covering my ars and telling, asking lots of questions and having the audacity to draw something when I forgot to. How dare you. How dare you bastard.

Morgan ‘The’ Quaid (01:03:14):
There’s always next week. Always next week.

Shane ‘Sizzle’ Syddall (01:03:16):
It’s always next week for me to forget. Thank you very much. Is there anything more you want to say?

Morgan ‘The’ Quaid (01:03:25):
No. All good. Peace out. All good? Going back. Peace out everyone.

Shane ‘Sizzle’ Syddall (01:03:30):
Have a good one everyone. Thanks for joining us and see you next. Oz Comic Showtime, Oz Comic show channel. I’ll get it right once you see us all.


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