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First AusComX show back for 2023… see you there on Wednesday night, the 4th of Jan!

Join long-time creative pals, Dana and Sheydin as they discuss all things gruesome about Billie Bones & The Apocalypse featuring Bob The Dog.

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Sizzle (00:10):
Happy New Year everyone, and welcome to

Sheydin Dew (00:12):
The Yes.

Sizzle (00:14):
Yes, and welcome to the first show of the Oz Comics Show for 2023. Almost forgot year. I was almost going to say 2022. I’m still stuck in that year but no, it’s a new year. So we have a new host for the show. Hello Shaden.

Sheydin Dew (00:34):
Hello. I’m very excited to be here. I think it’s going to be a good year.

Sizzle (00:39):
And tonight we have the guest of dk, also known as Dana King, to talk about these buildings here. Let’s see if I’m facing the right way. Woo. So that’s pretty cool. Oh, what have we got here? Oh, look at that. Oh, well look at that. Bit of shade and magic. Okay, well let’s get on with the show. Let’s go talk to Dana King.

Dana King (DK) (01:24):
It’s the hello

Sheydin Dew (01:28):

Dana King (DK) (01:29):
Hello. Thanks for having me,

Sheydin Dew (01:32):
<laugh>. It’s our pleasure as always. Oh my gosh. Well, how have you been? How’s your new year? Let’s hear it.

Dana King (DK) (01:39):
It’s awesome. I just chillax, I didn’t do much really? <laugh> I oh, sorry. My dog is trying to pull out my headphones.

Sheydin Dew (01:50):
Have a good friend here.

Dana King (DK) (01:51):
Oh God. <laugh> hang. Ok, I’m back. Yeah, just pretty much just relaxed the whole time. Didn’t get up too much. Really. <laugh>

Sheydin Dew (02:02):
Cooperating for a creative year. I hear are here. Are we?

Dana King (DK) (02:05):
I am. Hopefully a big year.

Sheydin Dew (02:08):
Yes. Oh my gosh. Well, we’ll have to hear all about it. But yeah, I just wanted to start off the show with why don’t you talk a little bit about your creative journey. Give us a little bit of a taste of Dana.

Dana King (DK) (02:20):
All right. Well I started drawing when I was really young. I always loved shoring, so I yeah, just from when I can remember, I just was always drawing. My mom and dad were actually sign riders, so I guess I got the creative flair from them.

Sheydin Dew (02:45):
Dunno, Dana and I pals on the creative essay, so I’m learning some things tonight, that’s for sure.

Dana King (DK) (02:56):
Yeah, so my mom actually went to art school, so she worked with a lot of different medias and taught me a lot of things. So I grew up with all that and I never went to art school myself or did any courses. So I’m all, and yeah, just went, I’m from there. I guess. <laugh>

Sheydin Dew (03:19):
So lucky to have people in your family. So what is that like for you? So do you guys bounce ideas off each other constantly or something like that or,

Dana King (DK) (03:27):

Sheydin Dew (03:28):
Creative blood in the family.

Dana King (DK) (03:30):
Yes. I think, yeah, my whole family’s pretty creative actually. My mom and I, we are pretty close. See? Yeah. With Billy Bones, we really write the story together basically. Yeah. So anything crude or a bit in the comic is probably from my mom. So <laugh>.

Sheydin Dew (03:58):

Dana King (DK) (03:59):
Yes, yes. I

Sheydin Dew (04:00):
Would never, I’ve met your mom few times at markets and conventions. Yeah. She seems never

Dana King (DK) (04:04):
Affect it. Deep down, deep down <laugh>, God, when we together we get a bit. Yeah. Bit crazy.

Sheydin Dew (04:14):
Well, can you tell us a little bit of some of your projects that you’ve done in the past? Maybe touch on that a little bit.

Dana King (DK) (04:22):
Yeah. Well my first big major project was Billy Bones, so that probably six years ago I reckon now. So that was my first published piece. Then I went onto a children’s book called Dino Ramma Ice Cream Drama. I remember

Sheydin Dew (04:42):

Dana King (DK) (04:43):
<laugh> pretty cool. Yeah. And then, yeah, just kept focusing on Billy Bones. So up to volume four now, so keep

Sheydin Dew (04:51):
Going. Solid. Good. Yeah, sounds like you’re building quite quite a portfolio there and definitely having your books on my shelf. I’m very awesome. Yes.

Dana King (DK) (05:00):

Sheydin Dew (05:01):
And I think it’s really important to note that we as creators, I think is very lucky as being the first show of the year. Yes. We were kind of parallel for a while. I mean, you’ve kind of soared right past me, but we were parallel for a while with No Man’s Land and Billy Bones for a second.

Dana King (DK) (05:18):
Yes, we was. Yeah. We’ve

Sheydin Dew (05:19):
Only got a very tight bond in the comic scene. Yes. So it was always really nice to note there was someone else bring

Dana King (DK) (05:26):
’em out together. Yeah, yeah.

Sheydin Dew (05:27):
Very creative gal like you right beside me. So yeah, that was

Dana King (DK) (05:30):

Sheydin Dew (05:31):
So cool. So you talked a little bit about your mum. Yeah, a little bit, a team member so to speak. Are there any other inspirations that you have? Maybe music or TV shows or inspirational figures? Tell me.

