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Time to talk Liza Ray with Dushan Silva, the possible lost child of Jim Lee. Who is Liza Ray apart from a sexy mutant killing machine. Running around in a fishnet top and a pair of bell bottomed jeans, and a crazy as that sounds, it’s not as crazy good as her killing skills. Don’t mess with Liza Ray and don’t miss out on this book.

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Morgan Quaid (00:10):

Sizzle (00:11):
Hey. Welcome to the Wednesday Night Hall’s comic show. Oh, go with some adjustments going on here just for some fun. My camera didn’t work before the show started, so I had to go to my laptop, so that was fun. But yeah. Anyway tonight we are talking to Duchenne Silva. He has the book out Lizza Ray. He’s already got issue one out, and he’s about to bring out issue two. So let’s go talk to Duchenne.

Morgan Quaid (01:05):
Welcome, great to have you. Welcome. Hi

Dushan Silva (01:08):

Morgan Quaid (01:09):
AZ Comic show. All right, so let’s get right into it then. So the current project that you’re working on issue two Lizza, Ray why don’t we just dig straight in and get stuck into that story and then we can sort of, Hey, Gary, and then we can go back to your own creative journey and all that sort of stuff from there. So why don’t you tell us a little bit, Hey, it’s gay. So why don’t you tell us a little bit about the story. What’s the story about? What’s the kind of hero figure about, and why so many swords go?

Dushan Silva (01:49):
So lies. So she’s basically a mutant, she can’t be killed. Her story is, so she was adopted by her stepmother and then her stepmother gets killed and the murder is framed on Liza Ray. So we don’t know who killed, if you read the story you get this conspiracy of this mutant te, it’s like a mutant terrorist organization who is after ire. And so to get her they frame, they know she has some kind of mutant ability, but they don’t know what’s the potential of that ability. So they want to test her out. So that’s why they frame her from the murder and then she gets executed for that murder and that the execution kind of triggers her powers

Morgan Quaid (03:00):

Dushan Silva (03:01):
So it’s like a electric chair execution so that electricity triggers a mutation. So her mutation is, she can’t be killed. So she’s pretty much immortal, but the people who are trying to figure out her powers don’t know what’s the extent of that power. It could be she can die maybe 10 times, or she can die infinity amount of times. So they don’t know. So they want to find out, but the story goes that those people are responsible for her powers because or her biological mother was subjected to some experiments with the mutant terrorists. So they did some experience on her. And so she gave birth to Liza, but she escaped them with Liza, so they want her back. So it’s right. That’s the main structure for the story. So that’s how

Morgan Quaid (04:14):
It’s a kids story then it’s a young kids, very young kids,

Dushan Silva (04:21):
About 17,

Morgan Quaid (04:25):
But there’s a lot of violence and it violence. It’s very action packed and yeah, lots of gore and guts going on. Yes. So you wrote the story, you did all of the artwork for this. Yes. Where did your journey in comics and learning to draw and all that sort of stuff, where did that start for you?

Dushan Silva (04:49):
So I was probably five years old. And then my dad used to get bhs. I don’t know, people know about vhs, hip cassette video.

Morgan Quaid (05:04):
I, I dunno, what is that? I’ve got no idea. Cause I’m in my twenties, you see. So I don’t any clue. So

Dushan Silva (05:11):
The first movie was Star Wars. So I had this VHS movie, star Wars. So we watched that and then all three of them. And then every day when my dad comes home, I get him to draw Darth. And so every day he used to draw those. And then

I got started to draw them as well. It’s every day, <inaudible> and Franco every day drawing that obsessed with those two characters. And then I started to draw looking at my dad’s drawing and started to draw them. And then it’s like each time you get let’s say I watch Robo Cup and I’m obsessed with Robo Cup, I’ll have a face of Robo Cup. So I’ll start drawing Robo Cup that I’ll be drawing Robo Cup only. Then you say Predator. I watch Predator and I start drawing Predator, and it’s going on pretty. And the X-Men, I was animated Mo series started drawing, and I used to get these trading cards, Marvel trading cards of all the superheroes, all the s, it’s like so I started copy those as well. And then the main thing happened in around 1995. I, I’m a big Batman fan if you don’t know.

