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Sizzle and Lady Rattus are here to find out more about Matt and his book Flood. He may be from merry ol’ England but he’s all Aussie now! Siz is keen to chat with this fellow Brissy lad.

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Shane ‘Sizzle’ Syddall (00:11):
Welcome to the OS Comic Show, season two, episode two. I am Sizzle the comic dude. And with me is Lauren Marshall, or Lady Read

Lauren ‘Lady Rattus’ Marshall (00:21):
Reds Time <laugh>.

Shane ‘Sizzle’ Syddall (00:25):
And today we are talking to Matt Rice. So we get to learn a little bit about Matt today. So I guess I forgot to load up a picture of his book, so I guess we’ll just get straight on into talking to Matt.

Lauren ‘Lady Rattus’ Marshall (00:59):
Hey Matt. Hey. Hello.

Matt Rice (01:02):
How’s it going? Sizzle. Hi Lauren, how are you?

Lauren ‘Lady Rattus’ Marshall (01:04):
Hi. Well thank you very much.

Matt Rice (01:07):
Thank you very much.

Shane ‘Sizzle’ Syddall (01:10):
Good to hear you. Well I’m gonna jump straight into the questions cuz I suck at talking. Tell us a little bit about your creative journey and about yourself as well while you’re there.

Matt Rice (01:22):
Yeah, sure. Okay. I guess I’ve been into comics a long, I can’t even remember when I first started reading comics. So I grew up in the uk. I had a big interest in UK comics. I wasn’t really exposed to anything American until much later when I was a teenager or something like that. And then I did a lot of drawing, did art and things like that. And then that just dropped off when I left school. And it wasn’t until I sort got into my mid twenties that I started getting back into comics and discovered adult graphic novels and different sort of books like that. And then after a while that just prompted me to go, look, I really want to do this stuff myself as well. <laugh>, I wanna start making comics and doing artwork again. And that’s really good. Yeah. Was,

Lauren ‘Lady Rattus’ Marshall (02:22):
Do you remember the first one that you picked up?

Matt Rice (02:25):
The very first comic or

Lauren ‘Lady Rattus’ Marshall (02:28):
Just the one that was just stood out to you, the biggest and you were just like, yes, this is what I wanna do.

Matt Rice (02:34):
I guess it comes from, well, when I was in Sheffield in my early twenties, I was working at a university university at Harlem in Sheffield. My friends, all my friends that I was hanging out with living with at the time were all art students there. And we had a big share house and one day in the, I think it was probably in the toilet or something like that, someone’s an old

Lauren ‘Lady Rattus’ Marshall (03:02):
Instead of the back of a spray can or something, instead of reading that, you’re like, what’s this

Matt Rice (03:08):
<laugh> <laugh>? It was an old Gilbert Shelton freak Brothers from the Underground American comics from the sixties, seventies, something like that. Oh yeah. And yeah, I got reading that and I didn’t even have a cover on it, so I was like, what is this? But it was amazing. And so I was like, I’ve got one of his. So I went back, this isn’t the one, don’t worry, this isn’t the one out with that distinct

Lauren ‘Lady Rattus’ Marshall (03:33):
<laugh>. It’s got a cover that’s definitely not <laugh>.

Matt Rice (03:36):
Yeah, exactly. So yeah, I’ll be set up for you. Yeah, thank you. So Gilbert Shelton, a really fantastic underground cartoonist from back in the day San Francisco sixties hippies, but really great funny comics. Some stuff a bit know how it goes. It’s not all of it ages well, but I think Gilbert still did a really fantastic job with the artwork and things like that. That’s amazing. So that was probably one of the big prompts <laugh> for me. And then after that, I guess I started it was a kind of exploring what else was out there. So there was things like vows and Joe Sako who did Palestine and things like that. Some more serious comics that were more autobiographical or about journalism and reporting and things like that. So I was like, whoa, it was whole world of comics out there <laugh>.

Lauren ‘Lady Rattus’ Marshall (04:43):
So I feel like that sort of realization that there’s no rules to comics, it doesn’t have to be superheroes and villains or whatever. It can actually be whatever you want. It’s just kind of all the storytelling, right?

Matt Rice (04:56):
Yeah, exactly. I mean I did enjoy Spider-Man and things like that, but again, I didn’t pick those up until I found them in the library when I was 12, 13, something like that. And before that it was all these British comics like the Bino or Dandy or Buster and a lot of these don’t even exist anymore. It was like I came in on the end of this big wave of British comics that I think the Bino still goes, but a lot of those old ones just don’t exist this. And I dunno, I guess Australia might have had that as well with ginger megs and

Lauren ‘Lady Rattus’ Marshall (05:34):
Foot truck flats. Yeah, they were golden. And now that they’ve just been taken out of the papers now is a bit of a

Matt Rice (05:46):
Such a shame. Cause when I was a kid, that was the bad part. <laugh>.

Lauren ‘Lady Rattus’ Marshall (05:49):
Yeah, you saw a little quiz, there was a kids’ quiz and then it had the Wicked Garfield foot truck flights or I don’t know. Yeah, ginger me or similar. And it was a bit of it. A fun 15 minutes of your Sunday morning or Saturday morning or something. Yeah, yeah. It’s disappointing but

Matt Rice (06:10):
It’s a shame cause I’m sure there’s plenty of people who aren’t in comics probably enjoyed that as well. <affirmative> a little dose.

Shane ‘Sizzle’ Syddall (06:16):
Well that’s true.

Matt Rice (06:19):
Yeah it’s kind of hard isn’t it, to get that exposure as well sometimes. I mean we’ve got the internet and that works really well, but how do you reach people who aren’t in your bubble, I guess

Lauren ‘Lady Rattus’ Marshall (06:32):
Actively seeking. Yeah, a hundred percent.

Shane ‘Sizzle’ Syddall (06:36):
So speaking of reaching people, what would you be wanting with people to reach with your current projects?

Matt Rice (06:45):
So do you have

Shane ‘Sizzle’ Syddall (06:46):
Anything at the moment,

Matt Rice (06:48):
Anything on at the moment?

Lauren ‘Lady Rattus’ Marshall (06:50):
Yeah. So what are your current projects at the moment in terms of what to be published?

Matt Rice (06:54):
Yeah, so we have to flood out. So this was the very last one that I did. I’ve actually been taking a bit of a hiatus sort break to do a bit of skilling. So I enrolled in Griffith University and I’m currently studying animation there as well. So I’m really seen it as a gym. I’m trying to work my creative muscles, trying to upskill myself with my drawing expand a bit. So I haven’t even had time to do as many comics as I want, just finishing up now. But I’m gonna be out there doing some more stuff in the break. So there’ll be a few more comics to come soon that I wanna work on. Yeah, I have got plans for a couple of books in the future but like I say, yeah, it’s hard with the competing of trying to put myself through the gym of animation school and create comics. But I think eventually I’ll align. I’ll just be,

Lauren ‘Lady Rattus’ Marshall (08:02):
Yeah, the workload’s huge. In terms of your animation I’m a bit, obviously if anybody watched the show with Chiang last night, I was talking about animation cause I did my diploma in it. That was a good, what was it, 19, so it was 15 years ago or something. What does it entail now in terms of do they focus a lot more on 3D or they kind of sticking to 2d what’s go there?

