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Bradley Adan

Super Ready Battle Armour #4 is on the horizon! Wednesday night on the AusComX Show, we got Bradley Adan, here to tell us about his new Kickstarter, Super RBA #4: Lady of the Light. What's in store for us? Let's find out.


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Shane ‘Sizzle’ Syddall (00:04):
Hi everyone. Shane here from Comex. This is episode four of the Oz Comics Show. We are here to talk with Brad Aiden about his new Kickstarter for Super Ready Battle Armour Lady of the Light. So let’s get started with the show and I’ve got to actually scroll to where I’m meant to be. Okay. Hi Jerome.

Jerome Castro (00:55):
Hey man.

Shane ‘Sizzle’ Syddall (00:56):
How are you? Ready to talk to Brad?

Jerome Castro (01:00):
Yeah, doing good. Doing good. What’s

Shane ‘Sizzle’ Syddall (01:03):
Up? Good to hear. Good to hear. Yeah, we’re just ready to talk to Brad, so I’ll just bring him straight on. We won’t muck about. Yeah. Hi Brad. How are you this day?

Bradley Adan (01:12):
Doing well. How about yourselves?

Shane ‘Sizzle’ Syddall (01:15):
Yeah, doing well, thank you. Doing

Jerome Castro (01:16):
Awesome. Yeah, thanks.

Bradley Adan (01:18):
Excellent. Good to hear.

Shane ‘Sizzle’ Syddall (01:20):
Good to hear. So just tell us a little bit about yourself, be it in what you do with comics or just in general, just a little snippet.

Bradley Adan (01:32):
So I’ve been creative writer for many years now. Only probably about five years ago did I start actually actively producing comics and as a day job I work hospitality. And prior to that retail.

Shane ‘Sizzle’ Syddall (01:51):
Oh yes. I think we all have at some stage. Yeah, my first job was a trolley pusher, so

Bradley Adan (01:57):
Ah, good, good, good. I think everyone should work in retail or hospitality at least for a year.

Shane ‘Sizzle’ Syddall (02:04):
Yeah, agreed.

Bradley Adan (02:04):
Gives you a real understanding of how to treat people, I think.

Shane ‘Sizzle’ Syddall (02:10):
Yeah, good people skills. Yeah, agreed. That’s

Bradley Adan (02:12):

Shane ‘Sizzle’ Syddall (02:14):
Cool. Well, what I might do is I’ll just, we’ll jump onto your Kickstarter because that’s what today’s all about. So I just should have had this ready. I always forget to do this. I always wait until it’s time to start talking about it. And there we are. So this is your Kickstarter. We’re going pretty well, $1,317 out of your 1090 9, 999. Can’t talk tonight. So just what, 600 off or so? So that’s pretty cool. Yeah,

Bradley Adan (02:50):
It’s getting very close

Shane ‘Sizzle’ Syddall (02:53):
And it’s still 18 days to go, so that’s awesome. So plenty of time. So out there anyone, the links down bottom that’ll get you to the Kickstarter, but we’ll go through it so you can see what it is exactly that you’ll be looking at now. And I’m in the wrong, not letting me scroll. So this is the cover. Anything you want to talk about there. Brad did cover

Bradley Adan (03:18):

Shane ‘Sizzle’ Syddall (03:18):
In particular? No. Okay. Drawing

Bradley Adan (03:24):
A massive blank.

Shane ‘Sizzle’ Syddall (03:27):
No, that’s cool. That’s cool. That’s cool. Who are the characters?

Bradley Adan (03:32):
So we’ve got BA and his sister or Claire, a little bit of sibling rivalry going on. Oh, nice. And the old adage, people never, you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover, unfortunately, that’s not necessarily the case. Everyone always does. And so it’s always good to be thinking about something exciting or titillating to really grasp that first sort of glance and draw the readers in, which I think Lewis has really done well with this cover, like he does with most of them anyway.

Shane ‘Sizzle’ Syddall (04:13):
Yeah. Awesome. Yeah, there’s the previous issue, so this is issue four, so one, two, and three. Are they available in this?

Bradley Adan (04:24):
They are absolutely awesome. Awesome. Both physical and digitally.

Shane ‘Sizzle’ Syddall (04:29):
Excellent. So anyone wanting to catch up who hasn’t come across you guys before, this is the perfect Kickstarter to do that, so that’s awesome.

Bradley Adan (04:38):
Further down, we’ve got some preview pages, the lettering is unfinished.

Shane ‘Sizzle’ Syddall (04:44):
Yep, yep. Pages not final. Yep. Cool. Says it there.

Bradley Adan (04:50):
As you can see with this last page, it’s a little bit rushed, but that will be fixed up moving forward.

Shane ‘Sizzle’ Syddall (04:59):
Yep. Cool.

Bradley Adan (05:01):
And we’ve got our first big double page spread, which I’m super excited about. I think it looks fantastic.

Shane ‘Sizzle’ Syddall (05:11):
Oh yeah. Oh yeah. Nice. And it’s people who are fans of these things here will like it. Yep. Cool. So we’ll just quickly go through the tiers if you want to do that. So I’ll let you run the show here. You just tell me when to scroll.

Bradley Adan (05:29):
Easy done. All right, so first up, we’ve got our digital tier, which is starting at only $5. So if you prefer to read your comics on iPad or Android or whatever have you, we have that available for you. Our next one down is our physical print edition, which is always going to be my favourite. It’s probably the first thing I do when I crack the box open and just flick through and have a read of the comic, even though I’ve been working on it for hours, it still feels different when it’s in your hands. Going down a bit further, we’ve got the issue four with the script of Lady of the Light, which there will be some discernible differences between the two because things always end up on the cutting room floor.

Shane ‘Sizzle’ Syddall (06:21):
That makes sense. That’s right.

Bradley Adan (06:25):
And then we have our first digital bundle, which has all four issues, so if you do need to catch up, we’ve got all of them there for you.

Shane ‘Sizzle’ Syddall (06:36):

Bradley Adan (06:38):
Going down a little bit further, we have probably our most favourite character, Susan, the sophisticated AI robot that looks like a bucket and a model.

Shane ‘Sizzle’ Syddall (06:53):
I love that. I was watching your interview, I think it was last week, and you were talking about Susan, so that was really funny.

Bradley Adan (07:01):
Yeah, her and Santas are probably my favourite characters to write, just so wacky and just off the wall. And for the first time L we have our first enamel pin, which again is off Susan. And then moving down a little bit further, we have our retail bundle.

Shane ‘Sizzle’ Syddall (07:25):
Oh, okay. That’s

Bradley Adan (07:27):
Interesting. Yeah, has five issues there, which if any stores do want to stock my comic, they can. And if they want to get in contact with us for the previous three issues, obviously feel free to do so. And our physical collection of the awful issues with the Susan Pin for $40. I just realised that I haven’t been talking about the prices.