Dana King (DK) (05:50):
So yeah, music influences me a lot actually. Yes. <laugh>, I always have to listen to music when I’m doing art. Yeah. I can’t really create when I’m not listening to anything. So music and even just watching music videos as well is pretty cool. Yeah. Just how anything creative can come together, like music, art love that. Movies, film. I’m a bit of a movie buff. I yeah, love animation. Disney Love Tim Burden is a inspiration of mine and Simpsons as well.

Sheydin Dew (06:35):
Oh, the Simpsons. Oh my god. I can definitely see the Tim Burton. Is there any Tim Burton in particular that you really resonate with or movie or work

Dana King (DK) (06:45):
From him? I really love Nightmare Before Christmas. That’s probably my all time favorite. Yes. But just him himself though inspires me, cuz I think he’s sort of like an outcast. But yeah, I don’t know, just the way he creates and the different medias he uses and clay emotion and sketches. I think it’s pretty cool.

Sheydin Dew (07:11):
I say actually from saying The Nightmare before Christmas.

Dana King (DK) (07:15):

Sheydin Dew (07:16):
Is it safe to say that perhaps the lovely figure to your left or right? Yes, I, yes. Is he? I

Dana King (DK) (07:24):
Don’t even, there we go.

Sheydin Dew (07:26):
Is he inspired by?

Dana King (DK) (07:28):
Yes, he actually, he actually isn’t. No, he’s not. Yeah, when I created him, I actually didn’t think of Tim Burton or Jack Skellington or anything like that really. I just sort of made him and there I thought, oh, he, yeah, he does resemble Jack Skellington a little bit. Yeah.

Sheydin Dew (07:52):
Bob Ross, A happy accident kind of thing. Yes.

Dana King (DK) (07:54):

Sheydin Dew (07:55):
Nice. I love it. I love it. I love it. Oh my God. So I guess touching on a little bit of Billy Bones, your masterpiece. Yeah. I’ve got questions here for you <laugh>. What made you go into that specific genre? What made you go so gruesome? I love that

Dana King (DK) (08:15):
Background. <laugh> so gruesome. Well, I really love old school horror movies like Hash Fists, evil Dead even Idle Hands, like the Comedy Horror. I don’t know if you’ve seen that one. No, not really. No. It’s like a horror comedy. So I love those kind of movies. <laugh>, like when they’re mashed together. So I’ve always grown up with that kind of thing. I love Walking Dead. I don’t know, I just love zombies and horror kind of things. So yeah, I had to make a zombie movie or comic. So how

Sheydin Dew (08:55):
Also you do say a little bit in your comic as well of some of the ideas. I can’t remember which one of, but you always have so much information and a few little Easter eggs in the back of your books, which I think is amazing. I think it’s great genius. Oh my gosh. So obviously you’ve released three Billy Bones books in your series and there is, I believe a fourth one. Am I correct?

Dana King (DK) (09:21):
There is, yes. I’ve wrote that out. What was that

Sheydin Dew (09:23):

Dana King (DK) (09:24):
October. October last year.

Sheydin Dew (09:27):
Oh my god, it’s so pretty. It’s purple collection,

Dana King (DK) (09:32):
Three volume. I dunno if you notice. Probably <laugh>. I do different colors. So yes, the first one’s red, blue, pink, and purple.

Sheydin Dew (09:42):
I love it. I love it. Oh my God. So obviously you’ve just released the fourth one. Yeah. How many are going to be in the series?

Dana King (DK) (09:51):
Well, I’m hoping 10, so I dunno why it’s just number, it checked out 10, so, oh my God. <laugh>

Sheydin Dew (10:00):
Lots more of Billy Bones. It’s still

Dana King (DK) (10:02):
Going to be, yes. Lot less. That’s awesome coming.

Sheydin Dew (10:05):
Oh that’s, that’s such great news. That’s amazing. So other than Billy Bones, do you have any other future projects that you’re doing? Comic related projects?

Dana King (DK) (10:14):
Yes. Well,

Sheydin Dew (10:16):

Dana King (DK) (10:16):
Do have a comic idea and I would really love to do it. I hope. Yeah, hopefully this year I can do it. But yeah, I’ll focus on Billy Bones and try and release this other one.

Sheydin Dew (10:31):
Just do you think there might be another one, another Billy Bones coming out this year? Are you going to try and do it year by year kind of thing or what’s the,

Dana King (DK) (10:39):
The go? Yeah. Yes. I reckon volume five will be out this year. Yes.

Sheydin Dew (10:46):
Oh my God. Can you give us details of when abouts possibly or not yet?

Dana King (DK) (10:52):
I’m hoping around April, maybe April. May.

Sheydin Dew (10:57):
Wow. That’s just, oh yes. Oh my God. I

Dana King (DK) (11:00):
Can plan when I go to conventions to release it together. So

Sheydin Dew (11:05):
Yes. Smart. Yes, I do this. Very clever. You’re a business that’s got a,

Sizzle (11:14):
From the audience, from Travis.

Sheydin Dew (11:17):
Travis, Travis. Hello. Hello. Yes, we can what

Sizzle (11:21):
Know about Billy Bob drawn from skeletal anatomies of person and dog respectively? Or were your characters design done for imagination?

Sheydin Dew (11:29):
Oh, okay. What a good question.

Dana King (DK) (11:31):
That is a good question. Well, originally Billy Bones was actually a t-shirt design. So I yeah, I have a clothing line and I wanted to create something like bit punky sort of rock. So I made him first and I was just looking at skeletons and just seeing how they were and that’s how I come up with him. And then with Bob the dog, I thought he needs a sidekick. So of course the dog, I love dogs. And then so Bob, the inspired by my own dog, <laugh> Bailey. And so yeah, we bob the dog though I sort of just came up with her from my imagination. I didn’t really like Google dog skeletons or anything, so that’s too far. So

Sheydin Dew (12:32):
That’s awesome. Awesome, awesome, awesome. I also noticed with your character design with Billy specifically, that he has a specific record in his head.