And so I think in 1995, Batman Forever came out. I know most people don’t like that movie, but at the time I was probably 10. I love that movies. I’ve seen 1989, Batman, Batman, writtens, I like them. Even the animated series. But that Batman forever. I don’t know why I like that movie a lot. For some reason it’s the, especially Mass Batman. Yeah. That’s not a normal, yeah, that’s not the one that most people go to. I know. But for me, he’s like, he’s suit act. For my defense, I couldn’t see the nipples on the suit. You do couldn’t see. But anyway, I like that movie and I like the suit vacuum. And I started drawing every day. I used to draw 10 drawings of Batman for Obsessed with it, drawing every day Batman. But I get thousands of drawings finally two, three years after I had, I don’t know why I had big obsess obsession with that, but comic wise I think my first comic book was two comic books.

My uncle gave them to me when he had ones the John Burn Dark Phoenix explain I don’t know which issue because the car wasn’t there. And then the other one was another John Avengers where the Scarlet, which and Quick Silver was on the car. I can’t remember which issue. But those two were the first comic books I had and a comic book. And those three were my first comics. So after that I started collecting comics. I used to go to these what do you call it, boot sales where they sell all the comics. Yeah. So I used to buy those for maybe a dollar or something. It’s very cheap. So I used to collect a stack of comics and I start to copy them. And then after watching Batman Forever, I used to have Batman comics, but not collecting them. But after becoming a Batman, actual Batman fan, I started collecting the comics. I got over probably 500 comics of Batman, each issue pretty much a lot. And then I actually started drawing the comics, my own comics, I think in around 97 or 90. So I started to draw, that’s

Morgan Quaid (10:01):
Oh, nice.

Dushan Silva (10:02):
That’s like my first drawing of a comic.

Morgan Quaid (10:08):
Oh wow.

Dushan Silva (10:15):

Morgan Quaid (10:19):
Falling apart. There you go.

Dushan Silva (10:20):
Yeah, it’s over.

Morgan Quaid (10:25):
Wow. That’s awesome, man.

Dushan Silva (10:28):
So yeah,

Morgan Quaid (10:29):

Dushan Silva (10:33):
So yeah,

Morgan Quaid (10:34):
It really started started with you as a bit of an obsession then and Yes. Grew into your own creation. Yeah.

Dushan Silva (10:43):
Yeah. And then when the other one was Batman Hush, when that came out, that’s how I fall in love with Jim Lee’s art. So I started to copy his art and try to unit, because at the time I was like, oh yeah, at school I’m going to draw Jim Lee. So I started drawing exactly him and started practicing. I started to get, I’ll get his arm, how he draws his arm. So I’ll get a normal drawing of a arm and then study what sort of stuff he does for that arm.

Morgan Quaid (11:35):

Dushan Silva (11:36):
That’s cool. How he does the crossing, how it is the shading. So I started to do that, and then at one point I figured I, oh I can’t buy Jim Le Art. It’s like $10,000. So Asel train myself to draw Jim Lee and make my own Jim Lee, because he’s not going to make another Batman coming that I want to see. So might as well I do it myself and enjoy <laugh> doing that. So this

Morgan Quaid (12:11):
Is where Lizza Ray began?

Dushan Silva (12:14):
Yes. So Eliza Ray, another fun fact is another comic I did a Batman Lizza Ray cross crossover, first time Lizza Raye appeared. So that’s that. That’s actually a Xerox photocopy. So what I did was I photocopied some magazine pictures. That’s like magazine. That’s a magazine. So I cut them up, photocopied them them together and painted over it. So that’s like, this is the time where we didn’t have Photoshop for internet or Yeah, this is in 2000. Oh 1997.

Morgan Quaid (12:59):
Oh wow. Wow. I was born that year. Say it. I was born that year saying, not saying

Dushan Silva (13:11):
That’s like

Morgan Quaid (13:14):

Dushan Silva (13:16):
First appeal.

Morgan Quaid (13:17):
Wow. This has been a long journey for you. This has been an obsession for a long time.

Dushan Silva (13:22):
And the current version of Lyre is actually the third version of the comic. So there has been two more versions beforehand. So the first version, I read it in 2000 2002. That’s the first copy.

Morgan Quaid (13:44):
Right. Cool.