Shane ‘Sizzle’ Syddall (07:59):
No, that’s cool. That’s cool.

Bradley Adan (08:01):
And then the big one, which gives you, I think it’s 17 different comics. So you’ve got the first three issues of super ready Battle armour issue for the six issues of the Talking Bread and the Rise of the Talking Bread anthology series, which is a collection of short stories based in the Talking Breads universe, written and illustrated by a bunch of different Australian authors and writers, myself included.

Shane ‘Sizzle’ Syddall (08:33):

Bradley Adan (08:33):
And the ongoing series in Purgatory, all of which are under the Halftone Productions label.

Shane ‘Sizzle’ Syddall (08:41):
And that’s the digital pack. Awesome.

Bradley Adan (08:44):
And just below that one is the physical

Shane ‘Sizzle’ Syddall (08:47):
Version, like me. You want the next one?

Bradley Adan (08:48):
Same thing. Exact

Shane ‘Sizzle’ Syddall (08:50):
Same thing. That’s awesome. I actually have all of these and they’re great fun. So for anyone out there who hasn’t got any of these, that would be a great tier to jump on board. That would be awesome. Way to the purgatory.

Bradley Adan (09:06):
It works out really cheap too.

Shane ‘Sizzle’ Syddall (09:08):
Yeah, it does. It does. For how many comics you’re getting there, that’s quite, that’s awesome.

Bradley Adan (09:14):
It’s almost like 10 bucks a comic, but then you get seven for free. Also, the rise of the Talking Bread is actually pretty much in and of itself almost a trade anyway, so you are definitely getting your money’s worth with these ones. Yeah, definitely. And our final tier is actually all sold out now, which Oh, all sold out. Yeah, the cameo bundle. So we had two available to get yourself drawn into the comic as well as a little caricature character profile type thing there. Yeah, that’s

Shane ‘Sizzle’ Syddall (09:49):
Really cool.

Bradley Adan (09:51):
We like to do that with the last couple that we’ve done just to make our audience feel like they’re a part of the universe as well. And I have worked out a way that it all kind of ties together, so you can technically be in the comic even with multiverse and whatever else. So it all works.

Shane ‘Sizzle’ Syddall (10:21):
Oh, nice. Nice.

Bradley Adan (10:24):
And then moving on, we’ve got our add-ons, which then if there’s anything from any of the bundles that you wanted to add on to one of the preexisting bundles, kickstart has made it so easy to do it this time around where you can say, just pledge for the say Susan pin with the issue four. And if you’ve already got issue one and two, you can add in issue three to fill out your collection.

Shane ‘Sizzle’ Syddall (10:54):
That’s awesome. I didn’t know it did that. That’s really cool.

Bradley Adan (10:57):
Yeah, it’s really cool. And actually it was really easy to set up, which I’m very happy with.

Shane ‘Sizzle’ Syddall (11:03):

Bradley Adan (11:04):
I think in the past the way that people were having to do it was through BackerKit, so it was kind of almost double handling.

Shane ‘Sizzle’ Syddall (11:14):
Oh yeah. I saw when people were doing their postage through that as well and it was kind of annoying, but now they’re doing it in here. That’s a really cool way of doing it.

Bradley Adan (11:24):
Yeah, that’s very handy.

Shane ‘Sizzle’ Syddall (11:27):
And oh yeah, here’s characters. Yeah. Oh no, these are different art than I have. So we’ll go through these.

Bradley Adan (11:35):
So the ones that I have sent you are the individual versions of, but we can certainly still go through the Oh,

Shane ‘Sizzle’ Syddall (11:42):
Okay. If we’ve got them. I’ll go through the art separately then. I just didn’t recognise these pictures here, that’s all.

Bradley Adan (11:47):
Yeah, no, I didn’t send you those four. So I have a bit of a creative team that I work with. So we’ve got Lewis that does the main illustrations for the comic and a couple of guest artists that come on to do little side stories that are still a part of the universe

Shane ‘Sizzle’ Syddall (12:09):

Bradley Adan (12:09):
Cool posters and other illustrations like that. So we’ve got Logan French, Kieran, Jack and Ian ler, who all help me out as well as Lewis Roan.

Shane ‘Sizzle’ Syddall (12:27):
Okay, cool.

Bradley Adan (12:28):
Yeah, and if you scroll down a little bit further, we’ve got the creative team.

Shane ‘Sizzle’ Syddall (12:32):
Creative team.

Bradley Adan (12:33):
Nice. In this issue though, we’re doing it with the three of us at this stage. I don’t have anything else to say about who may or may not be working on this issue with us. We have one stretch goal still remaining to be announced.

Shane ‘Sizzle’ Syddall (13:00):
Oh, okay. Well then come on, people get on board. Let’s get that stretch goal happening.

Bradley Adan (13:05):
That’s it. That’s it. And we also have an announcement to make tonight too.

Shane ‘Sizzle’ Syddall (13:11):
Ah yes. Would you like to do that before or after we go through the characters?

Bradley Adan (13:16):
We can do it after.

Shane ‘Sizzle’ Syddall (13:18):
Okay, cool. Well, what I’ll do is we’ve gone through the Kickstarter here, so just go to that link that’s going, scrolling across the bottom there, everyone, and that’ll get you the Kickstarter, have a look at all these great rewards, these are great packs, and just find what suits you and help Brad and half tone out and let them publish more and more comics. So this is great. So I will just get out of this screen and here we are with the characters and I will boost that up so everyone can see properly.

Bradley Adan (13:54):
So first up, we have Oracle. She’s only actually made an appearance in issue one so far, but we’ll be returning in issue five once we finish production on the current issue. She, like her name suggests, can foresee the future, but as the future is always changing in malleable, depending on people’s decisions and actions that they take, it’s not set in stone so she sees a version of the future.

Shane ‘Sizzle’ Syddall (14:32):
Okay. That’s really cool. I like that. That take on it.

Bradley Adan (14:36):
Yeah. Who do we have next? Oh, so this is one of our main characters in one of which issue was it Issue three and infect one of the main boys gets shot and turns into this insane looking beast.

Shane ‘Sizzle’ Syddall (15:03):
Yeah, it’s really cool.

Bradley Adan (15:05):
Yeah, I’m very happy with how it’s turned out.

Shane ‘Sizzle’ Syddall (15:08):
Yeah, nice. I think he’s also, does he have a human form? I think I’ve got a

Bradley Adan (15:14):
Picture of him in a human form as well. He does. You do. You do. And this is our other main protagonist ba who comes from a family of, yeah, secret agents would probably be the closest term, kind of like modern day ninjas essentially.

Shane ‘Sizzle’ Syddall (15:37):
Oh, cool.

Bradley Adan (15:38):
Yeah, so very much skilled in espionage and whatever else except he has Certainty’s family and yeah, him and his mom don’t really get along very well, which is shown pretty much immediately in issue one after he been bailed out of jail by her.