Matt Rice (08:29):
The good thing about doing the first year is that you, they give you a taste of everything. So this semester we started off doing usual 2D animation and introducing yourself to some of the software that’s used for that and some of the processes. So you do the principles of animation. And then after that, in this past trimester we’ve done a bit of CGI work as well. So learning Maya and how to start using 3D animation tools to make animation. And also we’ve been doing a lot of concept art as well. So actually thinking up an animated project that follows one of the briefs that they give you and designing characters and designing a storyline that goes around the brief and the props that those sorts of people might use. So they give you, after this year, I have to pick my trajectory through the program. So it’s on offer is a technical direction where you start doing more CG sort of focused stuff. A animation, which is a bit of everything. Or art direction which is again, more focused on the art and developing the characters and things like that for animated series.

Lauren ‘Lady Rattus’ Marshall (09:50):
So yeah. Where do you see yourself going?

Matt Rice (09:53):
Art direction? I think <laugh>

Lauren ‘Lady Rattus’ Marshall (09:55):
<laugh>. And do you feel like that learning through that program that it’s elevated your work or you understand your work a little bit better? Is that sort of come naturally as well?

Matt Rice (10:10):
Yeah, definitely. Our tutor, Josh has been really fantastic and the lectures that he’s given have really drawn in cartoon characters and animation from across history and through modern stuff now to people who start out originally and they talk a lot about the different little tools you can use to work out better staging and things like that of your characters or trying to figure out perspective a bit better how to develop background and also examine, examining other people’s style and how you might benefit from that in your own practice as well. So it’s been really useful.

Lauren ‘Lady Rattus’ Marshall (10:56):
<laugh>, I love when people, I wouldn’t say overanalyze, but thoroughly analyze scenes from different animation movies in particular, say Sleeping Beauty or something like that. And they really just pick a scene. I think there’s one in it’s Sleeping Beauty and they’re dancing across a scene that’s this huge backdrop of the I think there’s mountains and it’s a beautiful scenery and they thoroughly analyze it and just the little things that they bring up about it and you just don’t think about it. Disney, I know Disney get a lot of slack at the moment, but their previous stuff, they just incredibly thorough with their research and what they bring in and the color theory and the historical parts of it. People don’t think it’s awards a pretty picture, but to make it accurate, especially I think I saw something about Tarzan and then they were looking at how the monkey, not monkeys, the gorillas walk on their knuckles and they were analyzing how Tarzan walk on his knuckles and how he used, because our hands aren’t built to put weight on. And then how Disney made sure that they were anatomically correct in terms of putting these thumbs down, simple things. But the way they draw it just made a little bit more sense. It’s, it’s tiny little things. It’s huge. And I feel animation gets a bad, well not bad rap, but undervalued rap I

Matt Rice (12:19):
Guess. Yeah, I, I’ve learned a new appreciation for animation and how much work goes into it. And like you say especially Disney and the amount of resources that they put into that. They talked in our classes, they talked about Alice in Wonderland and the amount of live drawing that they did. So they’d bring in a model and they’d like, they’d got this girl dressed as Alice and then they’d hang her upside down. So all the animators were doing some, you can see the pictures online of Noland when they were trying to do it. So it was really extraordinary. I think hopefully they gave her a minute to get the blood

Lauren ‘Lady Rattus’ Marshall (13:03):
Back to blood back down into her feet maybe.

Matt Rice (13:08):
But that’s something that they continue now. I mean Disney has a life art department where all the animators will just go down and just do life drawing. It’s like their Yeah,

Lauren ‘Lady Rattus’ Marshall (13:16):
It’s fascinating, isn’t it?

Matt Rice (13:18):
Yeah. And like you were saying, Lauren I think one of the lectures we did was about props. So you don’t even take into account the props that they use in animation and who it is, who’s scene design. Yeah, we watched the trailer for Wreck Ralph and we tried, the challenge was to try and work out how many props were seen in the trailer and just in the trailer I think there was something like a hundred or something and Oh yeah, when you think about someone’s job out there to design it and place it <affirmative>. Yeah, it’s crazy. So yeah, big appreciation for animation. <laugh>

Lauren ‘Lady Rattus’ Marshall (13:57):
Huge. Yeah, so sidetracked. But we’ll go back to your work <laugh>. So obviously you were talking about a couple of artists who draw upon real life experiences. Do you relate a lot better or obviously drawn more to comics that reflect on real life experiences? Does that resonate you with you a lot more?

Matt Rice (14:21):
Yeah, definitely. Autobi comics have been a big part of my practice as a comic and artists and cartoonists. So my first book was called Graft and that was about when I finished and dropped out college and the sort of jobs I had in the early two thousands. So that was a slice of my life, a slice of life as it is from back then. But I really appreciate those sort of Autobi comics. I don’t know if, would you say they’re pretty common or would you say it’s

Lauren ‘Lady Rattus’ Marshall (15:01):
Becoming more common? I think I appreciate them a lot more because I stumble across them now. I think we brought up last show, we brought up an artist Tom t, and he does some autobiographical stuff and it just gets home a little bit sometimes. And I think you forget instead of just reading something that’s just about superpowers and I don’t know, just mythical, mythological kind of characters that they’re cool and you kind of see a bit of yourself in them. But actually seeing someone experiencing something and putting the heart and soul into it, I think it’s a little bit different. Feels a little bit more wholesome. Yeah,

Matt Rice (15:40):
Yeah, I definitely found them really relatable and really interesting as well. One of the, I’ve got a heap of books here, I like, oh I have to bring these and show you. So one of the current artists that I’ve been really digging and into recently is a guy called Noah Van Skyr who’s American cartoonist and I’ve got his book, I talked about it previously, this is one Dirty Tree and this is an Autobio comic about his life growing up in a household where his dad was absent, his mom was a single mom and he had something like seven siblings seven or eight. Oh wow. Really interesting. He talks a bit about himself as a cartoonist and this journey that he’s sort on trying to create with, but also just the experience that he’s had hanging out with his brothers and

Lauren ‘Lady Rattus’ Marshall (16:42):

Matt Rice (16:42):
The sorts of things that he’d get up to out there. So it’s a really interesting really interesting comic and he’s a great storyteller as well, so I highly recommend that. And yeah, Noah’s a big influence on me as well about wanting to do these personal stories about your past and or about everyday life sort of

Lauren ‘Lady Rattus’ Marshall (17:02):
Thing. Events and stuff. Speaking on that I really enjoyed floods. I thought that was a gorgeous comic. Well, oh thank you. Obviously you love relating to other artists that do stuff that’s auto. Auto. Did you have anybody reach out to you about floods and hit home a little bit?