Dushan Silva (13:49):
See, I’ll show how that, so that’s the first page.

Morgan Quaid (13:59):
Oh, I see some similarities.

Dushan Silva (14:05):
And then that’s the second version. And so if you see the first that’s page of the second version. And that’s

Morgan Quaid (14:23):
So same story, but you’ve redone

Dushan Silva (14:26):
Ya three times three master. Yes. Wow.

Morgan Quaid (14:30):
So there you go. The

Dushan Silva (14:34):
First and then the final that I’m pretty happy with this.

Morgan Quaid (14:41):
Yeah, yeah. Glad to hear you. Happy with it.

Dushan Silva (14:44):
Yeah. So

Morgan Quaid (14:47):
Wow, there you go. So three different versions and you can see it becoming fuller and richer and as you’ve developed, that’s pretty cool. Yeah.

Dushan Silva (15:00):
So right now I can see like, oh yeah, that’s final remaster strings. So I’m moving on to issue two. Now it’s issue two is done. Then moving on to issue three.

Morgan Quaid (15:18):
So question, then you’re running a Kickstarter, which is starting is it this month that it’s kicking off?

Dushan Silva (15:25):
Yes, it’s probably I’ll announce date. It’ll be within this probably week next week or week after. But it’ll be inside the month. Oh, okay. Yeah,

Morgan Quaid (15:38):
So soon. Okay. All right. So it’s going to be dropping soon. So one question I would ask then, is there a tier or have you thought about doing a tier that, a reward tier that people could back where they get all three versions of the same? The earlier earliest, the mid one, and the final version?

Dushan Silva (15:58):
I haven’t thought about. That would be cool. Yeah, it would be.

Morgan Quaid (16:05):
A lot of you gave me idea. It’s a lot of stuff to do, but it wouldd be a nice sort of extra thing for people that want everything.

Dushan Silva (16:14):
Yeah. So because I haven’t actually done the tire, I have a basic idea what the tires are going to be, but Right. Yeah, I could add That would be a good

Morgan Quaid (16:28):
That’ll be an interesting one. Yeah. Yeah, because accuser agrees. Indeed. Facebook user. There you go. Okay. So that’s really cool. All right, so it’s coming out in a week or so on the Kickstarter do you have any idea what kind of standard tiers there are going to be? Or is there something special you’re thinking you’re going to add in? Other than that, a genius idea that we just discussed, approved by Facebook user.

Dushan Silva (16:59):
So it, it’ll be normal test. It’ll be the first be adding issue one as well. So there’ll be a, that has issue one and two together, and the digital versions, plus I’ll be having a variant cover for issue two. Okay. So plus I’ve seen that. And then I was thinking of doing pencil version of the cover like a variant cover of that. So that’s the pencil version.

Morgan Quaid (17:41):
Very nice. Is that the size that people are going to get? That would be pretty cool.

Dushan Silva (17:48):
Yeah. So that’s a printer. So it’s It’ll be similar to

Morgan Quaid (18:01):
Yeah, yeah,

Dushan Silva (18:03):
Yeah, there. Cool. So that one. And then so it’ll all together and then I’ll have some print posters. And the mega tab would be all, everything plus a sketch, a drawing of any superhero or character, like air force size original art, great of a ink.

Sizzle (18:41):
Well do, we’ve got a question here from the audience.

Dushan Silva (18:44):
Yeah. Oh yes. So that size originally I was drawing it on a four, and then when I tried to print it then I checked the comic book, like a normal standard American comic book size and all. It was bit, so I would have to rearrange all the panels to fit that size. So this book, the original book, you can see this was down a four. And so you got lot of space inside the gers.

Sizzle (19:30):

Dushan Silva (19:31):
So if I do that to the current book you’ll either, you’ll have to crop the panels up to make them fit. You can do it. I tried it but you losing the art artwork. So it can be done but it’s too much. Look. So

Sizzle (19:54):
What you’re saying was like a miscalculation you

Dushan Silva (19:56):
Yeah, yeah, yeah.

Sizzle (19:59):
A certain size paper

Dushan Silva (20:00):
And then certain size. Yeah.

Sizzle (20:01):
Didn’t know that the comic was a different size.