Shane ‘Sizzle’ Syddall (16:01):
Ah yes. Okay. That’s BA

Bradley Adan (16:05):
And his sister, agent e Claire. So all of the people in his family get code names pretty much given from birth except for ba, he has disowned his and that’s why he goes by Simply Ba.

Shane ‘Sizzle’ Syddall (16:24):
Okay, cool.

Bradley Adan (16:27):
Claire still worked with, sorry. Yep. So she’s the one that’s on the front cover fighting him with the casa.

Shane ‘Sizzle’ Syddall (16:34):
Yep. Sorry, I’ve got a horrible memory. Yep, I remember

Bradley Adan (16:36):
Now. Ah, that’s all right. And next up we’ve got Hawke. So BA has fallen in with a band of Ruffians from the neighbouring country that even though they are technically a gang and seen as such by the authorities and whatnot, they aren’t a gang as you would typically think. They do a lot of good for the community and try and help out disenfranchised people and refugees and everyone else in their community. Kind of like if you think back to the areas of early Americas where a lot of the Europeans, even here in Australia, a lot of the European families coming over and they would all kind of group together in the almost cul-de-sac areas kind like that. I guess you could call the gang almost like a pseudo local government almost. Yeah.

Shane ‘Sizzle’ Syddall (17:49):
Yes, yes. I get what

Bradley Adan (17:50):
You’re saying. Except they aren’t afraid to get their hands dirty for people that they care about.

Shane ‘Sizzle’ Syddall (17:56):
No, that’s really cool. Okay, who we got next? And I’ve been clicking on the wrong tool

Bradley Adan (18:02):
There that is infect. So the beastly looking boy you saw before, that is his human form.

Shane ‘Sizzle’ Syddall (18:11):
Oh, no way. Okay, cool.

Bradley Adan (18:12):
Yeah. So Infector has been born with a very unique ability to bring people back from the dead, but more specifically he can control the ebb and flow of life and death energies.

Shane ‘Sizzle’ Syddall (18:32):
Oh, cool. So

Bradley Adan (18:34):
Technically he can heal wounds and things like that, but there is limitations to his abilities as you would imagine. He uses his own life essence, but there is a caveat there for his abilities.

Shane ‘Sizzle’ Syddall (18:51):
Okay, cool.

Bradley Adan (18:54):
And also bringing people back from the dead doesn’t necessarily have the best consequences either, as you can imagine.

Shane ‘Sizzle’ Syddall (19:00):
Oh yes, of course. Yes. Nice. I like when you tie that sort of stuff in. Yeah. Nice.

Bradley Adan (19:06):
And this is iron. He’s actually the head of the gang that we were talking about the iron weights. He’s kind of like the father figure for the whole Rian tag group that is the iron weights and he keeps them all in line.

Shane ‘Sizzle’ Syddall (19:27):
Okay, cool.

Bradley Adan (19:31):
And this is Sam. This is BA and Claire’s mother, the one that he doesn’t get along very much with.

Shane ‘Sizzle’ Syddall (19:40):

Bradley Adan (19:41):
There’s not a lot to say about her just yet, but she is.

Shane ‘Sizzle’ Syddall (19:45):
Okay, that’s cool.

Bradley Adan (19:48):
And one of our other main girls, this is Violet, she is BA’s love interest was just trying to think if I could give that away or not, but it’s pretty obvious from issue one that he is a bit smitten with her. She’s also a part of the Iron Weights gang. She’s their mechanic slash engineer that also dabbles in a bit of sewing. I was trying to think of the word, but it just escaped me. And this is Hoshi, this is Ba sorry, not Ba Infect and another character that we haven’t quite got to yet. Old family friend. He lives in an old folks home. Unfortunately, he has developed a bit of dementia, which can only be inverted thanks to infect abilities. He can’t necessarily rewrite things that are predisposed to happen. He can only repair.

Shane ‘Sizzle’ Syddall (21:08):
Yeah. Okay.

Bradley Adan (21:12):
And this is the other character I just mentioned. So this is professor in, he is the inventor of Susan and in Fact’s Legal Guardian and a complete job.

Shane ‘Sizzle’ Syddall (21:27):

Bradley Adan (21:28):
Yeah, this is one of our main villains. His name is mla and he comes from the same country as Iron does as well as Hawk and Violet. He’s a bad dude. There’s not much to say except this is Pandora and she is adorable and it’s in fact is Pet Red Panda.

Shane ‘Sizzle’ Syddall (21:54):
Nice. Yeah. I think we’ve got a cover here, is it?

Bradley Adan (21:58):
Yep. So this is the cover that we did for issue two, BA donning, his super ready Battle Armour as it were, the title. And that there is Infects death arm, which he uses to either absorb or inject. Oh, okay. Injects probably the right word. Death Energy.

Shane ‘Sizzle’ Syddall (22:24):
Oh, okay. Nice. Seems like a friendly guy to get to know

Bradley Adan (22:29):
He is.

Shane ‘Sizzle’ Syddall (22:30):
Oh, and here he is using his abilities to,

Bradley Adan (22:33):
That’s it. To heal and revert Hershey’s. Sorry, pardon me. Dementia. I did actually forget to mention when I was doing my introduction, I also have a bit of a background in age care as well, which is where Oh, okay. A little bit of this kind of comes into it.

Shane ‘Sizzle’ Syddall (22:57):
I’ve noticed that with a few people that they bring in past experiences into their stories. That’s really cool.

Bradley Adan (23:03):
Yeah, it’s a lot easier to write about what you know. Yeah, that’s true. Whether or not it’s something from personal experience or a lot of research.

Shane ‘Sizzle’ Syddall (23:15):

Bradley Adan (23:17):
So this is the full getup of the super ready battle armour Mark one, and you get to see it in the first three pages in a flash forward in issue one where the whole gang is fighting some demons in the city. And yeah, Susan, this is Susan everyone’s favourite because this is

Shane ‘Sizzle’ Syddall (23:43):
One crack me up,

Bradley Adan (23:45):
She doesn’t make sense. So she’s on a little segue, which she somehow manages to move around and she speaks through her little headpiece there, which is basically just a walkie talkie.

Shane ‘Sizzle’ Syddall (23:59):
That’s awesome. Trust.

Bradley Adan (24:01):
Trust me though. She’s very sophisticated AI programming.

Shane ‘Sizzle’ Syddall (24:06):
Cool. Before Jerome asks questions, I’ve got to ask, where did you come up with Susan?

Bradley Adan (24:14):
Admittedly, she was just a gag character that was just kind of being tossed around and it just kind of stuck and built a lot of depth around it. And yeah, now she’s one of my favourite characters.

Shane ‘Sizzle’ Syddall (24:38):
That’s really cool.

Bradley Adan (24:40):
Basically just started off as a bit of a gag.