Matt Rice (17:24):
Yeah, so at the time it was quite because the story in that flood it was something that I was making at the time of the being through the flood earlier in the year. So people were emailing and saying, oh they really appreciated it. And it was a bit like cathartic, it was making it about the experience as well of going through a flood and losing our home and ending up homeless and not knowing where to go next. It was a real distraction I guess at the time of when we were trying to get back on our feet and find a new place to live. So comics were a good distraction back then as well and people reached out to say that they appreciated that and were interested in the story

Lauren ‘Lady Rattus’ Marshall (18:15):
Bit. Do you feel like it was a bit therapeutic as well to let those nasty emotions out and process it a little bit?

Matt Rice (18:22):
Definitely, definitely. Yeah. And I guess you’ve got to when you’re a writer, this is what your job is and <laugh> what they always say, write about what, or sometimes they say don’t write about what. But in that instance I was like, yeah, this is something I could do. Had another, if dunno if you’ve seen on my Instagram you can read about it. But after floodlight this, it’s been a rough year <laugh>, but one of the experiences was flying back from the UK to Australia and the plane I was on, I had a main maintenance issue so I did a hot comic about that as well. This terrifying experience of being on this plane when there’s a loud bang and then suddenly what’s going off <laugh>.

Lauren ‘Lady Rattus’ Marshall (19:18):
Oh no. Oh wow. Got sweating.

Matt Rice (19:22):
Yeah, it was interesting. It was the plane. So I went through all this and did all this comic about what had happened and how it all worked out in the end. And then a week later after I put it out on Instagram, someone contacted me and said is this your plane? And it was a news story about and it’s something like plane flies 14 hours with hole inside <laugh>.

Lauren ‘Lady Rattus’ Marshall (19:50):
Not what you wanna read <laugh>.

Matt Rice (19:54):
But I was like, I remember being on the plane and thinking man, this will make a great comic <laugh>.

Lauren ‘Lady Rattus’ Marshall (20:00):
Yeah, just quickly scribbling on a little while. They’re just like, someone’s trying to patch it with electrical tape. They’re like, yeah dear. We had, I did wanna ask you also had some little historical pieces that we read Can’t Terrible at History. So these obviously factual or and just a little fun spin on them.

Matt Rice (20:30):
Yeah, that’s right. I get a lot of comparisons to horrible histories with ones as well people.

Lauren ‘Lady Rattus’ Marshall (20:37):
That’s vibe I got. Yeah,

Matt Rice (20:39):
So that one was probably the one that’s behind me there the peasants, is it The peasants England. So yeah, yeah, history of peasantry and what those sorts of people went through. Pretty big interest in history. So it’s again, and I think a lot of cartoonists do have a bit of a interest in that or at least read comics with some historical stuff. And yeah, this one in particular was about the peasants of England. You don’t really hear about a lot about kings and queens, but nobody really thinks about the common people and where they came from back in the day and what a of rough deal that they were having as well. <laugh>. So hopefully yeah, you enjoyed that and

Lauren ‘Lady Rattus’ Marshall (21:28):
Yeah, it was fun.

Shane ‘Sizzle’ Syddall (21:29):
Definitely. Yeah, I really liked that.

Matt Rice (21:32):
Some interesting stuff about them living with their livestock and what sort of experience that must have been to have a house full of sheep and pigs and <laugh>.

Lauren ‘Lady Rattus’ Marshall (21:43):
Yeah. Wow.

Matt Rice (21:45):
Yeah, so sorry.

Shane ‘Sizzle’ Syddall (21:50):
Yeah, I was just gonna say, you’ve got a bit of a fan here. I just thought I’d bring up their comment.

Matt Rice (21:55):
Oh thanks. Thanks very much. That’s

Lauren ‘Lady Rattus’ Marshall (21:58):
Very, see people really resonate with it. <laugh> nice to see.

Matt Rice (22:04):
That’s really great. Thank you very much. Bob

Shane ‘Sizzle’ Syddall (22:08):
<laugh>. Yeah, that’s awesome comment. So your comments are collections of little short stories. Is that how you prefer to do your work? Short and sweet I guess you’d say?

Matt Rice (22:20):
Yeah, I think it’s a case of just trying to get content out there against stuff out there and haven’t, what I’ve always thought is that I’ll make all these comics and at some point I’ll take my favorite ones, make an anthology out of that or hold onto them and I’ll make it as part a wider story arc or something like that. But so far I’ve just been too keen just to get them out. Especially after 2020 we haven’t really had much in the way of comic fairs and zine fairs and things like that. We had a whole two years where we didn’t have that happening. Well 2021 I think we did a bit. So I was really keen to get stuff printed so that when things did come back together, we started having the zen fairs that I could get out there and show off that material. And again, reach people who you might not necessarily expect to find you on Instagram. And I think I have the same experience when I go to Zen Fairs as well. It’s really useful to see what else is out there. You might not necessarily think, oh I’d be into this book. But then when you see it and you’ve got it in your hand and it’s like 10 books, you might be sold <laugh> and read it.

Lauren ‘Lady Rattus’ Marshall (23:43):
Yeah. Cool.

Shane ‘Sizzle’ Syddall (23:43):
Well, oh sorry.

Lauren ‘Lady Rattus’ Marshall (23:45):
No you guys

Shane ‘Sizzle’ Syddall (23:46):
This, we’ve got another comment and it comes with a question this time. Oh, so from floating desk. Really love, I really loved your flood book, but I haven’t seen that on your Instagram, Matt.

Matt Rice (23:58):
Yeah. If

Shane ‘Sizzle’ Syddall (23:59):
You plan to release that in a book.

Matt Rice (24:02):
Yeah. So I’m floating disk, great artists as well. Well worth checking out in Instagram another Brisbane based cartoonist illustrators and checking out. Yeah, Tropo is in flood. It’s the one about the animals that start deciding, they have this big revolution to take over.

Lauren ‘Lady Rattus’ Marshall (24:24):
Oh I thought that was so funny. <laugh>, especially the bin chickens. I was just like,

Shane ‘Sizzle’ Syddall (24:30):
Yeah the bin chickens were,

Lauren ‘Lady Rattus’ Marshall (24:31):
This is great. Cause Perth is obviously filled with bin chickens and they’re all like fu and covered grime and they just made sense to me.

Matt Rice (24:41):
Thanks Patty. Yeah, I think that’s probably something that Brisbane and Perth shares. I don’t know if hey Sam Griffith member say, I like Griffith peeps who tune in today.

Lauren ‘Lady Rattus’ Marshall (24:55):

Matt Rice (24:57):
I think that’s something that Brisbane and Perth have in common is that we have, I think they do get IBUs in Sydney, Melbourne, I’m not

Lauren ‘Lady Rattus’ Marshall (25:04):
Sure. I don’t remember seeing them too much in Sydney. Maybe scarcely, but they’re a lot PS here pretty much. So

Matt Rice (25:11):

Shane ‘Sizzle’ Syddall (25:12):
I just love call them Ben chickens.