Dana King (DK) (12:41):
He does.

Sheydin Dew (12:42):
Is that the final record? Record or what’s the story behind?

Dana King (DK) (12:47):
So yeah, when I was creating the comic at the same time, I actually done some character tours for that band. So I’d done some artwork of them and they noticed it. So I, at that time I thought, oh, maybe I could ask them if I could have their band <laugh> name in his record. And they said, yeah, that’s cool. So that was it.

Sheydin Dew (13:12):
<laugh> like a b. It’s pretty lucky still. Yeah, that’s awesome. Yeah. Yeah. I love it. I love it. So you’ve got a lot of projects coming up in the year or so I wanna really dig your brain. Where do you see yourself in say, two or five years time? Really throwing it out? Wow. What do you wanna be doing?

Dana King (DK) (13:35):
Well, I’d love to have a studio, an actual studio. That’s the dream goal. So yeah, just a creative place where other creatives can come and get together. Can be other musicians, anything like that to create, take lessons. Just this creative studio. So yeah, that’s my dream. So hopefully nice in a few years.

Sheydin Dew (14:03):
A few years. Yeah. Oh my God. Oh, I hope to see it because, oh my god, I would love to be there. I would love to see it. Oh my God, that’d

Dana King (DK) (14:11):
Be awesome.

Sheydin Dew (14:13):
I know we talked a little bit about Billy and Bob as well. Yep. I’m really glad to Travis set that question in because it’s leading onto my next question. Okay. If you could inherit any traits from your characters, what would it be and why?

Dana King (DK) (14:27):
Well, I think <laugh> Billy Bones, I reckon his guitar playing skills, I think that would be pretty awesome. I play guitar. Do you? But not, I do <laugh>, but not as good, not as good as silly bands.

Sheydin Dew (14:43):
How long have you been playing?

Dana King (DK) (14:47):
I’ve been playing a few years now, but I self, I was self-taught to begin with, but now I take lessons. So <laugh>,

Sheydin Dew (14:55):
How long have you been doing lessons? For?

Dana King (DK) (14:59):
About two years now. So yes,

Sheydin Dew (15:03):
<laugh> next Jimmy Hendrix. She’s going to do it.

Dana King (DK) (15:06):
I dunno, I dunno about that.

Sheydin Dew (15:10):
So I guess, which character is more like yourself you’d say? Is it more Bob or is it more Billy?

Dana King (DK) (15:20):
I’m sort of leaning towards Bob actually. She’s quite sarcastic and I, I’m sarcastic. See <laugh> just

Sheydin Dew (15:32):
Like, well you designed her. Yes.

Dana King (DK) (15:34):
Or Drew. Yes, yes. Yeah,

Sheydin Dew (15:36):

Dana King (DK) (15:36):
The little jokes and things. So yeah.

Sheydin Dew (15:39):
Well you said that she inspired by that Bailey the dog.

Dana King (DK) (15:43):
Bailey my dog. She’s here right now.

Sheydin Dew (15:45):
What’s Bailey like? Is she to Bob the dog or? She

Dana King (DK) (15:49):
Is, she’s

Sheydin Dew (15:52):
She’s very,

Dana King (DK) (15:53):
She’s a diva so she’s very she’s really good. She’s a really nice dog. But yeah, she does have a side to her. She’s a bit sassy. So

Sheydin Dew (16:04):
<laugh>, you say that both of you are kind of sarcastic in your own ways. They do say that your dog is very similar to the owner.

Dana King (DK) (16:11):
Yes, I know. Well she does look like me a little bit sometimes <laugh> and

Sheydin Dew (16:17):
Dog is come. Oh my God. Please, please. I love to moment

Dana King (DK) (16:24):

Sheydin Dew (16:25):
Oh my God. On <laugh>. Is that the band that you’ve been designing as well?

Dana King (DK) (16:38):
Yes. So this is a new patch. That’s her <laugh> bar

Sheydin Dew (16:42):
Magnet does it all. She does it all.

Dana King (DK) (16:46):
So this is the voice of Bob the dog. She actually voices her sometimes when I make animations. That’s

Sheydin Dew (16:55):
Right, yes. You’ve got one of your volumes now. Is it two or three? I think it’s

Dana King (DK) (17:01):
Three, yeah, three

Sheydin Dew (17:02):
Has sound effects. So you’ve got a qr. Yes. And you can scan it and it comes up with the sounds as you’re reading it. Thank you.

Dana King (DK) (17:13):

Sheydin Dew (17:13):
Tried to

Dana King (DK) (17:18):
Do little different things in each comic. So yeah, the third one has that and the fourth one has music. So it’ll link you to Spotify songs that inspired me with the different artworks in it.

Sheydin Dew (17:31):
So good. So good. You you’re coming up with all the grand ideas. Oh my God, Dana. I love it. Thank you. Thank you. So which of your characters would you, I mean, I guess is it kind of a given if you are like Bob the dog, would you say that Billy is someone who you’d actually be friends with in real life? Is that kind of safe to say? Would you <laugh> yourself being friends with the him?