Shane ‘Sizzle’ Syddall (24:45):
Nice. And these are the pages? Yep. Cool. And these are the incomplete pages, is that right? Yep.

Bradley Adan (24:51):
Yeah. Yeah. The same as the ones that we just saw on the Kickstarter as well.

Shane ‘Sizzle’ Syddall (24:55):
Yep. Well, I’ll go through them quickly then. And I think this is the last picture. So this is Infector, is it?

Bradley Adan (25:05):
Yep. Correct. Again, with both his life and death arm activated. So if you remember from the original picture of him in his full beast form, he had the blue arm. So his left arm is what controls the ebb and flow of life and vice versa to his right arm being the death arm. That’s really cool.

Shane ‘Sizzle’ Syddall (25:27):
Ya’s done a good job interpreting that. That’s

Bradley Adan (25:29):
Really cool. Absolutely. Yeah.

Shane ‘Sizzle’ Syddall (25:35):
And black screen. So let’s get rid of that. Cool. Thanks for that, Bradley. That was nice to go through all the characters there. So if anyone’s thinking about getting to know these characters a little bit better, the link’s scrolling across the bottom there, go check out the Kickstarter, that’d be great if you could go do that. And I’m just going to bring that, sorry, chat amongst yourselves while I do some technical stuff here. Cool. Yeah, so I’ll let Jerome off his leash and ask you some questions about the Kickstarter and yourself.

Jerome Castro (26:20):
Yeah, okay. Okay, Bradley. Yeah, I’ve seen the work she did and it’s quite awesome. Got to say that first. You and Louise are doing so good. So first questions, what’s your inspiration behind super ready ball armour? Why decide on having this type of story?

Bradley Adan (26:47):
So when I was really, really young, I had my first brush with death and it’s kind of always left a mark on me partially because it’s not something that was ever really resolved. So when I was about five years old, I caught a viral infection, sorry, and then was diagnosed with viral viral myocarditis, which basically left my left ventricle in my heart, very scarred and extremely swollen. So when I was that young, I had basically my heart was the size of an adult, which wasn’t ideal. So moving forward a couple of years, I had another dip in my health where my heart rate dropped ridiculously low, had my first pacemaker implanted at the age of seven and just was using creative writing and video games and cartoons as a bit of an escape. And fast forwarding a little bit past that, I got heavily into anime and manga and just kind of thought like we were talking about earlier, talking about what I know. And that fear of death was such a prominent part of growing up because as much as I love the concepts of the afterlife and whatever else like that, when I have come so close and other things like that, I don’t really remember anything. So that unknown is terrifying to me, which is where infect abilities come into it with his ability to basically defy death.

That’s essentially where the inspiration behind the whole series came about and it all grew around Infector and his abilities and all of the characters stemmed from that one idea of a superhero that has the ability to defy death itself, also helping others.

Jerome Castro (29:38):
Yeah, that’s super cool. Actually, I wish there was ector when I was younger myself. Yeah, I know the feeling man, because I was the same when I was younger, so I had had life threatening dengue for almost three out of four years straight. Wow. It was a bummer. Yeah,

Bradley Adan (30:10):
This episode’s getting heavy.

Jerome Castro (30:15):
Well anyway, so when you were, yeah. Okay, let’s go for something light then. When you had the concept of super RBA in your head, what made you decide that you want want it done this style? What made you decide that you wanted to look like a mango? And because I can clearly see the mango influences and it’s very Japanese in form, sometimes I catch myself reading from right to left,

Bradley Adan (30:51):
To be honest, I know I do the same thing when I go and reread the completed issues because pretty much all I read nowadays is mango because I read way too many series at the moment that I don’t really have time for anything else. That’s pretty much the main idiosyncrasy of it. And I was very close to having it even laid out the same as a mango going from left to, but I didn’t want to come off as too much of a posr, especially because it is out, my main audience is going to be Australian and English speaking people. So it just kind of made more sense to have it going from right to left, but it was very close to being traditional manga in its form as well. But yeah, to fully answer the question, I’m obsessed with Adam Ann Manger.

Jerome Castro (32:00):
Good answer. Which ones influenced super bowel armour, which mag and anime

Bradley Adan (32:09):
In its early stages, it would have to have been fully Cooley.

Jerome Castro (32:17):
That’s the title I don’t hear very much. Yeah,

Bradley Adan (32:19):
Yeah, it’s definitely old school now, and I feel because Fully Cooley was such an interesting project that hit really different at a very impressionable time of my childhood, and because it is a coming of age story, if you do really dig into it on the surface level, it’s just wacky, zany off the wall craziness. But if you dig a little deeper, there’s so much hidden meaning and brain not work anymore. I was on a roll and then it just stopped. Yeah, there’s so much hidden law and stuff in there that expands on what is just on a surface level and probably the lightheartedness really offsets the serious heaviness of that transitional period between adolescence to adulthood. And it really did just open my entire world. It was one of the first anime that I really watched and not just viewed, if that makes sense. Yeah. And probably from there would be the absolute epic that is one piece.

Jerome Castro (34:08):
Oh yeah.

Bradley Adan (34:10):
Which is just insane on the scope.

Jerome Castro (34:15):
Still going

Bradley Adan (34:17):
Over 1000 chapters now.

Jerome Castro (34:20):
It’s not going to head anytime soon.

Bradley Adan (34:22):
I know. It’s absolutely insane. And the quality of that series is just awe inspiring.

Jerome Castro (34:34):
And personally, whenever I read Super RBA, it reminds me a little bit of hunter Hunter actually.

Bradley Adan (34:42):
Funnily enough, I actually haven’t read or watched Hunter Hunter, it is my backlog almost at the top.

Jerome Castro (34:49):
Yeah, you should, man. You shouldn’t because there’s a character there with almost similar powers than Infector, but it’s an entirely different thing. They have the same mojo going, but it’s an entirely different thing. And it reminds me because the art is when the manga artist does it properly, hunter Hunter looks really nice and it really reminds me of how you panel, how super RBA is panelled. Kudos to that.

Bradley Adan (35:26):
All right, now I’m going to really have to check it out. All you bumped it up. Some of my friends are going to be very happy to hear that.

Jerome Castro (35:37):
So what’s the process that you follow whenever you make a Super red Bowel armour story? Because every writer, I’m a writer myself, so we all have our own processes. So how do you do yours?

Bradley Adan (35:55):
I kind of have the full first story arc planned out in major beats and tried to condense that down again into each individual. I almost said episode issue of the comic.