Lauren ‘Lady Rattus’ Marshall (25:14):
<laugh>. Yeah, because do you know, actually I’m gonna go off topic here for a sec. If you actually see them how they are in the wild, they’re actually beautiful cause they’re like this bright white, gorgeous animal and yet they come and cover themselves in Macies and whatever health that you’ve put in your bin, they’re like, this is amazing. I’m not gonna go fend for myself, I’m gonna eat the rest of your remains like you the bin and cover themselves in grime and then they just look like foody yellow, just yeah, they’re funny.

Matt Rice (25:45):
Kinda grim. Yeah. Tip tip Turkey is the other name. <laugh>.

Lauren ‘Lady Rattus’ Marshall (25:51):
Oh that’s good.

Matt Rice (25:53):
Yeah, it’s kind of, so yeah, it’s interesting being a PO and coming in and integrating into Australian site. But having this, when I first arrived you’re like, wow, look at that. And I’ve had relatives, animals and things like that. I’ve had relatives who’ve come here and have been like, oh wow, look at that bird and it’s like an Ibis eating out the bin <laugh>.

Lauren ‘Lady Rattus’ Marshall (26:12):
He was like, that’s a gremlin.

Matt Rice (26:17):
Yeah, exactly. We don’t talk about that. I mean there’s a lot of material there. They’re quite comical birds. Oh

Lauren ‘Lady Rattus’ Marshall (26:24):
That’s so funny.

Matt Rice (26:25):
I’ve seen eat in whole slices of pizza with that huge <laugh> as well.

Lauren ‘Lady Rattus’ Marshall (26:32):
Everyone thinks that crows, ravens, whatever you wanna call ’em here. I’ve seen those guys open up bins and pick through and actually pick out what they want. But IBUs, they don’t have any, they don’t care. Care. Whatever comes first. They’re like, yeah, this is where I’m having today

Matt Rice (26:46):
<laugh>. Exactly. Or you get the ones that are brazen enough to attack you and steal or I’ve seen Oh yeah, yeah, they’ll

Lauren ‘Lady Rattus’ Marshall (26:56):
Little bit sad that they went downhill <laugh>.

Matt Rice (27:00):
But I guess the theme there, you were saying that you get there’s a lot of now where Wildlife’s being pushed into and this is my eco right, but because of loss of habitat, we’re seeing more and more of those sorts of animals which traditionally be out there living off the land, but now they’re forced to come in, interact with us because they’re losing out on that habitat themselves. So Tropo was actually a bit about that as well, where this forest clearings taking place so the animals just of have had

Lauren ‘Lady Rattus’ Marshall (27:35):
Enough take back their land.

Matt Rice (27:36):
Yeah, <laugh> at least the shopping center. So the story kind of paused there that I’m gonna carry that on and maybe I’ll put that into it that I had intention for that to be its own comic as well one day. So hopefully I’ll,

Lauren ‘Lady Rattus’ Marshall (27:54):
Cause there’s two parts, right?

Matt Rice (27:56):
Yeah, there’s two parts to that but I think it was, I can’t remember where it left off, but

Lauren ‘Lady Rattus’ Marshall (28:04):
The lady having a dart <laugh>. Yeah, that’s what I’m done.

Matt Rice (28:09):

Lauren ‘Lady Rattus’ Marshall (28:09):
Out at today’s quit <laugh>,

Matt Rice (28:14):
Right? Yeah. So I need to pick up on that. So yeah, hopefully I’ll carry on with Somero as well.

Lauren ‘Lady Rattus’ Marshall (28:19):
Yeah, that’s awesome. So obviously your art’s unique and some of the influences that you’ve already showed us is unique. Is there any stronger influences that you wanna show us that really pushed you in the direction that you went?

Matt Rice (28:35):
Yeah, definitely. And coming back, we talked about, well haven’t talked a bit about American artists, but definitely some a Australian, sorry art is well worth checking out. And someone who’s been a big influence on me was Pat Grant. So strongly recommend that everyone in Australia should read this <laugh> such a great book. And Pat’s art style has been really influential on the as well. I really like his style. I really like the way that he lays out and shows you the information. Sometimes visually I’ll try and find it, but there’s a bit where so the GRA is a set in a post-apocalyptic sort of Australia where people go out and mine this stuff called the Grot. It’s like this weird radioactive slime. It’s not really expanded on too much, but it’s really valuable. And so this whole gold rush builds up around it in this postapocalyptic land and there’s these two brothers who go out and they make yogurt and they’re gonna set up a yogurt shop in this gold rush town. But the place where they go in is notorious. It’s full of artists who just wanna strip the you of their money. So a really fantastic breed, but this is sort of stuff talking about is where,

Lauren ‘Lady Rattus’ Marshall (30:09):
Oh that’s cool

Matt Rice (30:10):
There. This little inventory of where of everything that the characters are carrying what they’ve packed how much money they’ve got as well and what that looks like. And that all goes in the money bag there. So I really like this breakdown that Pat did of

Lauren ‘Lady Rattus’ Marshall (30:30):
That’s awesome

Matt Rice (30:32):
To build in that story. It’s really great. So yeah,

Lauren ‘Lady Rattus’ Marshall (30:37):
I talked about sorry I was just gonna cut in quickly. I talked about Talked last night game guides and that reminds me a lot about game guides and how it shows you all the items that your players have and stuff. And I feel like that that is super similar

Matt Rice (30:54):
Or you’d go into the inventories and

Lauren ‘Lady Rattus’ Marshall (30:57):
Steal the bit and it was really cool.

Matt Rice (31:00):
<laugh> always reminds, it’s always the strangest thing about gaming where you’ve got that character and they’ve just got one backpack but they’re carrying a whole house.

Lauren ‘Lady Rattus’ Marshall (31:07):
Oh yeah. They’re just like, I’m gonna just pull out this giant shield and then I’m good. Just appeared. It’s good. Yeah,

Matt Rice (31:14):
I thought there was a comic I saw recently where it was a bit like RPGs in real life. There’s this guy out collecting mushrooms in the woods and he comes across a guy who’s like a body in the woods and he’s wearing a tracksuit and there’s a knife in him or something like that. And the guy in the last panel, he’s wearing the tracksuit and he’s likes and it’s just in a game like Fallout or something where you’re like, oh yeah, I’m gonna put that guy’s clothes on there. I’m a agree. Yeah, <laugh>,

Lauren ‘Lady Rattus’ Marshall (31:43):

Matt Rice (31:43):
Didn’t know that actually. Yeah, it’s a funny color. So yeah, it’s really nice when you’ve got that whole inventory to look at as

Lauren ‘Lady Rattus’ Marshall (31:52):
Well. Yeah, yeah. That’s gorgeous art. I didn’t think I’d actually asked this question. Sorry you got, I’ve got really foggy brain tonight but the art style that you have between stories does chop and change which is awesome, but it still looks super similar so it’s still yours and that is obviously super important cuz you’re like, yep, that’s work. That was a conscious decision to make in terms of your different stories.