Dushan Silva (20:03):
Yeah, exactly. Yeah. But you can adjust it in Photoshop, like crop the panels up and fix them up. You can get to that size, but I figured it’s too much work for this two. But for the third issue, I might do in the standard comic book size.

Sizzle (20:26):
Oh, nice.

Morgan Quaid (20:27):
Yeah. Or the next time someone asks you just say it was an artistic choice. <laugh>

Sizzle (20:33):
Artistic choice. Yes. Yes. That’s a good,

Morgan Quaid (20:35):
And don’t give him a reason. Just say, oh, it’s just an artistic choice I felt like was the direction I was going in. Yeah, that’s right. I don’t want to be like everyone else. I wanted to do it differently. Yeah, all of mistakes are artistic choice, <laugh>,

What? So tell us about the kind of, obviously Liza, this character from the superhero kind of universe, but it’s a little bit more on the grittier, darker sort of side. You’ve got the whole mutant idea in there. There tends to be a lot of violence and movement and that sort of thing in there. I’m guessing that you lean on a fair bit of the Batman for that sort of stuff, the darker sort of side of things. What sort of heroes, or what sort of characters do you like to draw and write about and create your stories, and what are the kind of characters that you really are drawn to? No pun intended. <laugh> draw.

Dushan Silva (21:43):
The O obvious one is Batman,

And plus I love Dad, Evan. Most of those kind of Wolverine. Plus I’m brought with the design of the character. Batman has his mask, so his covers his nose. He has this design that you don’t show his nose. It’s similar design with Wolverine and Robocop even <inaudible>. But he has his nose. But it’s just the design wise, I’m more drawn to that than the actual characters story behind it. Because everybody, if you see Batman or any character, we don’t first read the comic, we don’t read their stories. We see the visual, we see their design, we act, get attracted with that. And then we later on read the comic story and then we figure out, oh, that’s a cool story. I’m more into it. But our initial thing, drawn attraction is the right. Yeah. So for me, it has to be the, but story wise, there’s no anything that grabs me. If you’re watching a TV show, the first five minutes, you have to get hooked on it. Otherwise I will be bored. I won’t be watching it. So the same principle applies to when I write the story, I’m becoming my own audience. I’ll just think to myself am I interested in reading this book? Am I engaged in the story and I read it? Am I interested in it? So if then I’m happy with it, then is some of the audience will be happy with it. So that’s my main principle when I’m making a story.

Morgan Quaid (24:18):
Right? Yes. The first bite is with the eye as they say. Yeah. First thing is what you see and you go to grab them. So tell us about your experience with

Dushan Silva (24:29):
Another thing is when I do a story,

Morgan Quaid (24:31):
Yeah. Oh, you go? Yep.

Dushan Silva (24:34):
Oh yes. Oh yeah. The way I make a story is first I’ll do a thumbnail sketches of story, and then I’ll fill in the dialogue what they’re going to say. Right. Okay. That later on. But with the Kickstarter thing, so for the first issue I did, the Kickstarter was around I think thousand dollars. The goal was thousand dollars. And I reached around thousand seven, 51,000, seven, 50, and 54 backers, 54 backers. Half of around 30 was physical copies. And yeah, it’s

Morgan Quaid (25:26):
Bad. And how did you find the experience? Because it can be quite a daunting thing the first time you run a kickstart.

Dushan Silva (25:34):
Yes, yes. So sort of an no, in a way, you’re waiting for them to, oh, you have to buy pr, and you’re checking your kickstart each minute, how many people are buying it, how many people, it’s like obsession. And even with the current page. So every time you go and check, oh, is there a new follower? If there’s no new followers for two days, they’re like, oh, fuck, no, depressed. Yeah. Oh, nobody’s following me. And then LA one follower start following it. Oh wow, that’s nice. That made my,

Morgan Quaid (26:24):
It’s like it’s share trading or being on the stock market. You’re just watching it go up and then it goes down. Why is it going down? And

Dushan Silva (26:33):
You, yeah, one time somebody unfollowed. Yeah, it was like 56 or 56. Yeah, 56. And then somebody, it went down 55 and I was like, oh, who wants? And then 56 again, and then 55 again,

Morgan Quaid (26:52):
<laugh>, <laugh>, very, very familiar rollercoaster.