And then from there I do a plot synopsis of what is going to happen in that issue, essentially breaking that single beat of the story down into a couple of other smaller beats and then filling it all out. And because I’ve spent so much time with the characters, I kind of just let them loose and and they just kind of interact with one another I guess in my head, which makes me sound crazy now that I say it out loud, but you get it. That’s fair. That’s fair. That’s fair. Yeah. So then it’s been a bit of an interesting learning curve. So I have done four issues with this version of super ready battle armour, but going back a few years, I did actually do a pilot version with a completely different artist before we were signed up with Halder Productions. And when that did happen, it felt like a good opportunity to revamp the series and me and the previous artists had creative differences and we parted ways and everything felt right for that at that point to reboot it. But previously I would literally just, there was no structure to my scripts, it was just word vomit on a page and credit to my original artist that I was working with. He didn’t say much about my word vomit and he turned it into a comic. But working with Lewis’ really made my writing slash script writing evolve. I do all the breaking it down basically storyboarding in a word format and give the art direction, break it all down into the panelling, roughly how many panels we’re going to go with. And then

Once I’ve kind of got it to a rough 20 pages, hopefully that’s probably the hardest part is making sure it’s in that sort of constraint of 20 to 24 pages. We then go straight into production, which is then sent off to Lewis and he starts illustrating in the sketch format, sends it back to me, I then approve or ask for adjustments, which honestly, most of the time, most pages, there’s very little to change. He’s very good at,

Jerome Castro (39:30):
Sorry about that.

Bradley Adan (39:37):
Good. My phone buzzed earlier when Shane was doing the intro and I was like, oh, we’re just going to quickly put that on silent. Sorry, I forgot mine. Yeah, yeah. And then there’s not really much in the process that needs to be edited. Occasionally there will be, I’ve put too much in one page. Generally it’s too much. It’s never not enough. I think it’s the typical curse of the writer for the artist is that the writer always puts too much on a page for the artist to draw.

Jerome Castro (40:23):
Yeah, true, true.

Bradley Adan (40:26):
I think there’s a comic strip, that’s the one I’m after of a panel of an artist and a writer talking about the production costs of a TV show where you have an entire space armada versus the cost to it being in a comic and then the artist strangling the writer. It just, it’s like across the board, we just always seem to want to cram too much onto a page.

Jerome Castro (41:10):
You can only imagine.

Bradley Adan (41:14):
I try and keep that in mind as well.

Jerome Castro (41:17):
Yeah, because it’s nice to leave things at the reader’s imagination when you’re writing, but when you’re drawing, you can’t leave anything for the imagination. Yeah. So how did you meet Louise? I mean, I’ve heard, how did you meet Luis as your artist partner on this one?

Bradley Adan (41:40):
Yeah, so when we did sign up under half term productions, I started hitting the ground running looking for an artist. And I did try a couple of social medias, but it didn’t really net much results back when I was doing it probably about four or five years ago now. And I was actually at a convention, I’m trying to remember, I think it was before we signed over where someone mentioned a website called Upwork to me about how they got in contact with their illustrator who was over in Thailand. And I was like, oh, that’s really cool. And so then flash forward a few months when I was kind of smashing my head against the computer keyboard and trying to figure out how I was going to find a new artist and reached out to the other creator and was like, Hey, what was that website again? And yeah, it’s basically like a freelance website where you can post jobs and a be hired as a freelancer essentially. And so that’s how I met Louis after doing a shortlist essentially. So I put up a job posting and had a good handful of artists apply, which was really bizarre. Being on the opposite side of the interview table essentially. Yes. Yeah, it was definitely an experience and shortlisted it down to Louis and here we are essentially. Nice,

Jerome Castro (43:45):
Nice. And that’s how I met Shane as well actually. So we have parallel stories.

Bradley Adan (43:52):
There we go.

Jerome Castro (43:55):
So what do you like about Louis art style? Because I was listening to one of your interviews with a halftone effect and you compared his style with the late eighties, early nineties mag and anime. So how did his style fit? How did you determine that? Okay, Louise will be my artist. So

Bradley Adan (44:19):
Honestly, when I was shortlisting, I think it was about four or five different artists to just some rough sketches of a couple of the main characters. I think it was BA and Infector and all of them didn’t do rough sketches. They did full black and white. Perfect. I was just like, this is not what I was asking for. But wow. They just went full all out and just like, we want this job, here’s what we can do sort of thing. And yeah, I was just blown away by the rendition that Louis did of infect. He was completely jacked and the death arm that he did just looked incredible. And it does. I just fell in love with it. I was just like, this is him. This is the guy.

Jerome Castro (45:25):
Awesome. Yeah, true.

Bradley Adan (45:27):
That’s pretty much it.

Jerome Castro (45:29):
If anyone shows me that, the death arm and the life arm too. So I would likely have the same opinion as you about Louise. So yeah, I think you already answered how you coordinate with Luis with your team to match your vision of the overall arts, but what kind of challenges do you experience during the entire process? Because let’s admit it, it’s not always sunshine and rainbow bow during a production process.

Bradley Adan (46:05):
Honestly, I am very lucky. He is extremely patient with me and I don’t really have to be patient with him. He is just perfect. And I mean probably the biggest one at the start was there is a bit of a language barrier where Louis is from Bolivia, and that also comes with the added bonus of time zones.

Jerome Castro (46:41):

Bradley Adan (46:42):
Probably the absolute biggest

Jerome Castro (46:45):
Is what Eastern Time?

Bradley Adan (46:48):
Yeah, roughly. I think it’s roughly about 12 hours difference, roughly. So essentially when we’re asleep, he’s working hard on the comic. So then I get to wake up to fresh pages and it’s honestly amazing. It’s like the best thing to wake up to. And I then give him feedback first thing in the morning and either we will get something back within a couple of hours or the very next day.

Jerome Castro (47:19):
Oh, nice. Okay. And that’s cool what this, I rarely hear of people knowing, well, south America loves their anime and manga, so it’s actually not a surprise. Is there, is it just Louis that you bounce your ideas with or do you have a group of people online or maybe an offline group of people that you chat with to bounce around ideas?

Bradley Adan (47:54):
Yeah, look, most of the initial kind of planning and ideas was formed in that first production in the else world stories, but more refined since then, obviously. And in the present I do probably the majority of it myself and I will bounce the first draught of the scripts essentially off my partner and the rest of my creative team. So Kieran, Logan and Mission, who all give me quite scathing feedback. I’m just kidding. They’re very nice about it. But sometimes I don’t get any feedback. I’m like, come on guys. It’s not perfect. I know it’s not. I think it is, but so sometimes I do have to twe some opinions out of them because I think they’re being too nice. But you do get that on the big jobs. Yeah,

Jerome Castro (49:13):

Bradley Adan (49:13):
You, sorry, you go. No,

Jerome Castro (49:17):
No problem. I mean, whenever you write something, sometimes you need to squeeze somebody’s arms or them, to be honest with you.

Bradley Adan (49:24):
Yeah, I mean it is nice that most of the people that I do bounce the ideas off are either like-minded in the way that we all the pretty heavily into anime and mans to some degree or Western comics. So there is that bridge from East meets West sort of thing. So even though it does look like manga, there are quite a few Western inspirations to it as well in its writing style. And that’s actually probably about it. It’s mainly the writing, the visuals is just all anime.