Matt Rice (32:23):
Yeah, so I guess part of it is doing more is improving my line, but also I, I’ve tried the different ways of different ways of presenting the comics as well. So Tropo for instance, that was drawn traditionally and I colored it with a really cheap packet of crayons that I found somewhere <laugh>

Lauren ‘Lady Rattus’ Marshall (32:48):
My character a little bit <laugh> be rough around the edges.

Matt Rice (32:52):
Yeah, exactly. I kinda like that raw appeal of it’s really scribbling and it’s sort of crazy. So trying out different things, it’s really good. I haven’t done so much. Do you like to do traditional or do you prefer digital?

Lauren ‘Lady Rattus’ Marshall (33:13):
I’m a traditional love. Traditional a hundred percent. But digital for if there’s deadlines,

Matt Rice (33:20):
<laugh>. Yeah, exactly. I’ve kind of been trying to learn to get into doing more digital and that’s been useful for me. It’s

Lauren ‘Lady Rattus’ Marshall (33:30):

Matt Rice (33:32):
It’s different way of things. But I always think about as American cartoons called Jim Wooding, who he does Frank, I don’t know if you’ve read any of his stuff, but he already says that the problem with doing digital drawings is that you’ve got nothing to show. You can draw for hours and you’ve got nothing to show for it. So you’ve got nothing original to sell or Yeah, nothing that can be held. So there’s that argument for a traditional style as well that at least after working on it, you can make some money by selling original art <laugh>.

Lauren ‘Lady Rattus’ Marshall (34:08):
A hundred percent true. People love it. People love, it’s a psychological standpoint in terms of retail in general is that people, as soon as you go here, this is something that we have, how about you have a look at it? As soon as they hold in their hands, the brain goes like, oh gosh, I want this because I’ve got it in my hands. And so when you do that with art and you go have a look and then they flick through the pages and they’ve got their hands on it, they kind of have that same sort of motion that’s just like, I want this and then it’s a physical thing that I want to own and put on my walls or whatever. Yeah, there’s whole psychology behind it is incredible. Yeah, yeah, yeah.

Matt Rice (34:50):
So I’m hoping maybe I’ll continue and do some I’ve, I’ve still got my drawing board set up behind me.

Lauren ‘Lady Rattus’ Marshall (34:57):
Don’t let go of it, keep it. <laugh>

Matt Rice (35:00):
<laugh>, very kindly given to me by C Duran who’s another fantastic comic artist she’s returned to unfortunately. Well it’s good that she’s doing what she wants to do. She’s come to Chile now, but Brisbane again, we’ve lost an amazing cartoonist from the city at least. But yeah, well we’re checking out some of her web comics as well. Yeah, cool. Yeah.

Lauren ‘Lady Rattus’ Marshall (35:26):
Well we’re gonna talk about Aussie comics now.

Matt Rice (35:28):
Yeah, sorry

Lauren ‘Lady Rattus’ Marshall (35:29):
<laugh>. No, that’s alright. No, no, no. You are more than welcome to keep rambling if you like. And good rambling, obviously <laugh> Su is all about Aussie comics so I’ll leave it up to him to take the lead on this one.

Shane ‘Sizzle’ Syddall (35:43):
And since you’re technically one now <laugh> itself what would you like to see from the Aussie industry in the future? Personally?

Matt Rice (35:54):
I guess the thing that I struggle with a bit because well first of all I should say that it’s really, comics is really great and it’s really fantastic to have this community of Australian cartoonists across Australia now. So that’s really fantastic. So I’ll big thanks to comics for bringing us all together.

Lauren ‘Lady Rattus’ Marshall (36:19):

Matt Rice (36:21):
<laugh>, I would say as a creator, comics creator, the biggest issue that I always and struggle with is sometimes printing and trying to find somewhere that’ll print you like a traditional style comic. A lot of the time you find that printing places are all about the corporate, it’s all about menus for takeaways and big business pamphlets with lots of office workers on it and <laugh>. But it doesn’t really, it doesn’t translate often to and I’m sure there are are companies out there that do this, I’m just yet to find them. But it’d be really great to have a bit more

Lauren ‘Lady Rattus’ Marshall (37:07):

Matt Rice (37:09):
Around what you’re able to produce in Australia because I’ve always been about trying to use local organizations to print. I want to be contributing to Australian businesses and getting them, but it’s hard to find someone who will give me something in a paper, something that’s a bit more like newspaper equality. Yeah. Okay. That said <laugh> a good segue. The neighborhood press.

Lauren ‘Lady Rattus’ Marshall (37:47):
Oh yeah, neighborhood press. Yeah.

Matt Rice (37:48):
Yeah. Well worth it. They’ve done, this is their common ology number two and I’m sure I think they’re Perth, are they

Lauren ‘Lady Rattus’ Marshall (37:56):
Lauren? They’re Perth, yep. They’re fantastic. Yeah, really, really amazing. Okay,

Matt Rice (38:02):
So good. And they did this whole one where lots of rise o printing as well.

Lauren ‘Lady Rattus’ Marshall (38:07):

Matt Rice (38:09):

Lauren ‘Lady Rattus’ Marshall (38:09):
I’m pretty sure they do that at the curtain. I probably might be wrong completely. So if you guys are watching or see this definitely let us know. They do some printing at Curin University. Okay. But I will note, cuz I do print and design for a job don’t be afraid to ask a print company if there’s something that they can do for you. So if you go to ’em, I want newspaper print and they will tell you yes or no if they can do it, you can give ’em like whatever specs you want, you’d be like, I want it one 60 by 1, 2 50, whatever. And they’ll be like, yep, as long as you gotta cost more to cut and print that size. But sky’s the limit in terms of what they can do. So yeah, I think in terms of just asking what they can offer pretty much

Matt Rice (39:00):
And trying to find

Lauren ‘Lady Rattus’ Marshall (39:02):
Someone decent

Matt Rice (39:03):
<laugh> <laugh> and I guess it’s like, yeah, that sharing of knowledge as well and trying to, it’s really useful to know. And yeah, I guess I keep pushing and trying to find that feel that I want <laugh>

Lauren ‘Lady Rattus’ Marshall (39:20):
And getting the samples of paper and stuff. A lot of people don’t realize picking up a good book and feeling how nice it is in your hands just brings so much value to the actual comic or book or graphic novel, whatever itself. If I pick up a book and it feels really nice in my hands and I’m like, yeah, I kind of want this because it feels valuable to me. I think people undervalue print a lot unfortunately.

Matt Rice (39:46):

Lauren ‘Lady Rattus’ Marshall (39:48):

Matt Rice (39:50):
So yeah. Sorry, ghost, ghost. No,

Shane ‘Sizzle’ Syddall (39:52):
No, no, you go.

Matt Rice (39:54):
Oh, I was just gonna say that. Yeah, it’s it. My main gripe I guess is trying to find a bit more, and I guess it’s part of my own process as well to develop that knowledge around printing and different types.