Dushan Silva (26:56):
It went up and up. And now I think, yeah, rollercoaster. Now it’s like 62 when I check today. So I was like, okay, if it reach 60, I won’t check it. I won’t even look at it. But then after five minutes,

Morgan Quaid (27:12):
Good luck with that. I say the same thing every time and it never works. I’ll just check. I’ll just have a quick look. It’s

Dushan Silva (27:21):

Morgan Quaid (27:21):
I’ll be fine. Yeah, yeah, absolutely. It is a rollercoaster, and I dunno if you have this, but I always, day one when it launches, it’ll usually do pretty well and it’ll be like, this is great, this is fantastic. Yeah, yeah. Day two. And I’m already like, oh, this is the worst. This is so dumb. Even it’s like it’s only day two, it’s cause it’s like 30 days or whatever. It’s not a thing that you go to and it’s all done in a day. It’s this long thing.

Dushan Silva (27:51):
Long. And then you started sharing it in groups. Yeah. So you share maybe 30 groups, you get one. Follower

Morgan Quaid (28:05):
Groups are a really, groups and social media are a really interesting one. Yeah,

Dushan Silva (28:09):

Morgan Quaid (28:10):
Because how much is it actually getting through to people? How much are they seeing? And how many of those people are going to actually do anything?

Dushan Silva (28:19):
Yeah, that’s the thing. Most of the first issue that was around 70 followers on the prelaw page, but actual backers were 50, around 54.

Morgan Quaid (28:35):
So yeah, I think that’s normal.

Dushan Silva (28:36):

Morgan Quaid (28:38):
I dunno what it is. It’s just that numbers are always budget.

Dushan Silva (28:42):
Even when I do a Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. Sometimes you get span scans, maybe they would. But when I want to do a share, instead of sharing the same thing, I would like to do a different artwork or I do animation as well. My sort of half background is, so I do animation and to make a ad, a visual ad that works in sometimes, because most people like to watch card videos, then still pictures. So it gets small, broader audience with that sort of marketing. But yeah, it’s mostly promoting your page. Speaking of,

Morgan Quaid (29:49):
There we go, where you go people. So head to liza,, and pick yourself up an awesome book or books in the next we’ll get, actually, yeah, do the What’s the thing? The notify thing? Yeah, the notify thing. Notify. And then you’ll know when it launches it and get in there and support Han’s. Amazing project. Hell yeah. Fantastic. All right. So I’m going to do it sizzle. So I’m just preparing you that I’m going to throw to you for a question soon. So you’ve got a bit of time. I thought we got out of that one. Think of something. I got to share the load a bit. Okay. So duan, one question, and I will make it specifically Batman related for you your favorite I suppose costume is the way to, or your favorite look of Batman. It can either be comics, it can be film, it can be animated, anything like the famous, even if it’s a still or anything like Yeah, favorite

Dushan Silva (31:00):
Look. So if movie wise the Ben Netflix Batman versus Superman costume. Nice. That’s the best. That’s the perfect. And the warehouse scene in that movie where he goes to save Superman’s mother.

Morgan Quaid (31:24):
Yeah, that is cool.

Dushan Silva (31:25):
That scene, that’s the only scene you need for a Batman movie where he fights. I mean, he can’t stop that.

Morgan Quaid (31:35):
Yeah, that’s a good choice. That is. And it’s one that I get as well. It’s not some, it’s pure comic reference that I don’t understand that. That’s perfect. Yes. That makes sense. Excellent choice. All right. Sizzle your turn for a question. You only have to ask one. Ask one.

Sizzle (31:54):
I’m going to go for something really silly.

Morgan Quaid (31:56):

Sizzle (31:58):
Maybe I’m not hip, maybe I don’t know what’s, what’s fashionable these days, but why are the bell bottoms?

Dushan Silva (32:06):
Well, I, personal thing, I love bell bottoms. I don’t know why. Oh, okay. I love the look of it. But for Liza I wanted it to be more like the seventies grind, grindhouse kind of feel to eat. Nice. So that’s another reason she has that. But it’s personal thing. I like the look of it. Yeah. <laugh>.

Sizzle (32:37):
Good answer.

Morgan Quaid (32:38):
There you go. Bell bottoms. So yeah, I agree, Peter. I agree.