Jerome Castro (50:14):
Well, so how far do you plan on taking super ready bowel armour? Do you have set number of issues in mind? Do you have the endpoint pinned down or are you planning to have more along the way and just build up on the story, build up on the world?

Bradley Adan (50:37):
I have a very rough idea of how many issues I want to do. For the first story arc and the first story arc, it will have a conclusion. Ultimately it will depend on how viable essentially it’s going to be post that. So the first story arc will probably, I’m thinking probably 12 to 18 chapters, Kieran’s going to kill me, but that’s probably roughly how much I’m looking at. So I am looking at trying to speed up production a little bit as well. What with my health and the pandemic slowed things down a little bit as well. But mainly the biggest hurdle would be finances. I obviously don’t want to not pay Louis because his artwork is fantastic and he needs to eat and unfortunately I also have to eat. So that’s where the Kickstarter and stuff comes into it as well. But yeah, I’m probably looking at about, it’s really going to depend on how much I can,

Jerome Castro (52:23):
Someone’s going to get talking to.

Bradley Adan (52:26):
I’m probably going to get a phone call after this. Yeah, roughly. Yeah, I’m hoping to keep it at 12. But as we always do with writers, when we’re writing things, we get ideas and we want to expand more on the world and the characters and 12 chapters quickly becomes 24 and 24 becomes 48. I’m not going that big anytime soon. But I mean, ideally all of my inspirations and mentors that I look up to all have quite long running serialised manga. I mean, I’m not looking at 1000 chapters, but it’d be nice to get up there. Not nowhere near that close, but yeah.

Jerome Castro (53:25):
Awesome. That’s good. How about this, do you have any specific tools that you commonly use to write or plan the comic books? I mean, are you the type who gets flashes of inspiration about your story or you are the type who likes rigid stories that, okay, I already know what I want. So

Bradley Adan (53:56):
I’d probably say a healthy mix of both. And when I do have those, because the majority of it is kind of, this is what I want to do and this is how it will be laid out sort of thing. When I do get those flashes of inspiration and I’m like, oh, that is really cool and it works except for this little bit, I then try and brainstorm and like I was saying, like you mentioned before, try and bounce those ideas off others to see if I’m just not trying to wedge in a cool idea that doesn’t really fit narratively into the whole overall plot structure of the story. But yeah, I’d say a healthy amount of both.

Jerome Castro (54:54):
Yeah. Okay. So I mean, do you read a lot of books because you are a writer? I’m a writer and I guess it’s a requirement for us to read a few things so that we can expand our horizons. Do you read books and which ones are your favourite?

Bradley Adan (55:18):
So when you say books, do you mean specifically books with no pitches, like novels, literature,

Jerome Castro (55:26):
It doesn’t matter.

Bradley Adan (55:29):
Look, admittedly when it comes to novels, it’s been quite a while since I’ve actually sat down and read a Bookbook. When I was growing up, I was pretty into Harry Potter. Most people in my age group was, there was also the, I think it was the inheritance series that Aragon and Binga and all of those, which I never did actually finish and I really need to get back into that. It’s been well over 10 years and even more edgier sort of stuff like the Vampire Academy, which I had my vampire phase back in high school and I’ve always been a sucker for romance in any sort of story. And it had a nice balance of romance and action in it, which was kind of cool. And then manga happened and books kind of fell to the wayside. Where to start, like I’ve mentioned earlier one piece, I’ve more recently been bingeing a lot of the shown and jump series on the manger app because it’s just so easy to digest it. So there’s a lot of new series and ongoing ones. Kaiju number eight’s really cool and only just kind of starting off Chainsaw Man is amazing and is getting a anime adaptation soon. I cannot recommend that enough.

Jerome Castro (57:16):
Yeah, I’ve heard,

Bradley Adan (57:18):
Oh, it’s so good. The artist for that actually has done a rendition of Captain America. It is very different to the Marvel interpretation because all of Chainsaw Man is about demons and things like that. So it’s almost like a demon interpretation of Captain America because all the demons are idealised forms of fears that people have. So there’s the Gun Devil and the Bomb Devil and Chainsaw Man is the Chainsaw devil. And so then there’s the America Devil, which is Captain America,

Jerome Castro (58:02):
Which you’re making

Bradley Adan (58:03):
Me interested in

Jerome Castro (58:03):

Bradley Adan (58:04):
Oh man, it’s so good. Get on it. But yeah, there’s so many I counted the other day and I’m like currently ongoing series that I’m reading. There’s probably about 30, which is really sad when I say it out loud.

Jerome Castro (58:25):
That’s going to out your time, man.

Bradley Adan (58:28):
I know. So I’ll leave it at that. Go read Chainsaw Man and one piece,

Jerome Castro (58:34):
And if we talk in the future, I’ll give you recommendations for Japanese light novels. Man, I promise.

Bradley Adan (58:41):
Actually, I have read a couple of Japanese light novels, the Death Note light novel, the Los Angeles Beyond Birthday Murder Cases is really cool and a really awesome extension of the Death Note series.

Jerome Castro (58:58):
You got to read over, Lord.

Bradley Adan (59:01):
Alright, I’ll read over Lord after I read slash watch. Hunter. Hunter. So

Jerome Castro (59:10):
You’re a man of my own cloth, you know that

Bradley Adan (59:17):
We are men of culture.

Jerome Castro (59:19):
Yeah, true. So since you love Manga dot much, let’s go to Australia then. Is there an Australian comic book creator that you would want to work with in the future that you haven’t worked with before? If, if you can narrow it down. If you can narrow it down.

Bradley Adan (59:48):
I would really like to work with Kai Link. He’s a manga artist who has done a few different comic series before. He’s done the convention circuit for quite a few years now, probably as much as I have if not longer. And his style is very much in that sort of manga feel as well. I’ll have to afford him. That’s all.

Jerome Castro (01:00:27):
It’ll happen. Yeah, it’ll

Bradley Adan (01:00:29):
Happen now. That’s it in the future.

Jerome Castro (01:00:32):
Yeah. So I might as well omit asking you about your hobbies if you’re not making comic books because I think it’s manga.

Bradley Adan (01:00:45):
Yeah, look, it’s manga anime and video games pretty much the typical we lifestyle.

Jerome Castro (01:00:52):
Yeah, true. We’re all into that weave culture.

Bradley Adan (01:01:00):
That’s it.