Lauren ‘Lady Rattus’ Marshall (40:10):
See that might be something that you could do for comics is gathering and doing some research on printing avenues for people.

Shane ‘Sizzle’ Syddall (40:18):
Yeah, we have, we’re still ourselves <laugh>. Yeah. But we are learning what different people do and we’ve experimented with a few people and stuff like that and still trying to get a bit of a information. I share what I do know, but I don’t wanna do it on here cause I dunno if it’s right <laugh>.

Lauren ‘Lady Rattus’ Marshall (40:38):
No, it could be for another time.

Shane ‘Sizzle’ Syddall (40:41):

Matt Rice (40:43):
And I guess the only other grip I’d have is about having, trying to get those opportunities. I don’t think in Australia we get so many paid opportunities for comic. Well that I know of. What I’m learning to is there’s no New Yorker, you know, see the New Yorker and they have loads of stuff with comics and cartoons and things like that and huge publication in New York. But no, then you come Australia now we’ve got rid of all the comic strips in newspapers. We’ve gone a bit of the opposite way as well. So it’d be really nice to see

Lauren ‘Lady Rattus’ Marshall (41:24):
All about making money here. You buy houses, you make money, you listen to politicians, that’s all we care about here.

Matt Rice (41:33):
Fight off the Ben chickens.

Lauren ‘Lady Rattus’ Marshall (41:35):

Shane ‘Sizzle’ Syddall (41:35):

Lauren ‘Lady Rattus’ Marshall (41:36):
You gotta get a bin lid and use that to them off

Shane ‘Sizzle’ Syddall (41:41):
<laugh>. Cool. I was gonna ask when I almost interrupted you more, where do you see yourself say your five year plan, so to speak?

Matt Rice (41:57):
I definitely want to carry on with comics. I am a big of animation and want to continue on that path, but I’m also still wanting to do comics. I really wanna do a long form, graphic novel. That’s what I’m aiming for within the next five, 10 years. I’ve got a few stories that I’d really like to investigate and put out and just spend a lot of time doing that and putting that together because you get a real appreciation of how much work actually goes into the books. Some of the books I’ve shown you today how long that must have taken. Yeah. So within five years I wouldn’t mind upping my output and making a few mini comics, but also on trying to put together a full size graphic novel or something like that.

Lauren ‘Lady Rattus’ Marshall (42:54):
You’d be really good at it I

Matt Rice (42:56):
Think. Oh, thank you.

Lauren ‘Lady Rattus’ Marshall (42:57):
To see what you do. Yeah, a hundred percent. In saying that, you’ve obviously learned quite a lot through your time and obviously your knowledge that you’ve learned from animation and stuff like that and from your travels as well. Do you have any little nuggets of wisdom that you would give, whether it’s writing drawing, or just life in general, something that sort really stuck with you that you think is super handy for people to know?

Matt Rice (43:28):
I guess one of the things that, I did a script writing course at uni, which year, one of the things they were talking about is being brave and really being, not being afraid to tell a story even if you think that no one else is interested in it or that it’s not war and peace or it’s not Star Wars or something like that. I think that’s one of the best sort nuggets of wisdom share is to just create, and there’s always someone who’s interested. There’s always someone who

Lauren ‘Lady Rattus’ Marshall (44:10):
There’s what, seven, 8 billion people in the world. Someone if you like it, someone else is gonna, it might take a while to find them, but it’s gonna happen.

Shane ‘Sizzle’ Syddall (44:20):
Yeah, true.

Matt Rice (44:22):
And even with Instagram and the internet now, there’s like, there’s hungry masses so much

Lauren ‘Lady Rattus’ Marshall (44:27):

Matt Rice (44:28):
And so I’d be saying, look, even if you think, oh I’m gonna do a comic about I don’t know what’s in my fridge, <laugh> like top my head

Lauren ‘Lady Rattus’ Marshall (44:38):
Dude, if you could reach at 2:00 AM drunken feeds come at home and being like, what the hell can I eat <laugh>? And then you make some kind of concoction with cheese bread and I don’t know, jalapenos that just sitting there done easy peasy. And you could do the same spread, have the fridge and then have all the bits and pieces that are in silent. You’re like, that would be really cool. I’ve set you up for the next one.

Matt Rice (45:09):
I’m gonna, I’ll start from nailing it now.

Lauren ‘Lady Rattus’ Marshall (45:12):
I’m drawing a half half cooked, well sorry, half eaten chicken and my, I’m good to go.

Matt Rice (45:18):
Yeah, hundreds of IES rubbing their wings in anticipation,

Lauren ‘Lady Rattus’ Marshall (45:24):
Just seeing through Windows packing. Let me, yeah, yeah, <laugh>. Okay so obviously we’re coming to the end and I read on your come profile, you love a good cup of tea. I do. Can you please tell me what is the ultimate recipe for a good cup?

Matt Rice (45:49):
Well for me it hats all about it’s all good tea. So I’m trying to think. I’ve got some tea that my mom sent me from the uk so I’ve been drinking that, I can’t remember what it’s called, but

Lauren ‘Lady Rattus’ Marshall (46:04):
It’s like UK’s ultimately tea

Matt Rice (46:05):
Destination. Yeah. So it has to be strong otherwise, I dunno, should I be mentioning brands and stuff?

Lauren ‘Lady Rattus’ Marshall (46:16):
<laugh>? No, no, it doesn’t matter. It’s strong tea because there’s nothing worse. I’m the same. It’s nothing worse than having watery milk with just a slight tinge of tea. There’s no point.

Matt Rice (46:27):
I mean that was a bit the comic where I went to I was in America and trying to source a cup of tea and that one. Yeah, very.

Lauren ‘Lady Rattus’ Marshall (46:37):
We went there and said like, oh can we get a flat white? And they’re just like, sorry, what do you want <laugh>? I just want a coffee.

Matt Rice (46:46):
Yeah. And it’s like the percolator, it’s all the percolator coffee. They love that. Yeah, yeah. No, and it was funny, when we were in New York, there was a, I can’t remember what, there was an Australian coffee chain out there. It wasn’t one of the, I can’t remember what, which

Lauren ‘Lady Rattus’ Marshall (47:03):
Outback jacks or something, but Outback Tea <laugh>,

Matt Rice (47:06):
It was one of the coffee companies from Australia and they’d set up in Williamsburg and it was Pat. We went along to try and get in there and they were like, oh no, we couldn’t even get through the door. So that’s like, yeah. Oh wow. So it’s

Lauren ‘Lady Rattus’ Marshall (47:20):
From Australia, it’s gotta be good <laugh>.

Matt Rice (47:23):

Lauren ‘Lady Rattus’ Marshall (47:24):
No, we got bin chickens making it <laugh>.

Matt Rice (47:31):
But yeah, tea has to be strong and oat milk for me as well.

Shane ‘Sizzle’ Syddall (47:36):
Oh, okay.