Dushan Silva (32:44):

Morgan Quaid (32:47):
Okay. So couple of quick questions before we wrap things up. So the future world, all ink is erased from human bodies, everyone. It’s mandated that everyone has to get one tattoo. What is that tattoo that you get and where do you get it on your body?

Dushan Silva (33:07):
Anything? I’d probably get a Jim Lee Batman rowing on probably on my arm.

Morgan Quaid (33:16):
Ooh, nice.

Dushan Silva (33:23):
Probably that. That’s actually my drink, but

Morgan Quaid (33:29):
I don’t realize the drink so big. That’s huge.

Dushan Silva (33:32):
It’s like a two size.

Morgan Quaid (33:34):
Oh wow. Wow, wow. How do you have any room in your house? Yeah, that’s awesome. I

Dushan Silva (33:42):
Know. I <laugh>. Wow. Okay.

Morgan Quaid (33:46):
All right. So next question. You have to pass on a toy to your children and to future generations. And it’s only one toy. What do you pass on?

Dushan Silva (34:01):
I’ll show you.

Morgan Quaid (34:02):
Oh, nice.

Dushan Silva (34:04):
Hold on. <laugh>.

Morgan Quaid (34:17):
Oh, the

Dushan Silva (34:17):
Classic DC direct.

Morgan Quaid (34:22):
There you go. Nice choice. There you go. That’s what you get. Kiddies,

Dushan Silva (34:27):

Morgan Quaid (34:29):
I get the Batman, the Hush Batman. Very good. Alright, so next question.

Yeah, you do get that feel when you’re reading it as well, that kind of grind. You can hear the music in the background and the <laugh> when you, you’re reading it. Okay, so this one, there’s some stakes. All right? So you have to make a choice and we’ll see whether it goes well or it does not go well. So it’s not just a question, answer thing. All right? So the far future humanity is served by a new servant class, a new race of creatures that serve us and look after our kids and do our laundry and cook and clean for us and all that sort of stuff. And you as the decider of all things, get to decide which of these two options we go for. One is we have robots or ai self-aware, AI robots, things that take care of all of our needs and are completely not suspicious at all. Or the other option is a race of demonn creatures that are shackled and held in place with magic. So you get to choose, and then we will flip to see <laugh>, how that goes. Which would you prefer? What’s your choice?

Dushan Silva (35:48):
Ai. Robots.

Morgan Quaid (35:50):
You’re going to go ai.

Dushan Silva (35:51):

Morgan Quaid (35:53):
You’re not going anywhere near the demons at all.

Dushan Silva (35:56):
They’re uncontrollable. At least for ai, you can have a way to <laugh> control them, right?

Morgan Quaid (36:04):
All right, so I’m going to flip a coin or my version of a coin, which is a bit of paper with, so we will see how this goes. All right, here we go. Oh, hang on.

Okay. So the first 10 years go fairly smoothly. Things are good. The AI and the robots and everything look after us and they develop and they develop very quickly and they start to develop emotions. And that’s where things go really, really, really bad. So I won’t tell you how bad, but let’s just say that in the end, the whole who serves sort of swapped around. And we have a bit of a matrix situation where we are basically used as battery power for the new race that dominates the globe. And I mean the good news is they go to space, they go, they have interstella travel and all this sort of wonderful stuff. The bad news is that our part in that is that we are just stuck in the back of their spaceships charging up the power used as a power supply. So unfortunately on that occasion it doesn’t go well. But thank you for playing. It’s been a good choice. And yeah, we won’t go for that one. And then the final rapid question you have to invent. Indeed, indeed, indeed we do. So the final question for me, you have to invent a new type of vegetable. What is it and why? And it can be anything that you want.

Dushan Silva (37:39):
That’s an odd question.

Morgan Quaid (37:42):
That’s that pizza. We ask the important questions here. Information,

Dushan Silva (37:47):
Pizza, vegetable. Oh

Morgan Quaid (37:51):
Yeah, pizza, vegetable. What sort of shape is it?

Dushan Silva (37:57):
Shape of a pizza. Like a pizza.

Morgan Quaid (37:59):
It’s just a pizza. So it’s just a pizza, but it happens to grow from the ground and then it just blossoms into a pizza shape. Is there some sort of, does it come from a tree that has barks that sort of somehow grows into a square sort of box shape? Yeah. So you not only do you get the pizza, you get the box with it as well and some sort of thing.