Dana King (DK) (17:58):
I guess so. Mean he seems like a cool guy. I think <laugh>,

Sheydin Dew (18:01):
Yes. Yeah, yeah. Together. It’d be amazing. Yeah,

Dana King (DK) (18:04):
It would be awesome. I think I would be a little bit scared though, just a skeleton walking around and talking. But

Sheydin Dew (18:12):
<laugh> zombies are around every freaking corner. Yes, <laugh> amazing. Alright. Okay. So which character did you enjoy drawing the most and why? I’m very intrigued by this question.

Dana King (DK) (18:28):
Okay. I think, I mean they’re both cool to draw. I think Billy Bones actually though, because he does take a lot longer to do than Bob <laugh>. But he just has more interesting things like his jacket and his guitar and his record. I just find it fun to draw

Sheydin Dew (18:52):
And I love the record how it’s a Mohawk or it looks like a Mohawk. I think that was a great fun. I love it. I love it. Oh my God. So do you reckon maybe Bob the dog was probably easier and faster for you to draw?

Dana King (DK) (19:09):
Yeah, definitely. Yeah. Bob’s a lot easier to draw than Billy cuz Billy has a lot of ribs and his legs have all <laugh> heaps of bones on him. And even his jewelry, he is about two necklaces. He is got rings on his fingers and earrings. So Bob only has a necklace. So <laugh> a lot easier.

Sheydin Dew (19:36):
<laugh>. How, I love how Bob’s ears are little bones. Bones as well. Think that’s a cute little design. I love it so much. Thank

Dana King (DK) (19:45):

Sheydin Dew (19:46):
Oh my God. All right, cool. Well I’m very glad that you answered my questions cause I was very interested. So any of your characters inspired by real life people? I know

Dana King (DK) (20:06):
Little bit. So Billy Bones I made him, he was first a t-shirt design, so then I had to make him come to life and I thought, oh what, who’s a really cool guitarist or someone? So my favorite guitarist Chris Chink from the Living End and Billy from Green Day. So I sort of meshed them together a little bit. So inspired by him, those two guys a little bit. And yeah, I guess, yeah, I dunno. <laugh> that definitely,

Sheydin Dew (20:50):
I can definitely see Billy from Green Day. As soon as you said that, I was like, oh my god, I see it in Billy. That’s amazing. Yes.

Dana King (DK) (20:59):
Yeah. And even his name, people think I named him after Billy, but there’s actually another guy called Billy Bones, but spelled with a Y. So Oh, I didn’t wanna copy so I did it ie. So, oh, who is Billy

Sheydin Dew (21:15):
Y? Who is he?

Dana King (DK) (21:17):
I think he’s in a band as well. Okay. In America. So yeah, I didn’t really know at the time, so I just changed his name slightly.

Sheydin Dew (21:29):
So can you perhaps talk us a little bit how you created your series, maybe some step by step? How did you bring this to life? How

Dana King (DK) (21:40):
I actually attended a lot of Comicon and conventions and I noticed everyone had their own comic book and I didn’t have it at that time, so I thought, oh I need to make one <laugh>. So that’s when I went back at my designs and saw Billy and then it went on from there. So started creating a story around him and that’s when I came up with the sidekick. He needs a sidekick and then he just evolved from there.

Sheydin Dew (22:12):
Amazing. So what was the most challenging thing, do you think?

Dana King (DK) (22:17):
Probably, yeah, the storyline. I reckon because since he’s a skeleton it’s like why is he still okay? And the zombies around mindless zombies, yes. Why is he still living? So that’s when I edited, added his heart and his brain and so he can still sort of live <laugh> in. Yeah, so it’s not a mindless eating zombie. <laugh>

Sheydin Dew (22:45):
Hard when you have to try and flesh out the possible pothole and stuff like that. I completely understand where you’re coming from. Those are definitely hard things to get around. Yeah. So what did you do to actually create the book itself? Did you go storyline first script storyboarding? What was your process?

Dana King (DK) (23:07):
So I wrote a little bit of the story first and then I would do a storyboard. That’s it behind there I think. Yeah, that’s still <laugh> see Yeah, I would write a storyboard and then I’d sketch it out as well on there. There’s little drawings and writing <laugh> and then I would actually illustrate it and then I would write it so that way I can change the story if I need. Or the illustrator at the same time.

Sheydin Dew (23:41):
So methodical. I love that about you. So what was the most rewarding part would you say? You said that you went to convention for that. Was that something that you really was rewarding for you and why was it rewarding?

Dana King (DK) (23:56):
Probably more so now that I have a lot more volumes and it’s like awesome when there’s people coming up for the next volume and oh wow, people actually love this and oh that. Yeah,

Sheydin Dew (24:10):
Yeah, I know what you mean.

Dana King (DK) (24:11):
So that’s really awesome. So that’s why I keep doing it.

Sheydin Dew (24:16):
So it’s kinda like the first interaction and you get to meet friends along the way and stuff like that.

Dana King (DK) (24:21):
Yeah, the people, yeah, the community. Yeah,

Sheydin Dew (24:24):
I love it. I love it. So what kind of equipment and software do you use in your process?

Dana King (DK) (24:31):
So when I do the illustrations, I usually sketch it out first. Just pencil, paper traditional one. Then I’ll use Photoshop. So that’s my main thing that I use to create the illustrations. I’ll write, I do the writing in Illustrator too, so actually literally write it. I don’t type that cuz it’s really scratchy writing, so mm-hmm All drawn too. So yeah, foot Drop is my main program.