Lauren ‘Lady Rattus’ Marshall (47:37):
That’s how I roll. I’ve, I’m partial, I’ve never strayed away. Sorry. I will say I’ve had some Mond milk, but I’ve never really straight away from cow’s milk. So I’m gonna take up oat milk, strong tea. I’m gonna tell you how it is and I’ll give it a crack because if that’s how it’s meant to be, it’s meant be.

Matt Rice (47:55):
That’s why I, that’s, that’s my personal recommendation. So yeah,

Lauren ‘Lady Rattus’ Marshall (47:59):
Please, you’re more English man. I’ve got Scottish bio to me, but if you’re like full English man, I’m gonna trust you.

Matt Rice (48:05):
<laugh>. Thank you. <laugh>.

Shane ‘Sizzle’ Syddall (48:11):
Yeah. So Matt I guess this is the part of the show where we go, where can we find your comics and your art and your socials?

Matt Rice (48:20):
Sure. So you can follow me on Instagram Matt, our comics all on Word. And you can find my stuff on there. There’s a few comics up there you can have a read through, including the ones I’ve talked about today. I think there’s the peasants comics upon there and the flight comic as well was on there. You can also get my latest one float from the comic store as well, I believe.

Shane ‘Sizzle’ Syddall (48:49):
Yeah, I’m setting up as we speak actually. I think. Oh well I’m having one of those moments. I can’t remember if I’ve actually

Lauren ‘Lady Rattus’ Marshall (48:56):
Check tomorrow <laugh>

Shane ‘Sizzle’ Syddall (48:58):
To say that it’s ready to

Matt Rice (49:00):
Go <laugh>. Yeah, okay. But we’ll check it out. But yeah, I thought you’d done it. So if not, it will be up there soon I’m sure. <laugh>?

Shane ‘Sizzle’ Syddall (49:10):

Lauren ‘Lady Rattus’ Marshall (49:12):
Awesome. Oh, we got Ben chicken bin, chicken Island

Shane ‘Sizzle’ Syddall (49:18):
Island. Wow.

Lauren ‘Lady Rattus’ Marshall (49:20):
I need to go Ben. I need to take my bin Li and just find ’em off. Just like Survivor style. Let’s go.

Matt Rice (49:30):
That’d be one. Stinky island.

Shane ‘Sizzle’ Syddall (49:32):

Lauren ‘Lady Rattus’ Marshall (49:33):
<laugh>. Hey there could be Majestic there. Not covered in Hi, use

Matt Rice (49:39):

Shane ‘Sizzle’ Syddall (49:40):
Yeah, I, I’d have to agree with floating discs there. I really love the peasant stuff. Learning stuff I had no idea about and I was like, is I’m not making this up or is this real <laugh>? No,

Lauren ‘Lady Rattus’ Marshall (49:52):
It’s real. I’ll say Matt, sorry you’re a fan of Asterisks and OBLs as well.

Matt Rice (49:58):
Yeah, I binge on those when I was a kid. Definitely. Yeah. Yeah, I love that. And I’m trying to think what else. Yeah, yeah, I really liked it. Asterisks. So used to collect the really thin sort of shiny, glossy, yeah, yeah.

Lauren ‘Lady Rattus’ Marshall (50:14):

Matt Rice (50:14):
Really with those

Lauren ‘Lady Rattus’ Marshall (50:15):
Foot Truck flats was the same here. Like that Foot Truck Flats was our asterisk noles I think.

Matt Rice (50:21):
Yeah, yeah, I’ve seen those when I’ve been digging through stuff in op shops, so I’ll have to read a bit more. I always remember did they make a film on that as well? They

Lauren ‘Lady Rattus’ Marshall (50:31):
Made a movie. I was about to say it’s a movie and it seemed really good.

Matt Rice (50:35):
Yeah, I should check that out as well. Like

Shane ‘Sizzle’ Syddall (50:38):
It was a lot of fun.

Lauren ‘Lady Rattus’ Marshall (50:41):
Put it on the, so we’ve wrapped up. Thank you Matt, so much for coming on. Oh

Matt Rice (50:46):
Thank you for having

Lauren ‘Lady Rattus’ Marshall (50:47):
No problem. If anybody, definitely check out, especially Flood. I loved it. But obviously Bin Chicken Madness, definitely go for that as well. <laugh>. But yeah, thank you so much Matt for joining and Sizzle. I’m assuming we will pop up some Kickstarter stuff after. Yeah, we will. That will pop off. I’ll just check you stick around, maybe

Shane ‘Sizzle’ Syddall (51:09):
Talk about the wrong thing. Matt will stick around. Did you say sorry? Yeah,

Matt Rice (51:14):
I’ll stick around, thanks.

Shane ‘Sizzle’ Syddall (51:15):
Yeah, sure. Okay, let’s get this rocking and rolling and I’m on the right thing. Yeah,

Lauren ‘Lady Rattus’ Marshall (51:22):

Shane ‘Sizzle’ Syddall (51:23):
There is the latest Kickstarters in Australian Kickstarters. There’s a few I think there’s only four. Four current ones. Alpha Sprites of Terra Tara, I hope I pronounce that right, Tara. Talking volume one, the Tower of Goman I think. And way away. So one I was gonna talk about, I will actually zoom in on it. The Talking bread. This one I’m more talking about this one is cause I know about it. I actually have the original series in floppy version.

Lauren ‘Lady Rattus’ Marshall (52:07):
And so this is a remix, right?

Shane ‘Sizzle’ Syddall (52:10):
Yeah. I believe, if I remember correctly, correct me if I’m wrong, anyone who’s watching I believe that the original was black and white. The floppies in my head they were color, but that might be, cause the covers were this is color, this is all color. And I believe that’s what the difference is.

Lauren ‘Lady Rattus’ Marshall (52:31):
It’s obviously the three issues put into like that.

Shane ‘Sizzle’ Syddall (52:33):
Oh there it is there. This, it’s kinda like a remaster full color. There you go.

Lauren ‘Lady Rattus’ Marshall (52:37):
Yeah, which is awesome. Kirin’s works fantastic, right? Super stylized real. If anybody knows me, I love really thick stylized lines and his stuff is popping in terms of that, so very fantastic. This one. So if you guys Yeah, yeah, yeah. Are interested in this. Yeah, I will definitely back it for sure. And I mean 20 bucks and to 20 bucks is to support a project to be done and then you also get a comic out of it. Sweet.

Shane ‘Sizzle’ Syddall (53:07):
Yeah, exactly. And it was a lot of fun living, what is it? I can’t think of the word. Animated bread. Bread that had come to life. I’ll say it that way.

Lauren ‘Lady Rattus’ Marshall (53:21):
Talking bread, talking

Shane ‘Sizzle’ Syddall (53:23):
Spices of bread. Talking bread. And it actually is a bread. They’ve all got their own personalities, which is a lot of fun. My personal, the crazy one of course.