Jerome Castro (01:01:02):
So in the past interview, one of our favourite Australian comic book artists Ice, George once told us that he hates drawing faces, but of course you’re a writer, so I can’t ask you that. So is there, sorry about that. My husky is being extra noisy today, so Yep. So are there parts of the story that you sometimes feel like it’s a chore to work on? I mean, do you ever get the feeling that, okay, this part is a chore to do right now, so we’ll just brush it off until

Bradley Adan (01:01:49):
Yeah, I wouldn’t necessarily, it’s hard to say that it’s a chore. It was interesting and fun doing the research side of it, but action scenes are hard. So there’s been a lot of drama and buildup so far in the first four issues. Issue one kind of is the only sort of physical fight that there is is a bit of gunplay and things like that and intimidation. But in issue four there will be a couple of action pages with martial arts and that was difficult. It was very difficult because I had to research a lot of different martial arts videos so I could kind of get sort of the forms that I wanted and researched a lot of different mango to see how they illustrated their fight scenes. And yeah, it was hard, but it was a good hard, it wasn’t necessarily what you’d consider a chore.

Jerome Castro (01:03:12):
Yeah, yeah. You learn something on the side.

Bradley Adan (01:03:15):

Jerome Castro (01:03:19):
So I’ve also heard you’ve been teaching yourself new skills recently in design and stuff.

Bradley Adan (01:03:28):
Yeah, that was a nightmare.

Jerome Castro (01:03:32):
What skills, what are your favourite self-taught skills that you have like zero idea before? How did

Bradley Adan (01:03:40):
You do them? Probably that, honestly, lettering was probably the biggest hurdle that I had in learning how to do that from scratch, which I’m kind of starting to do a bit of tutoring in my local disability community, but we haven’t quite got there yet. So I haven’t been able to pass on the lettering tips and tricks. We’re still kind of in the early stages of character designs and plot settings and whatnot, which I’ve also, going back to your previous question actually about what I’ve been reading, the non mango slash mango adjacent thing that I’ve been reading is Hi Iraqi’s Guide to Mango. And for anyone that doesn’t know who he is, he’s the creator of Jojo’s Bazaar Adventure, which has been an on running series from the mid eighties I think, and he keeps iterating. So it’s spanning over a generational line of a character that has a name that can be condensed down to Jojo.

So you’ve got Jonathan, Joe Star, who is the first character, who is the first jojo, and then the second iteration of the series then is his grandchild and then his child and so on and so forth. And he’s been doing manga for quite a few years. So it’s interesting to get that insight and then pass that along in a teaching aspect because it then reiterates it deeper into my own knowledge in both creating characters world and then layouts. And even on the art side of things, even though I don’t do it, practise it myself, it’s very interesting and helps in the whole creative design aspect of what I am going to be telling or asking I should say, the illustrators that I’m working with in the current or next issue. It was kind of all over the place. But I hope that answered the question.

Jerome Castro (01:06:18):
No, it does. It

Shane ‘Sizzle’ Syddall (01:06:20):
Answered a few questions. Yeah,

Jerome Castro (01:06:24):
So I guess that’s about it for me. How about you, Shane?

Shane ‘Sizzle’ Syddall (01:06:27):
I was going to say I was about to, but anyway, so I was going to say, well, back to the mango we want to talk about, or Manish super ready battle armour. Everyone go check out the Kickstarter. The link is down the bottom there. Go check out what Bradley’s working on at the moment. Find a tier that’s comfortable for you, get the things that you want, and definitely support this. This is a great Australian comic book. So definitely now we have a reveal. Apparently tonight we do. I’ve got it up on the screen, so I’ll let you introduce it and then I’ll bring it up.

Bradley Adan (01:07:08):
No worries. We have our first ever variant cover done by our illustrious graphic designer, Kieran Jack, who is possibly going to murder me after this interview. Oh, of our trio of characters in San Susan. Actually, there’s four characters in there. Whoops. My bad. Yeah,

Shane ‘Sizzle’ Syddall (01:07:36):
You’ve got the little red

Bradley Adan (01:07:37):
Out. Yeah, Pandora that I forgot about. Pandora.

Shane ‘Sizzle’ Syddall (01:07:41):

Bradley Adan (01:07:41):
I thought that’s on your spot. Yep. And Violet as well. So this is the cover, variant cover for issue four Lady of the Light.

Shane ‘Sizzle’ Syddall (01:07:55):
Let’s bring it up full screen. Nice.

Bradley Adan (01:07:58):
Definitely outdone himself. I Well done

Shane ‘Sizzle’ Syddall (01:08:02):

Bradley Adan (01:08:03):
Just keep getting captivated every single time I see it. It’s so good. I love it. Chef’s Kiss,

Jerome Castro (01:08:11):
That’s very key and yeah,

Bradley Adan (01:08:14):

Shane ‘Sizzle’ Syddall (01:08:15):
Susan there got a lot of Susan in the picture.

Bradley Adan (01:08:18):
That’s it. And for anyone that’s wondering, the Japanese text on the side actually is the title. So it says Super Ready Battle lama in Japanese. That’s

Shane ‘Sizzle’ Syddall (01:08:30):
Cool. You beat me to the question. Thank you.

Bradley Adan (01:08:33):
I had a feeling

Shane ‘Sizzle’ Syddall (01:08:35):
It was coming. I was about to ask, I said these symbols mean anything, but it’s an actual, it’s a language. Awesome. How very ignorant of me. Cool. Well, very covered. So how do you get that in the Kickstarter?

Bradley Adan (01:08:56):
So there will be a tile that will be added to the Kickstarter for a visual representation of it, but it’s already actually in the TL list smack bang. Actually, I think it’s right up the top, just underneath the printed version of the comic. You can back it for 10 bucks to get the variant cover in the add-ons section

Shane ‘Sizzle’ Syddall (01:09:29):
Add. Yes. Got to love those.

Bradley Adan (01:09:31):
That’s it. So if you already have the first one backed and you would like the other one as well, you can then go in and add in the variant cover for collecting purposes.

Shane ‘Sizzle’ Syddall (01:09:43):
Yes, definitely. And that’s what everyone should be doing. I think I’ll be doing that as soon as this finishes, so that’d be awesome.

Bradley Adan (01:09:49):

Shane ‘Sizzle’ Syddall (01:09:51):
Cool. Well, there’s the full link for anyone who doesn’t want the short link. I don’t think I can copy that in. That’s good. For anyone who’s in Facebook at the moment, they can go directly to that link, that half tone just put in there rather than trying to type in the one that’s scrolling at the bottom. So thank you for that half tone. I should probably, no, it doesn’t. Let me copy it. So that’s annoying. So book among yourselves. Sorry about this. I’m very professional.

Bradley Adan (01:10:29):
It’s where I’m, it’s fine.

Shane ‘Sizzle’ Syddall (01:10:36):
I put in my link, that’s the one I can type because I can’t copy and paste that one I and that’ll go, thank you, Kieran. I’m guessing that’s who half term productions is, or making me realise that I really need to share a link to people to make it a bit easier for them.

Bradley Adan (01:10:55):
Yes, yes.

Shane ‘Sizzle’ Syddall (01:10:56):
Rather than it’s always

Bradley Adan (01:10:57):
Ing how algorithms and stuff work as well. So

Shane ‘Sizzle’ Syddall (01:11:02):

Bradley Adan (01:11:04):
When it comes to links. So yeah, it’s always easier if they can just click as opposed to typing it out.