Sheydin Dew (25:07):
Interesting. And so how long did this cast yourself back to the first volume that you did? Okay, how long did that take you from start to finish? Say finish being you go to your first convention with your comic on your table, how long did that take you?

Dana King (DK) (25:24):
Trying to remember. I think it was pretty quick actually this one because I knew a convention was coming up, so it was sort of rushed. So I sort of thought, oh I need to get it out quickly because yeah, I want it for this convention. So maybe a month, I reckon. Yeah, it wasn’t too long. I really, because yeah, the volume one is actually a lot shorter than any of the other volumes so yeah, it was really quick.

Sheydin Dew (25:58):
Yeah. So would you say number one is it kind of acts like a prologue for you?

Dana King (DK) (26:03):
Yeah, I guess so, yes. Yeah, there it is. Yeah. So as you can, it’s a lot thinner than the,

Sheydin Dew (26:11):
Yeah. Yeah. And I think that sets up your story perfectly, the whole world as well. You’ve gotta look at a story that builds upon the first issue, which is kind of like a weld building, I would say my, yeah. Yeah, that’s fantastic. So we talked a little bit about one of the biggest challenges for you, which was writing around the logistics of your story and things like that. So what is the best process for you? Is it storyboarding or would you say it’s more like putting in those finer details in your drawings or is it literate or is it publishing or is it all the above

Dana King (DK) (26:46):
Everything? I probably definitely storyboarding. I when I’m actually illustrating, I’ll turn around, make sure I’m doing it right, make sure I’m following the story. So yeah, storyboard is the number one thing.

Sheydin Dew (27:05):
And do you stick pretty true to your first thumbnail sketches that you do and

Dana King (DK) (27:10):
Your script pretty close? Sometimes halfway through I’ll be like, oh no, I need another 10 pages, another 10 illustrations. And I used Indeed keep <laugh>. Yes, we need more

Sheydin Dew (27:24):
Room creativity. Cuz once you’re in the room, I dunno, you’re the same, but I’m just like, oh my god, I got all these ideas and I didn’t think of

Dana King (DK) (27:30):
Them when I was, and it sort of happened with volume two, I just kept going. That’s why it’s really <laugh>.

Sheydin Dew (27:37):
Oh my God. Oh, okay. All right. So do you have any Easter eggs or fun little facts? I know we’ve already talked about a few things from your mom. Yes. Philly from Green Day. Are there any other interesting little facts or Easter eggs that you

Dana King (DK) (27:51):
Could del into? I treasure throughout the comics Puu Easter eggs of films, of movies, scenes or even in the music shop there’s like little album covers and I’m like write on there.

Sheydin Dew (28:11):
Did pick up.

Dana King (DK) (28:14):
Yeah. Yes. I think I put the Whiteish album in one, so Oh,

Sheydin Dew (28:21):
Out there you can definitely find some eat drinks in this amazing little series Dana has. So definitely don’t sleep on this. That’s for sure. So obviously you’ve been in the South Australian convention scene community circuit for a while. What are some of your best conventions that you’ve been to and why?

Dana King (DK) (28:43):
Probably the smaller events, actually. The like paper cuts and Comic and Toy Fair. Yes. I think, yes. I think because it’s a smaller community, I think everyone that goes there really appreciates all the artists and the indie created. So I really love them.

Sheydin Dew (29:07):
I can’t agree with you more. Oh my God. Shout out to Paper cuts. Yes.

Dana King (DK) (29:12):
I hope they’re back this year.

Sheydin Dew (29:13):
Yeah, hopefully to everyone in South Australia thinking are coming to South Australia. Paper cuts is the festival to go to. Yes. Awesome. It has got a bit of a hiatus, but it’s definitely worth your wild. Yeah, so hopefully I love paper cuts. I think it’s a fantastic, it spans over a week for those who don’t know there’s everything from talks to readings to an exhibition and there’s a few workshops and markets involved. So it’s a whole festival, it’s fantastic. And it’s run by our very own Georgina Chatterton and Owen Heman. I hope I’m pronouncing that right. Just Owen mate Owen. But they put much effort and not, but anyway, back to Dana. Back to Dana. So where else do you sell your comic? For those who are with us tonight, where can we find your little gem?

Dana King (DK) (30:06):
So just on my [email protected], it’s where you can get those from. And all my other artwork is on my Instagram at Dikata Studios. So there,

Sheydin Dew (30:23):
Now I’m going to throw you back, but I remember on your Instagram did you have Billy Bones at Green Light Comics and Gamma Rays in Adelaide? Is

Dana King (DK) (30:33):
That correct? Yes, I do. Yes. Are they They’re still, yes, are

Sheydin Dew (30:37):
Still there. There you go guys, if you ever your find yourself in the city, go to those stores, find a little gem. Oh my God. So do you have any plans of getting them anywhere else in particular? Or what’s your

Dana King (DK) (30:49):
Goal? Well the dream is an animation <laugh>, I hope, one day. Oh, awesome. So that’d be pretty awesome. Yeah, that’s the end goal I think. <laugh>.

Sheydin Dew (31:04):
Oh my god, would it, so if you had an animation, yeah. What kind of soundtrack would you put it on? What, tell me, I’m so excited. <laugh> the soundtrack going to be like, would it

Dana King (DK) (31:17):
I guess well in volume four, I know you haven’t read it, but I do include a few songs in there that have inspired the scenes. So I guess those songs. And I actually have a playlist on Spotify of a heap of songs that inspired the series as well. So <laugh>, a lot of different genres.