Lauren ‘Lady Rattus’ Marshall (53:34):
Did you ever play the game? Knuckles and Moose released the little knuckle. So you would throw ’em up and you’d pick ’em up. Same as playing with normal bone knuckles is what you used to use. Oh yeah. But Moose, moose released the Moose Company released these little characters that look super similar and they all have very similar personalities to what he’s drawn. And I always think of that when I see him. So fun. A lot of fun. And I, yeah, he’s definitely done well in terms of capturing a personality for each of them.

Matt Rice (54:07):
I really like the moldy, the moldy looking slice as well.

Shane ‘Sizzle’ Syddall (54:12):

Matt Rice (54:13):
Having a rough time. I’ve eaten a few of those in my time. <laugh>

Shane ‘Sizzle’ Syddall (54:21):
And I, I’ll even love the attack of the atomic toaster. That’s a nice one as well. So yeah, trying

Lauren ‘Lady Rattus’ Marshall (54:27):
To take that. So how long have people got to back this one? Sizzle

Shane ‘Sizzle’ Syddall (54:31):
Should tell us at the top, there is 18 days to go.

Lauren ‘Lady Rattus’ Marshall (54:35):
Oh, just over two weeks,

Shane ‘Sizzle’ Syddall (54:37):
18 days. Get in there. Support this. He’s gotta make, it’s

Lauren ‘Lady Rattus’ Marshall (54:42):
Nearly halfway as well

Shane ‘Sizzle’ Syddall (54:43):
Produced. Oh sorry,

Lauren ‘Lady Rattus’ Marshall (54:45):
It’s nearly halfway. I was about to say they’re doing well.

Shane ‘Sizzle’ Syddall (54:47):
Yeah, they’re doing well. Nearly halfway and less than half, halfway through the time, if that makes sense.

Lauren ‘Lady Rattus’ Marshall (54:53):

Shane ‘Sizzle’ Syddall (54:54):
So yeah, make this happen. So yeah, I’m not, what

Lauren ‘Lady Rattus’ Marshall (55:01):
Else? Share if you don’t back it. Yeah, if you can’t back it, yeah, it’s a little bit tight at the moment. Just share it and put it onto a couple of groups and just talk about it. Cuz yeah, the work’s fantastic. And that goes for any of the other projects as well, cuz someone who’s done a Kickstarter before Sizzle, I’m sure, I don’t know if you’ve done a Kickstarter before, but it can be tough to get the word out. But even just sharing is just more than enough. Cuz you’re gonna reach someone that you just never know you would.

Matt Rice (55:27):
That’s right. Awesome empowerment community.

Shane ‘Sizzle’ Syddall (55:32):
No problem. Rusty I guess mean there is, the other one is the one as well, which is the latest one, which is the alpha sprites. But the problem with that, I dunno a lot about it, except that it’s Brad Daniels <affirmative> he’s a fellow Brisbane comic artist Matt artist and writer, creator. I should use the word creator. It’s a very what would be the style?

Lauren ‘Lady Rattus’ Marshall (56:04):
Like anime, Chibi.

Shane ‘Sizzle’ Syddall (56:06):
Yeah, yeah, <affirmative>. So that’s an interesting one. And he wrote it.

Lauren ‘Lady Rattus’ Marshall (56:12):
You do ’em all as well.

Shane ‘Sizzle’ Syddall (56:14):
Yeah, yeah. Oh, there’s all these things. Where’s some actual pictures? Oh, that’s the whole, okay,

Lauren ‘Lady Rattus’ Marshall (56:25):
That’s it. It’s got lots of little bonuses there as well, so yeah. Nice. I mean people can definitely check it out.

Shane ‘Sizzle’ Syddall (56:32):
But yeah, that’s a good one to support as well. Bring that to life. That would be awesome.

Lauren ‘Lady Rattus’ Marshall (56:35):
Well all of them are good to support. Yeah, <laugh>.

Shane ‘Sizzle’ Syddall (56:42):
So should we wrap it up there?

Lauren ‘Lady Rattus’ Marshall (56:44):
Yeah, that’s it.

Shane ‘Sizzle’ Syddall (56:47):
I’ll bring us back up, <laugh>. Well thank you very much Matt. I’ve just thought of another question just one last one before we go. Graft

Matt Rice (56:58):

Shane ‘Sizzle’ Syddall (56:59):
About the different jobs you’ve had. I wanna know. Nice. Yeah. Which was your least favorite?

Matt Rice (57:05):
<laugh>? I think Call center. Call center works the well.

Shane ‘Sizzle’ Syddall (57:13):

Matt Rice (57:15):
I know I say it’s the worst people out there working and working hard and doing it and it’s essential. Cause when you are like something’s gone wrong and you need someone, you’re gonna ring them. But for those people like solidarity with the people working, cause it’s crap. I mean to deal with really angry people on the phone is,

Lauren ‘Lady Rattus’ Marshall (57:31):
Well it’s the initial keyboard warrior is the call center callers. Yeah, right.

Shane ‘Sizzle’ Syddall (57:38):
Yeah. And I can’t having troubles with words tonight I can’t get over how amazing the people are who do that job day in, day out. Cause I did a call center and I lasted one day. One day I was just like, I can’t do this. I went to the next job, <laugh>.

Matt Rice (58:00):
I’ve had friends who had the same experience. I think it was selling insurance and they did one day and they were like, I can’t do this. It’s, it’s hidden. And that was it. <laugh>.

Lauren ‘Lady Rattus’ Marshall (58:11):
Fair enough.

Shane ‘Sizzle’ Syddall (58:13):
Yeah, pulling is the hardest one. That’s madness.

Matt Rice (58:17):
Be kind. Be kind to the people on the phone. <laugh>.

Shane ‘Sizzle’ Syddall (58:20):

Lauren ‘Lady Rattus’ Marshall (58:21):
It’s free to be kind. Everybody keep that in.

Matt Rice (58:26):
And plus they might be listening to you

Shane ‘Sizzle’ Syddall (58:28):

Matt Rice (58:29):
Or they might cut you off for something, you know,

Lauren ‘Lady Rattus’ Marshall (58:32):

Matt Rice (58:33):
Don’t want that.

Lauren ‘Lady Rattus’ Marshall (58:35):
Awesome. Well thank you so much Matt for joining us once again. It was absolutely fantastic. Really good. Yrn having you on to have you involved again Susan, if you wanna take it away and wrap it up.

Shane ‘Sizzle’ Syddall (58:48):
Yep. Thank you everyone for watching. Thank you again for Matt. Thank you to Lauren and everyone. Hope you enjoyed the show and we are back next week. I forget who we’re with, so I won’t try to remember and get it wrong.

Lauren ‘Lady Rattus’ Marshall (59:01):
It’ll be surprise.

Shane ‘Sizzle’ Syddall (59:03):
It’ll be surprise. It’ll be up on the thing soon anyway so thank you very much. Have a great night and see you next week.

Lauren ‘Lady Rattus’ Marshall (59:11):

Voice Over (59:13):
Check out for all things ComX and find out what ComX is all about. We hope you.