Shane ‘Sizzle’ Syddall (01:11:11):
Yeah, I think in the description I had the link. If I didn’t, I’m really Slack and I apologise. I did. Okay, good. If I didn’t, I was going to feel really bad for a second then. So I’ve just shared the short link that I created simply it was easier to type. Yeah, that’s the only reason I use that. Well, thank you very much, Bradley. Great show. Is there anything else you want to say about the Kickstarter before we let you go?

Bradley Adan (01:11:43):
Not really, apart from, if you could back to the project, I’d be greatly appreciated if you can, however, because I know times are tough. If you know anyone that is into anime, manga or just comics in general, please make sure to share it to them. And that was really creepy. And yeah, make sure to share it to your friends, family, and anyone else who you think might be interested in it. And thank you in advance for all the support and thank you guys for having me on the Comex Show.

Shane ‘Sizzle’ Syddall (01:12:21):
Yes, you’re welcome. It was a pleasure to have you and yes, that’s a very good point. Even if you can or can’t, pledge sharing is always a good thing. Get the word out there that this exists. Let people know who can and want to pledge for this. Get to know about it because Bradley can’t let everyone in the world know on his own. So anyone who can help that way, that’s awesome. Thanks Bradley. Well thanks guys. I’ll let you. Thanks Bradley. Yeah, thank you. Have a great night and a good night. Yep. I’ll kick you off and then we’ll just go over a few other things with Jerome. Thank you very much.

Bradley Adan (01:12:59):
No worries. Thanks guys.

Shane ‘Sizzle’ Syddall (01:13:01):
See you.

Jerome Castro (01:13:03):
See you.

Shane ‘Sizzle’ Syddall (01:13:08):
Okay, Jerian, we’ll do our usual thing here and I will need to change screens now. And I’m not prepared at all how, unlike me I, I’m noticing a pattern.

Jerome Castro (01:13:26):
We always say it’s going to go away. Eventually

Shane ‘Sizzle’ Syddall (01:13:31):
What we’ll do, we did current starters last time. What we’ll do is we’ll do upcoming. So I think I have got the link in here, so we’ll just go to this for a second. So if you’re wanting to know latest, not the latest, the upcoming Australian Kickstarters that are coming to Kickstarter soon, which are only in pre-launch stage. This link will take you there. So if I just share my screen, we can check out some of the ones that are coming up sometime soon. These course don’t give the release dates, we just know they’re coming soon. So we’ve got eventually illustrated two. So that’s pretty cool. I’m looking forward to that one. Angry Squad, Veeva Lost Angry, which is I guess is the next story after, what was the last one? Code? Angry. I think it was Crucifix. Executioner. Revenge volume two. That’s looking pretty cool. I’ve seen a bit of marketing for that on social at the moment. XDT Monsters and anthology. We might be talking about this in three weeks with Sean. I’m probably putting a bit of pressure on him now because we didn’t agree to that.

Enit, is that how you pronounce that? Yeah, it’s Enit. En en. We’re actually going to be talking to Morgan. I dunno if it’s next week or the week after. I think it’s next week actually about this particular, that’s really bad. I’m forgetting what issues of what. And then we’ve got Exum. Exum. Yeah, Exum. This is a cool one by Ben Slick. I won’t try to go over who the team is in my head because I could be wrong. We’ve got young Rufuss adventures. This is looking pretty cool. I’ve seen a bit on social media about that as well. Yeah, it’s very cute. I was actually watching a live feed of Lauren Marshall doing some art for this one actually.

And Terra Olympus volumes one, two, and three. In other words it’s three and you can get one and two. I like that. They’re letting everyone know that if you haven’t come across this before, you can get the earlier issues as well. So that’s pretty cool. I’m not sure when any of these are coming out, but what you can do is you can go to this page, as you can see by the Saved Everywhere. I have saved all of these. Let’s just unsave one. So you can see what notify me on launch is the exact term. So you click on that and you’ll get an email when it launches. So just go to that page, check out the ones that you have interest to. And yeah, you’re a bit notified when they get released. So you can be like me with, I think it was the 13th labour, I was notified and I got straight on there and I was back at number one. Yes, I’m the winner. So yeah, you just go on there, go to that link, that link is handy. It will always take you to the upcoming Kickstarters. So yeah, so use that link. I haven’t made it for fun. Well, I have made it for fun, but also use it. And yeah, so what I might do is if I click this, it’ll go to all the current Kickstarters.

So just one last little pitch here, check out Lady of the Light Super Ready, battle Armour

And yeah, support it. This is a great comic. We’ve done reviews for one through three already au so you can find out a little bit more about the story, but more to the point, you can get one, two, and three with four on this Kickstarter. So that’s just awesome. So if you haven’t already collected ’em like I have, that’s why I’m only getting four at the moment. Although it looks like I’ll be getting four in a variant cover now that I’ve learned about that. So that’s pretty cool. So yeah, yeah, check it out and support this great comic. I guess that’s, I’ll just press this button here. So that’s it for me and Jerome tonight. Thank you very much for joining us.

Jerome Castro (01:18:00):
Thank you guys.

Shane ‘Sizzle’ Syddall (01:18:01):
Thank you for putting up with my constant arms and I’ve noticed I’m doing S now as well. I dunno what that’s all about. I’m trying to replace the ums

Jerome Castro (01:18:14):
And thanks for putting up with my dog.

Shane ‘Sizzle’ Syddall (01:18:17):
Ah, I’ll share this, but it’s in Facebook. Anyone who’s watching this in Facebook, that’s bit of a, and I can’t copy and paste it unfortunately into the other places that are watching. But yeah, so I’ll find out what that link is and I’ll bring it over to the YouTube channel as well so people can see it there when they rewatch this. Thank you very much, everyone, have a great night. Goodnight. Goodnight Joan.

Jerome Castro (01:18:54):
Goodnight Shane. See you next time.

Shane ‘Sizzle’ Syddall (01:18:56):
See you next time. And that’s what I was going to do tonight. Let’s see if, oh man, I’m pressing all the wrong buttons tonight. Okay, so see yous all later guys. And thank you. And this show was brought to you by, yeah, I’ve always wanted to say that. Not really, but au. This is the hub. This is where it all started. I will just get rid of that little banner there and I’m in the wrong thing. I’m so good at this. There we go.

And so yeah, this is where it all started. This is where the idea for the show came from, was this site. So check it out au. It’s a nice little hub as I like to call it, for all things comic books in Australia. We’ve got creators, we’ve got local comic stores, we’ve got events, and we’ve got comic reviews. So yeah, check it out. Thank you very much. Go to super RBA dash ks at Comex VIP if you’re typing in or go to links that was shared and that’ll get you to where you need to be to support this Kickstarter. Thank you very much and have a good night.


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