Sheydin Dew (31:39):
The record in Billy’s head, so that was a band here in Adelaide, is that correct? Yeah,

Dana King (DK) (31:48):
It’s the living end.

Sheydin Dew (31:49):
It’s the living end. Oh okay

Dana King (DK) (31:52):

Sheydin Dew (31:53):
Yeah. Cause yeah, that’d be cool if you could get maybe an Adelaide band or something like that.

Dana King (DK) (31:58):
Yes. I actually feature a few bands in my comics as well. So local ones. So I like to involve.

Sheydin Dew (32:08):
And what’s really exciting, I’ve seen people walk around with your merch, your apparel. Oh

Dana King (DK) (32:23):
That’s so cool.

Sheydin Dew (32:24):
My god. So an animation. So yes. Tell me when do you maybe

Dana King (DK) (32:30):
<laugh>? I dunno yet. I

Sheydin Dew (32:32):
Dunno. And where do you wanna get it released?

Dana King (DK) (32:34):
Well yeah, I really don’t know yet. But yeah, I just not sure. Should it be films or should it be TV show? Not sure yet. So

Sheydin Dew (32:48):
In the pipeline, but we just dunno.

Dana King (DK) (32:50):
Yes, it’s the dream.

Sheydin Dew (32:54):
So you’ve done heaps in your comic career. What is your biggest achievement and why?

Dana King (DK) (33:00):
My biggest not, that’s probably besides

Sheydin Dew (33:06):

Dana King (DK) (33:07):
<laugh>. Sorry,

Sheydin Dew (33:09):
Besides Billy Bones obviously.

Dana King (DK) (33:11):
Ooh I guess I don’t know, I guess expanding myself. I started pretty small and now when I go to conventions people come up to me and they say, oh hey dk. And I’m like, huh, I don’t know you. But it’s like, it’s a bit of a

Sheydin Dew (33:36):
Now as well. Yes,

Dana King (DK) (33:37):
It’s a bit of a shock. So yeah that makes me feel good. Yes. So I know we

Sheydin Dew (33:47):
Also talked is there possibly interstate conventions on the horizon line?

Dana King (DK) (33:52):
Yeah, I hope to go to one or two this year. So which

Sheydin Dew (33:57):
Ones? Oh,

Dana King (DK) (33:58):
Sweet. Thinking Melbourne and Queensland, maybe Sydney, I dunno, any of that.

Sheydin Dew (34:05):
Are there any festivals or supernova you wanna attend or?

Dana King (DK) (34:09):
Yeah probably comic or supernova. So

Sheydin Dew (34:15):
Interesting. Well if anybody in the comments knows any comic festivals, drop them in the comic Se because I would love to know what’s happening in Melbourne, the Eastern states. Cause I would love to attend an interstate convention too. So I think that’s a mutual goal we have. So that’d be nice. Very nice. So I guess, I know this community has a lot of like-minded creatives and people who have published their own comics. What is your best comic tip you can give to the audience?

Dana King (DK) (34:50):
I guess just keep going, doing what you’re doing and don’t feel disheartened, <laugh> when something goes wrong. Yeah, just keep going. Just keep, yeah. Swimming. No, just, yeah, you just have to keep trying. Don’t give up.

Sheydin Dew (35:14):
Was there a huge lesson that you learnt while creating your series up to date? Was there something that you, something really clicked for you or there was a real big lesson learned or something?

Dana King (DK) (35:26):
I think the way, when I did volume one, it was quite rushed. So I was quite the time management, I sort of learned from that when I wanna bring out a new volume, I have to really time it. Yeah. And the timeline, I think that’s my biggest thing to try and get it out there in time. Yeah. I always leave it to the last second or yeah, <laugh>

Sheydin Dew (36:06):
Something that I definitely find the pressure of time management is like, yes. Something that really pushes you to that final, you know, leave off. And if you don’t have a solid deadline, then yeah, it just kinda like drifts.

Dana King (DK) (36:20):
Exactly. Yeah. That’s what I do.

Sheydin Dew (36:23):
So timing is key, you would say?

Dana King (DK) (36:25):
Yes, yes.

Sheydin Dew (36:27):
Interesting. So key to me. And timing is key. I love it. That’s it. I love it. I think that’s perfect. So, well are there any other skills or techniques that you’ve maybe learned in the last year or some techniques or skills that you possibly want to learn coming into 2023? Tell

Dana King (DK) (36:47):
Me. I think I’d like to learn on the tablet. You do actually see yeah, I’d like to try and do that. <laugh>,

Sheydin Dew (36:57):
Arrange something, <laugh>, maybe getting into more procreate kind of stuff.

Dana King (DK) (37:03):
Yes. Procreate. Maybe a bit more animation. Yeah. Oh cool. Do that a bit more <laugh>, that

Sheydin Dew (37:11):
Would come in. Andy.

Dana King (DK) (37:12):
Yes. So that’s why I thought the tablet, cuz you can do animations on that too. So yes

Sheydin Dew (37:18):
You can. Yes you can. Yes. So other than maybe in the very far future or whenever and doing your own animation of Billy Bones and the apocalypse. Yes. What would you use animation for? Would you use it something for more art purposes and your Instagram or what would you use it for?

Dana King (DK) (37:35):
Yeah, I think just maybe more advertising. The animations I do now. I mainly just use them as advertising. So even Bob the dog, I’ll just do a little animation of her to promote volume three or whatever. So yeah,

Sheydin Dew (37:55):
Because correct me if I’m wrong, but you have got stickers in the Instagram gift section, is that correct? Of Billy or

Dana King (DK) (38:03):
I do, yes. Yep. Have you got both? Yes, both.