Dushan Silva (38:26):
The pizza.

Morgan Quaid (38:28):
<laugh>. So just pizza then. All right. So it’s ladies and gentlemen, it’s the pizza plant. Pizza coming. Pizza to pizza. Love a place near you. The old pizza plant back. Yeah. Yeah. I would be as large as a house if I had one of those. Unless it had something where you didn’t get large by eating it, that would be great. Well let’s just add that in there for my sake. Yeah. Alright, so let’s bring up the campaign again. So people we need to go to support this.

Sizzle (39:02):
My mind,

Morgan Quaid (39:04):
Lizza Ray, do Cool And that will take you straight to the Kickstarter, hit Notify and you’ll find out when it lands, get in and support this amazing project and get yourself some awesome comic stuff. Duan, thank you for joining us on the comic show. It has been, thank

Dushan Silva (39:19):
You for having

Morgan Quaid (39:20):
Fantastic chatting with you and all the best with your campaign and future drawings and projects and Liza Ray and all of that that wonderful stuff.

Dushan Silva (39:30):
Thank you for having me. Really appreciate it and I enjoyed it as well. And a shout,

Morgan Quaid (39:39):

Dushan Silva (39:40):
Hang on. For sk he, he’s the one who introduced me

Morgan Quaid (39:43):
To of

Dushan Silva (39:43):
Course. And thank you for Shane. You are being <laugh> the best. You and SK are the best thing happened to me because of Oh, awesome. Without you too. I won’t be even having anything right now. Thank you.

Morgan Quaid (40:00):
Yeah, shout. Shout. So shout out to Sil, shout out to SK who did the letters on the comic and as always is fantastic and awesome and always as is sizzle. So yeah, thanks. That’s great.

Sizzle (40:13):
Just sort that.

Morgan Quaid (40:15):
Yeah, why not, why not? All right, well over to you Sizzle for the final. We

Sizzle (40:24):
Got a great show from Carrie.

Morgan Quaid (40:26):
Thanks Carrie,

Sizzle (40:27):
Thank you from Esk. Thanks.

Morgan Quaid (40:29):
Hey, thanks Esk.

Sizzle (40:32):
Then I’ll just get to the right screen. Okay, well thank you everyone for watching. Thank you Duchenne. Thank you Morgan for hosting and yeah, remember there is drink and draw this Friday. The topic is Daredevil, so send in your pictures. I should have had this ready. I bet I haven’t.

Morgan Quaid (40:54):
Do you want me to just do this? Hey, looks like this, but red. Oh no. I thought you were trying to show what looks like. Oh

Sizzle (41:02):
No, no. Send in your art to art at com studio. That would be awesome. You can send it in now. You can send it in up to nine o’clock Friday night because after that, well the show finishes so we can’t show it. So yeah, so send in your art. Then we’ve got the Sunday show on, well, Sunday, Sunday Spotlight and that’s got N S K is coming on hopefully this time. Cause we missed the last week. So yeah, that’s going on there. Let’s up the Lizza rating again so everyone can see that

Morgan Quaid (41:38):
<laugh> like and subscribe. <laugh> also,

Sizzle (41:42):
Li can subscribe. Yes. Sorry, I can’t believe I forgot that. Someone’s an excellent guy. Probably Duchenne.

Morgan Quaid (41:48):
Yeah. Agreed. Agreed.

Sizzle (41:51):
Woohoo. Yep. So I’m making a mess of this outro

Morgan Quaid (41:57):
And <laugh> coming for a while. I’ll say that it’s, it’s still going. It’s

Sizzle (42:03):
Still like,

Morgan Quaid (42:04):
Hey, it is. Subscribe. There it is.

Sizzle (42:07):
And subscribe.

Morgan Quaid (42:08):
Yeah, that’s it.

Sizzle (42:11):
Thank you very much. Have a good night everyone. See you on the other show. See you next week. See you in a fortnight with Morgan again. Good night.

Morgan Quaid (42:19):
Yeah, see you. Thanks. Bye-bye.

Voice Over (42:21):
Check out com for all things coms and find out what X is all about. We hope you enjoyed the show.