Sheydin Dew (38:07):
I’m right,

Dana King (DK) (38:08):
Yes. My God.

Sheydin Dew (38:10):
So well-rounded as an artist, you’ve got so many things going on and you’re just such a beacon of inspiration in Oh,

Dana King (DK) (38:18):
Thank you.

Sheydin Dew (38:19):
Thanks. Comic community. So I think that’s definitely a huge kudos to you. Thank you. But yeah, so is there any lessons or anything that you’ve, you maybe small or big that you’ve learned in the last year about making comics? Or tell me?

Dana King (DK) (38:40):
I think I’ve done, I think I mastered it. Not mastered it, but after bringing out full volumes, I sort of know what I’m doing now. I hope so. Yeah. I haven’t had too many mishaps with them.

Sheydin Dew (38:56):
Wow, fantastic. So you feel like you’re a bit faster with the process of getting them out and whatnot

Dana King (DK) (39:00):
And going promotion. Yeah. So yeah, I knew the sort of way to do ’em all now, so,

Sheydin Dew (39:09):
Oh, Billy Bones is awesome. That was actually going to bring me onto another question. Yes. For those who have been blessed to have gone to a convention where DK is at recently, she has been bringing in her Datson, is it, what is it?

Dana King (DK) (39:27):
1200? 1200. 1200. You

Sheydin Dew (39:31):
Said it. My brother has a Datson 1600. So I always a bit different, but it’s a dadd nonetheless.

Dana King (DK) (39:39):
Yes. And

Sheydin Dew (39:40):
Its in your comic. That’s amazing.

Dana King (DK) (39:41):
Yeah. Yes, thanks both. Yeah, originally it was white, so I had a lot of rust as well, so it was a lot of work. I I’d done it myself and help of my friend. He done a lot of work to it. So we worked on it together over a year-ish. So it’s now black, we’ve white.

Sheydin Dew (40:09):
Did you say your dad, you worked with your dad? Sorry.

Dana King (DK) (40:12):
No, my friend. Sorry friend. My neighbor. My neighbor.

Sheydin Dew (40:16):

Dana King (DK) (40:17):

Sheydin Dew (40:17):

Dana King (DK) (40:18):
I was very lucky. Nice

Sheydin Dew (40:19):
Neighbor. So how long did it take you? Exactly?

Dana King (DK) (40:23):
Yeah, so roughly a year we worked on it. It still needs a little bit more to it, like the motor and stuff, but yeah, that’s pretty good.

Sheydin Dew (40:32):
So it’s a bit of a project car.

Dana King (DK) (40:34):
Yeah, a little bit. A little bit.

Sheydin Dew (40:38):
So awesome that you bring it to your conventions because you also place Billy Bones and Bob the dog in your car. Yes. You’ve got forklift cutout. I’ve always admired. I think that’s such a clever thing to add to your stool, your ever growing stool. You’ve got

Dana King (DK) (40:53):
So much. I know. I just keep expanding out.

Sheydin Dew (40:56):
And you gave got a light up zombie doll, I believe, under the

Dana King (DK) (41:00):
Front. Yes. Mr. Boonie, he Oh yes. He’s my life size skeleton. I have him in the back. He has red glowing eyes. So <laugh>,

Sheydin Dew (41:09):
So amazing. Especially when you came to the Adelaide Roller Derby. Bouts. Yeah. Last year your car was sounded amazing in that big shed. It was, yes. Reverberated

Dana King (DK) (41:24):
Everywhere. So loud.

Sheydin Dew (41:25):
That’s Dana, that’s Bye. Dana <laugh> sounded great. Well, I had my stepdad with me who was also into cars, and so

Dana King (DK) (41:35):
He was just, oh yes. Yeah, he was propping. He loved it, didn’t he?

Sheydin Dew (41:39):
<laugh>. And he was like, SHA, why don’t you do something about a car and your comic.

Dana King (DK) (41:43):

Sheydin Dew (41:45):
I think it’s just such a great marketing port. You’re such a yes,

Dana King (DK) (41:49):
A really,

Sheydin Dew (41:49):
You got your head around marketing and I think that’s fantastic. And yeah, I think it’s really good that you bring the car as well, because it just adds to your table, like I said, and it really welcomes people into your universe as well. Yes. It kinda gives them a

Dana King (DK) (42:02):
Take. Yeah, it really, yeah. Draws everyone in. So, yeah.

Sheydin Dew (42:06):
And it, is it a good conversation starter, would you say?

Dana King (DK) (42:09):
It is. Last convention I went to was, yeah, supernova. It was funny though, my car was literally next to my table and half the people would come to my table and would say, oh, this card’s from the comic. And they didn’t realize was that car was with us. So yeah. So that was pretty funny. But yeah, it, how did

Sheydin Dew (42:34):
That go? I knew that there was a few challenges involved with that last supernova. How did you go?

Dana King (DK) (42:39):
Yeah, the power went out. Oh, it was exciting though. Actually, <laugh>, even though lost out on sales and everything, but I think it’s stayed out for about an hour and Wow. Everyone was using their Twitch lights and their phones walking around. Sure. So yeah, it was pretty awesome. I had the skeleton on in the car too, of his red eyes, so that was awesome.

Sheydin Dew (43:09):

Dana King (DK) (43:10):

Sheydin Dew (43:11):
I guess it was, yeah, a little bit of a silver lining, I guess. Kind of a cool experience that you probably won’t forget.

Dana King (DK) (43:17):
Yes, yes.

Sheydin Dew (43:21):
So what is your favorite thing about the Australian comic community, would you say? Just around it. Out, really

Dana King (DK) (43:31):
Around it I think. Yeah, the people just anyone that I’ve met, they’re just really nice, really helpful. Yeah, just the community. I think everyone’s awesome in it. So I met a lot of cool people that have helped.

Sheydin Dew (43:50):
Yeah. And I think it’s definitely it’s worth saying as well, I think it’s really fantastic to see more women in the community as well. Yes. So I think it’s definitely worth pointing out a lot more women coming up in creating comics and publishing and whatnot. You being one of them. Absolutely. Being super headstrong here in sa. So I don’t know, personally, I would love to see more women come up front and whatnot and really showcase their creations personally.

Dana King (DK) (44:24):
Yeah, definitely.

Sheydin Dew (44:26):
Having the guts like you to really come out and say, Hey, this is what I’ve created and being so gruesome and stuff. I think you really stereotypes, I think that’s wonderful to see.

Dana King (DK) (44:42):
Yes, thank you. Yes, you’re You can

Sheydin Dew (44:45):
Comic, that’s for

Dana King (DK) (44:46):
Sure. Yeah, we can. Of course we can.

Sheydin Dew (44:50):
I see so many people, women and men, come to your still and just really resonate with your work and find it really interesting. Enjoy it. So I think that’s a real good honor for you. So good on you. Thank you. Is there anything that you would want to see maybe in the future or some things that we can improve on? Or what do you wanna see?

Dana King (DK) (45:11):
I think you pretty much said what I would like to happen to. No, I think just expand more people, more creatives.

Sheydin Dew (45:22):
Yeah. Yeah,

Dana King (DK) (45:23):
For sure. Yeah. More people get involved. Yeah.

Sheydin Dew (45:28):
Well it definitely is times like this that you kind of see and you’re just really thankful for shows and the community of coms, I think. Yeah I think Shane, you’ve done a fantastic in these last three years. Yes. Having coms and really connecting people. I’ve definitely met more, I don’t know about you, Dana, but I, I’ve met more people in the coms industry, so to speak, statewide, which is fantastic than I have in my entire comic career. So I think that’s a huge thing just being more connected. And I think it was, if you would agree timely thing as well. Obviously three years ago now, oh my God, 2020. This is all we kind of had. So I think that was huge for us. So yeah, I think, yeah, there’s a validation in your answer there, that’s for sure. But yeah, I think you pretty much answered all my questions really since. Did you have anything to add at all or

Sizzle (46:28):
No? I think you asked everything that needs to be asked. Drill dk got all the answers out of her.

Sheydin Dew (46:34):
<laugh>. Anyone in the comments? Last minute question?

Sizzle (46:36):
Any comments before we wrap it up?

Sheydin Dew (46:39):
Questions? Well, we’ve still got the dk.

Sizzle (46:41):
We’ve got some advice, we’ve got some advice, we’ve got some animation major. Nick, sorry, quick Nick, not Nick May. Film advice. Quick Nick.

Sheydin Dew (46:50):
And Quick Nick. He’s another South Australian. Yes.

Sizzle (46:53):
Yeah, another South Australian.

Sheydin Dew (46:55):
I like it. I like it. That’s a really good contact to have and I think he’s got a lot of skills under his belt, which is awesome to see as well. So a valuable contact there. But I mean from everything from your full volumes of Billy Bones, you’ve got a Flo of projects under your belt and you’ve just done fantastic in, how has it been five years now that you’ve been doing this?

Dana King (DK) (47:17):
Yeah, I think five, six years since I brought Volume one out. Yeah,

Sheydin Dew (47:23):
Yeah. And you’ve been doing a few conventions before that as well, hey?

Dana King (DK) (47:27):
Yes. Yeah, yeah.

Sheydin Dew (47:28):
Well, good on you. I think you’ve done absolutely a phenomenal yeah, you’ve done a phenomenal job at bringing yourself to where you are now. And I think, thank you. Huge Pat on the back. But yeah, I think that’s all from me, really. Thank you so much for being on the show and yeah, putting up with my first time hosting <laugh>. You did. It was ok. I’ve got a very small questions list in front of me, which is why I was kept doing this. But anyway, I hope people learn something. I think people should really jump onto Billy Bones and the apocalypse. It is fantastic. It is just something that I’ve never seen before, so definitely jump onto it. Do you wanna wrap up just by saying where you can find Billy Bones one more time? Just for the, yep.

Dana King (DK) (48:17):
So you can find them at my website, dard

Sheydin Dew (48:22):
Fantastic. Well, hi, I just wanna thank you again for being on the show. Thanks again, you sizzle for doing what he does best. Really. Thank

Sizzle (48:31):
You. Thanks him quietly. Yeah. <laugh>, what I do best. Thanks.

Sheydin Dew (48:35):
And the audience, thanks for joining us and watching. I hope we can see you guys in the future. Thanks again. Yep,

Sizzle (48:42):
Thank you. Thank you everyone. Have a great night and see you in a fortnight with Shaden and in a week with Morgan. Ooh, see you then. Not at all. Thanks.

Sheydin Dew (48:51):
Bye bye.

Voice Over (48:53):
Check for all things coms and find out what X is all about. We hope you enjoyed the show.